When it’s time to thrive nothing in this world can or should stop you. You battle through the toughest downfalls, overcome sickness, and disprove all the naysayers. You will always be your strongest ally when you are truly ready. You have to be willing to do the damnedest things and make the toughest decisions. Turnover stones you would otherwise scurry around and make deals of the decade. Some will be deals of a lifetime. You may have to be crafty and resourceful.
Then when you are all setup and the work is done, let some of the chips fall where they may.  When you thrive accordingly, have no regrets. If you have regrets you will not be able to do what is required to the next level. 
Getting to the next level requires making sacrifices that will tear at the core of who you are. Thriving at the next level requires a breakthrough which can only happen when you mentally shift yourself to a platform or unprecedented levels in your lifetime. You have to depart with portions of your former self and accept the self you are becoming. If you cannot reconcile with who you are becoming then you will you give-up and back-out on your life. The idea is to keep trekking on and figure life out along the way. Don’t quite! It sounds cliche, but if you moving you can come across people and experience that lead you to something that sparks the fire you’ve been craving.                                
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