To sex or not? Are you the 50 Shades of Grey type sex? Or, are you any shades of sex type? Is the conversation on any type of sex, especially oral, still taboo? If we look back 30 years ago, the conversation was definitely taboo. To even promote a discussion at the dinner table around the bar, would invoke strange looks. But, in private we know the get down is going down. There is way to much evidence which proves it. Think about it for a minute or two. Yes, you see the evidence too.  As we fast-forward into the age of the millennials and a matured Generation X and Y, friends are having more conversations about the sex.

There are social media groups dedicated to the discussion of the adult conversation. Even after all the discussion and questions posed and answered, society is still left in sexual  deficit – be it words or the act. Unless you find that sex fling that sustains, maintains and improves over time…unquestionable and agreeable.  No shame just pure adulting between adults.

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