Engaging The Jerk

The jacka** (JA) you make of yourself is well deserved at times.I’ll be the first to compose a line saying the jacka** you make of yourself…I’ve seen my fair share of the over confident and under prep characters. Those are usually the most talkative and their experience of travel, good food or even local history is as thin as a sheet of notebook paper. So, how does one deal with such a person? Simple, find out what they are good at and that becomes the source of deal with the said jacka**.

There is no such thing as a useless person. Well, not in the long term sense of things. Even the person with JA tendencies have something to offer. Insight, dos, and especially don’ts can be learned from the JA. Looking beyond the flaw or the weakness , without losing sight of what can only be offered is important . Don’t take wolf tickets and be manipulated be words. See what’s real and what’s fluffed up and deal with the JA accordingly . Simple enough!

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