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Top Talk – ROAD OF NARUTO | NARUTO 20th Anniversary Trailer | VIZ

A new digital remaster of prominent Naruto scenes was made into a 20th Anniversary Trailer to celebrate the milestone.

Top Talk – Mob Psycho 100 III New Trailer

Mob Psycho 100 III gets a new trailer prior to its scheduled premiere date of October 5. The new season is animated by BONES studio.

Mob Psycho 100 III New Trailer – October Premiere Date Set For October 5

Top Talk – Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Anime Releases New 30-Second Trailer

The new trailer displays Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends in the mortal world. Bleach is set to premiere the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc on October 10, 2022. The long await arc will feed old and new fans alike.

Top Talk – Booklist – Let’s Have Some Reading Merriment

The 2000s are in play, it’s time that you set your reading challenge if you never considered having one. A good deal of fantastic books were released in the 2000s. There no shortage of riveting novels. If you have not had a chance to check them out, this is the time to add them to your book list. No matter the genre, you can always find a praiseworthy book.

Above all, for my 2020s list, I am revisiting some classics and continuing with my favorite genre, urban fiction. Last, here is a snapshot of the start of my list.

  1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  2. Chain of Iron (The Last Hours, #2) by Cassandra Clare
  3. The Celtic Twilight by Walter Butler Yeats
  4. Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko
  5. A Promised Land by Barack Obama
  6. The Legends of King Arthur And His Knights by Sir James Knowles
  7. Wayward Witch by Zoraida Córdova
  8. Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova
  9. Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova
  10. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  11. Tales of the Shadowhunters Academy by Cassandra Clare
  12. Something Dark and Holy Series by Emily A. Duncan

This list is only the start of an auspicious year for reading.

white ceramic mug on brown wooden tray

Top Talk – Fall, spring, summer, and winter Booklist – seasons Of Enchantment

bookcase books collection cover

We must not forget that every season is a wonderful season for reading. One ought to always revere the printed page. There is forever a story waiting on a willing reader. With that said, here are eight books to consider reading this fall.

  1. The Lost Book of The White by Cassandra Clare
  2. Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare
  3. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn
  4. Sabriel by Garth Nix
  5. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  6. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  7. The Outsider by Stephen King
  8. The Institute by Stephen King

Top Talk – Let’s Have A Drink That You’ll Appreciate

There is nothing more delicious than a good glass of wine. Truth be told, there is nothing more sophisticated than a glass of scotch neat. Let’s talk about good scotch and bourbon. A decent adult beverage goes a long way to add additional value to your day. The value is all yours to enjoy. Life is too short for cheap wine and liquor all the time. So, enjoy an expensive drink. Savor it and experience the difference that you will want again and again.

assorted wine bottles

Top Talk – There Is Value In Keeping Some Secrets

Let us briefly discuss the secrets. In an online world where we share everything, the value of secrets is still the checkmate move. Undoubtedly, we are people that talk and speak out about our private lives, relationships, injustices, mistreatments, encounters, and so much more. Moreover, we are often compelled to constantly share without limitations. We hear about the cost of keeping hidden, but never about the importance of mystery.

Table talk has become such a norm that being clandestine seems like a past time. The idea is to share responsibly and sensible. Yes, there is information that we should come forth with, especially if it is detrimental to someone’s innocence and freedom. But, you must exercise what you share with due care. Last, remember it is your choice and your outcome.

Top Talk – Reading Is A Good Pastime

The recent pandemic provides space and opportunity to re-embrace lost or forgotten goodies, such as reading. Honestly, there is no time like the present to indulge and escape in a good book. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” Additionally, literature offers lessons and hidden messages of values that include trumpet, hope, peace, and history. Reading brings a perspective that is essential to thought and culture. So grab a book and enter into a world that will stay with you forever.

Top Talk – Travel 2023 – 2024

It is a good time to prepare for fall 2023 and 2024 travel. Road trips are making a comeback in the place of airlines. The world will not always be in a topsy-turvy condition. Before things get too busy, take the time to apply for a passport. After that, take advantage of a travel deal. As a result, making smart moves to prepare for 2023 and 2024 travel will pay off when the time comes.

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