The End Of Summer Means The Beginning Of Adventurous Fall Activities

We Are Wrapping Up Summer, This Means Fall Is Only Three Weeks Out

We have officially wrapped up what is know as the dog days of summer. The dog days of summer are the hottest days of the summer season. The most unbearable days following what is known as helical rising of the system Sirius according to Greek and Roman astrology. Generally, it’s synonymous with heat, drought, and storms.

We’ve happily arrive at September. We are heading into our last beach days. School is back in session on all levels. The opening day of college football is well, open. Also, Major League Baseball is more than half way over. Similarly, professional football is one week away from its start.


In fact, city people who have spent their summer at their beach houses have arrived back to the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Summer break is over for teachers. The Federal Government is about to conclude its Fiscal Year 2019. Clearly, most backyard barbecues will give way to tailgating.

Fall Is On The Horizon And There Is Much To Look Forward To

Let’s talk fall activities. Undoubtedly, fall is a busy time of year. First, we need to calibrate into fall mode. Summer brings different events, responsibilities, and activities. For this reason, shifting in to a fall state of mind is necessary to plan and prepare for what’s to come.

Honestly, I’m ready for pumpkin spice, fall festivals and carnivals, and boots. Brown and orange leaves, are a hallmark of fall. It’s the time of year when weekends in the city belong to the locals. Furthermore, it’s a great time for fall travel. Smaller lines at museums means less wait times. In my opinion, it is the perfect time of year!

There Is A Uniqueness That Comes With Fall, Like Any Other Season And I’m Smitten

I want to unpack what fall means to me. Clearly, some of it is outlined above. Fall means a dip in temperature. It means every month, for the next four months, there is at least one holiday. As it happens, my favorite holidays are on the horizon.


Fall is a good time of year to get some charity work in, if you missed the opportunity during the spring and summer. It’s great time for traditional shows that put you into the fall feeling, like Harry Potter. My Harry Potter collection becomes the movies of choice during the autumn months. The days are cooling down and the nights are even cooler. My attire starts to change such that I move from flats to boots and cotton skirts to wool.


September and October is my time to take inventory of items in cupboard. For example, I make sure I have the proper hot teas and hot chocolate. Also, I order by dry goods for soups and chili. Truly, there is joy in reevaluating my food stock for fall and winter. I ensure proper transition to fall and winter goods and putting away summer linens and bring out the quilts.

Welcome to fall eve!


Sometimes I Talk To Myself About Random Stuff, Today I’m Talking To You

I’ll probably spend the rest of my life lifting quotes and fabulous lines from Game of Thrones. Just kidding! I must admit they have some interesting and thought provoking lines. Not every character, but a few individuals manage to have a writer that offered up clever words that entice. In essence or in the spirit of aging, if we live long enough we all will have experiences where we can quote clever lessons or information in a form that will make someone stop and take notice. I like to have conversations with people who can make their words dance. I’m saying they talk manipulation, but I know they have some experiences, adventures, and mistake made behind their words. Maybe a few to many shots of whiskey nights in their travels, nonetheless, I call them our own signature quotes.

I like stories and quotes born of endeavors, the kind that stretches life, and put a person on unfamiliar roads. Their words reflect valuable lessons , a vestige of triumph after the fall. The lessons we can truly appreciate. I’m not talking about the great authors whose book grace the big halls old library. I’m talking about the everyday wisdom of the aged and those who truly live. I include myself in those groups of folk.

Why is this important? Some of us travel and educate ourselves at a constant rhythm. We’ve had some monumental experiences where we can share lessons that may help others. This will not be for everyone, because sharing we you are is a risk. People don’t like feeling vulnerable. I’ll share, but it depends on the audience. Personal quotes are a way to teach small fruitful lessons. It’s a social tool to inspire or a gentle reminder to raise the spirit or beware. I love them. They are simple social verses, which can pack a punch. And, who doesn’t need circumstance punched, sometime.

The Things I Know Is Because I Truly Live My Life And Examine My Experiences

Photo – Pixabay

Last year, I posted a blog on my life changing event, where I went into cardiac arrest (dead) and brought back to life. I detail my thoughts and my surprise of awaking in the intensive care unit, after knowing I was dying and my brothers and doctor confirming that I had. It’s kind of what cardiac arrest means. This is an experience I think of often. I look at life and death differently.

It’s true when you hear people who experience what I experience say, “why me”? It is a nagging question. Then, when I saw the episode on Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow was brought back and what Ser Davos said to him, made sense to me. Jon said that he should not be here, well that was because of the violence of his death. But, that is not the words that guide me. It was when Jon said “what next”? And, Ser Davos said “You go on and try to make a difference”. I was like yes, my purpose is still alive and well. I have have to dip my big toe into the pool. In fact, I’ll deep an entire foot, this time.

Here is what I know, giving up is an option if you are so broken that you can’t do anything, and if you lose hope. I say it is an option, because giving up is what will happen if you don’t find hope, find a silver lining / lesson in your experience, and find a means to climb out that deep pit. It’s true that you cannot give up. It’s true that you must be dedicated to your mental health, well-being, self-climb, and outcome.

What should you do? Put effort into your life every single day, no matter how small the event, it adds value. Walk the path of your life, and don’t look back. You will be tired, feel sorry, and even have doubt…but you can’t let life fold you permanently.

I Pray For Wisdom And Believe That I Will Receive It

Photo – Pixabay: If wisdom was a photo, in my world, this is what it would look like.

I don’t get religious or spiritual on my post, but it does not mean that I’m not either of the two. I know how to echo the attributes of both in my blog, without falling into the “holy roller” stereotype. Surprise! I’m giggling as I write this because I can rock with you and still not give up where my loyalties rest. I like empathy. I like it because empathy refers to the “ability to understand and connect with others’ feelings. It does not mean sympathizing or adopting the same feelings, and it is not based on a memory of having experienced the same emotions”.

Pray for wisdom because it’s one of the greatest, rarely understood, over asked for, but rarely used gifts acquired, year after year. It’s necessary. I feel less stress as I pray for it. More importantly, when I feel myself gaining from experience after experience I learn the value of time and energy. Therefore, I make decisions more wisely by understanding the value of time and energy. I hope it’s wisdom that I’m gaining.

I’m Not Afraid To Quote Myself, You Shouldn’t Be Either

Photo – Pixabay

I’m not afraid to quote myself, Tyrion Lannister did it. In fact, we should be more confident in our knowledge. I like to feel confident in what I know. Not arrogant, but confident. Yes, we must build up our library of our own quotes. I can tell fake shit, cause I Google and research a lot of shit. So, if I see humans trying to pass off someone else’s clever words as theirs, I’ll make your days long. I’m done taking on everyone else’s style, I’m going to create my own.

What you should try? I would like to encourage or suggest that you should create something that’s echos your signature wisdom or style you’ve acquired through life experience. You might find that you have a lot to say and show.

I’m Walking On Sunshine And Gliding On Air To Make It Through

I have to confess, the first seven months of every year is my most busiest. Do I plan it like that? One might say, yes I do. The reason is, I enjoy having the last two months of each year free to celebrate my yearly accomplishments and the holidays, but that comes with a price. The price is having a fully unavailable January – September. I suspect we all plan our lives or family lives around the events, that happen from month to month. Even after planning and organizing the days of my life in a year, my to-do list can still feel like it’s too much. And time, well time is not on my side most of the time. Trying to find the win or break even point, is challenging.

Making It Through A Day

A normal for me starts at 5:30am. Luckily, I don’t have any children, which means my morning belongs to me. Well, that’s also indicative of none of my immediate siblings, who share same city as I do, doesn’t require any help or favors. I keep activities in my life to ensure that I don’t end up with a lot of free time on my hand. Don’t think I’m a snob and I believe I have to be inundated with task, miscellaneous time is great, to ensure that I properly unwind and practice self-care.

It does seems as if with many of days, I’m running out of time. Not that 24 hours isn’t enough, but working for the man, personal time for me, and enough time to sleep…I’m short in 1 of the 3 areas. Most of the time it is personal time, I’m not allocating enough time to me…my personal time.

How Do I Account For Me On A Daily Basis

The real question becomes, how do I account for me? I make choices that will benefit me and the people around me. If I had to look over the course of my life, just maybe I have accounted for others more than me. My siblings might say it’s all about me. My colleagues would say, “you have to take care of you’. See, the dilemma is I appear one way to the people I love, and another way to the people I love being around. It’s possible both sets of groups are correct. I behave according to the situation and environment. Yet, am I still serving me best interest, in both environments? Am I not taking enough advantage of self-care? Let me shake off the voices in my head and say, it’s time for a notable change…well, a more conscious evaluation of myself. I believe this will catapult or punt me into the next phase of my growth and decision making. I’m more than ready to properly account for me!

There Is A Method To My Madness and Not Always A Madness To My Method

Sometimes, I find that being normal doesn’t quite get me through the day. I have to embrace my Ravenclaw House qualities in order to deal with events and people in my day. Yes people, I categorize people into houses, so that I know how to properly deal with them. I’m weird like that. It makes them bearable. If you are not familiar with the elements or qualities of each house in Harry Potter, then I will oblige and do a quick recap.

  • Hufflepuff: The house values dedication, hard-work, fair play, patience, and loyalty. 
  • Gryffindor: The house of the chivalrous, loyal, courageous, adventurous, bravery and chivalrous. 
  • Ravenclaw: The house is known for their intelligence, creativity, cleverness, wisdom and knowledge.
  • Slytherin: The is the house of the prideful, resourcefulness, ambitious, intelligent, cunning, and determined.

If you look at this, you can probably understand why I place people in the respective houses. Some will be easier to deal with than others. I don’t have time to waste, where I cannot make progress with people. I’m weird, but there is a method to madness and this may look like a madness to my method.

I do what’s needed in order to accomplish what I must to make it through my days, here on earth. Sometimes, it feels as if I running out of time or time is running me. No matter what, I have to adjust and emerge successful and walk a sane line, sometimes dipping my toe into a little insanity. The approach works and that’s what matters.

The Great Hall From Harry Potter

In 2019, You Should Give Domestic Travel A Try, American

You Call Yourself American, But Have You Seen America

If you are an American and have not seen the sites that America has to offer, then your place in the republic requires strengthening through domestic travel. You owe it to the the republic to know all the different sites that makes this country beautiful. The brown of the deserts and canyons. The monuments erected in gratitude, patriotism and service. The food establishments and parade outfits which echo freedom and culture requires you to experience them.

Discover The South- Atlantic And Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic is home to the states which lie between New York and South Carolina. In case you require a detail listing, a trip to those states means visiting the following:

  1. Parts of New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Delaware
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Maryland
  6. Washington DC
  7. Virginia
  8. West Virginia
  9. North Carolina
  10. South Carolina
  11. Georgia
  12. Florida

There is endless amounts of history between the eights states and the District of Columbia. If done properly by car or by air plane you can make multiply state trips and see the sites. Take four days and enjoy New York, New York coupled with Jersey City. Take four days and visit Pennsylvania and Delaware. Take one week and go walk and metro around Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia,which are homes to monuments, the spy museum, Pentagon, Smithsonian museums and the Potomac river. If you prefer something a little more mountain terrain, then enjoy West Virginia and upstate North Carolina. Head west on I-40 and enjoy Asheville, NC and take in the Biltmore Estate.

Photo courtesy of Image app

Discover The Mid-West And South-West

The Mid-West and sometimes the South-West are referred to as the Frontier. If you are a fan of the westerns, then this is for you and the family. The South-West and Mid-West offers an acquired taste viewing. It is beautiful nonetheless. See states such as:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Illinois
  3. Kansas
  4. Ohio
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Texas
  7. Arkansas
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Iowa
  10. Minnesota

These are only some of the South-West and Mid-West states to consider on your tour of the republic. Grab yourself or family some Kansas City barbecue, see oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma…enjoy the vibe of a mid-west city. Take in the “land of a thousand” lakes in Minnesota. Cycle by the different lakeshores of Michigan. Get caught up in the cashing wave caves of the lakeshores in Wisconsin. Head to Chicago and marvel over the skyline of the “windy city”. There is much to appreciate and adore in the mid-west

Discover The West And Pacific West

If you’ve always wondered what the hustle and bustle and fun is about in the west or more pacific states then plan your travel for Colorado, Utah or New Mexico. Oh you must visit that lovely state of California. There is so much to savor in Cali. Go skiing, take in the night life and casinos of Las Vegas. Enjoy the breweries and forest of Oregon. Have your breath taken away at Glacier National Park in Montana. Look up at Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Be the explorer you have always wanted to be in the republic.

Return home from your adventure satiated from a new experience in food, lakes, amusements, canyons, mountains and culture. Most importantly with a new found understanding of the beauty of America and the glory of travel.

It’s My Point Of View And It’s Important To Me

My words are driven by my experience, travel and friends with their impeccable lives. My family, my siblings and my friends talk and discuss the latest current events. We travel together and sometimes even spend holidays cooking and enjoying the comfort of each other. We show up in each others lives for no reason sometimes or for reasons. We get sick, give birth, give give gifts or just listen to each others venting over our bad relationship selection. For me, trekking through this life means I write and share lessons and opinions all because I can.

I Have Something To Say or Share, Therefore I Write

Why am I sharing some of these tidbits, well I’ve been researching and brushing up on the best voice to write in…you know first, second or third person. What I found out is, it depends on who you are communicating your writing. It also depends on what you are communicating. Here are some quick examples

  • If your blog is personal and about your life experiences, expertise, travels or adventures it should be in first person. First person uses more I and me. It is your views.
  • If the blog is instructional it should be in second person. Second person is where you are sharing information with readers and the approach is that they walk away with value added information. Sometimes the information you share may not be from your direct experience. This styles uses you when writing
  • Third person is more for fictional writing scenarios, storytelling or research writing.  Third person approach relies on the usage of he and she.

I’m going to say it again, I’m a learner. I’m always trying to get better. Therefore,it has been my experience that writers are normally readers themselves. For me this is true. In addition to being a dedicated reader, I’m adamant about improving my writing skills. What this means is I will start taking creative writing classes at some point over the next six months. It is important to me because I would like to improve on my current state and elevate my approach. It’s important to because, I don’t like screwing things up…not even my blog. I’m a realist and because of that, I know mistakes and screw ups happen. My message is don’t beat yourself up, just learn at a consistently and diligent pace.

The Need to Write Haunts Me

There are days when I need to write about everything. Do a little a storytelling and character exaggeration. I’ve been doing some form of writing most of my life. I’ve been consciously writing in a journal or some type of online community about 20 years.  I started keeping a journal in my late 20s with the encouragement of my most loyal fan, my brother.  Some friends would read the prior sentence and say “which brother”, that would be my Irish Twin. Only nine months and three weeks in time separate us. For two month and four days out of the year, we are the same age. I am the oldest! I win! My brother would responded with some type of sass at this point. He is my biggest writing fan.

My need to write has grown over the course of my life. Anne Frank once wrote, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Writing frees my mind and brings to a place of excitement.  Writing provides me with the opportunity to convey a message without having to always open my mouth. I get to say things in one or two sentences, that I hope inspire, provoke thought or have someone to say “hey I experience that”.  There is always the opposition and that comes with existence.

Since I am pretty much settled seasoned in my career, sustain it and growing it is easy. I spend an enormous amount of time writing with my current consulting career. It’s from a business writing perspective. I am hoping to gain time in my favor in order to plunge deeper into my writing passion. But, I don’t want to just write, I want to understand the art and science behind it. Therefore, I’m contemplating a writing program.

I’ve looked into UCLA Extension, because I want to properly cultivate the craft without destroying my creativity. I have a blazing need or desire to write for me and my audience.  I do need to fully satisfy my baked in desire to write for this lady.  I’m hoping that I can build some time into my days to do what I love, write. Wish me luck or wish me better than well. I going to fall further into my destiny.


Six Months without Red

Let me tell you a story. A story about, the delights of moderate drinking ripped completely away from a young lady. Let me tell you about the year, thus far without wine.  I have not had a drink since Christmas or December 2017. Not one single drink of my favorite red wine.

I was a moderate drinker, meaning I would drank two to three glasses of red wine a week.  Though a small amount, those glasses were great with dinner or afterwards. Was it difficult to give up? No, because it was such a small amount. Do I need drink sometime? Yes I do! After the four month mark, my small craving subsided. Will I enjoy a nice glass of red again? I sure hope so. What brought this on is the pulmonary embolism I suffered in January, which put me on blood thinners for six months. I’m excited because my six months are up this month. I will be looking forward to the end of July, so that I can have my choice to have a drink restored.

One question that some of my friends had is, how did I deal with the cravings? I must say that was a great question because I tried a couple sublimation techniques. First, I tried sparkling cider. It was tasty, but I thought if I could sublimate the cravings and cut sugar that would be great. After a few different tries I settled with flavored sparkling water. I was completely satisfied by month five. If my six months were a year without red, I would have it figured out which, was most of the battle for me. It worked for me because it is short team. Don’t over think the process, but do search for realistic and healthy alternative solutions to get through a sublimation process. Go to your destiny.

Seriously, Choose You

Monday is the top of the week. It can be a continuation of the weeks before or a start over for those that need it. Use this day how it best suits your need. Be great, be discipline and be focus on you. Go to your daily destiny.