Over the course of my life, there is no one I can think of that has readiness down to a science, except for my mother and the military. I wrapped up another week of working from home, following the trusted advice of professions. I know this is for the greater good. It’s also for my good. I’m ready for the conditions which have presented themselves to our Nation. In some essence, readiness is the preamble to not allowing yourself to be totally out of control. Toby Beta once said, “When you are out of control, someone is ready to take over.” Looks familiar.

The current COVID-19 pandemic will remake every household and business in America. Honestly, it will change our readiness and contingency operations. The sheer buying panic I’ve witness has been astonishing. Truth be told, I thought most folk were preparing for a siege. For the castle to be stormed by the King of the North. In addition, toilet tissue is the weapon of choice.

I know its not a joking matter. But, when history is written about the point in time, it will say that no one is ready, or so it seems. And that behavior, converging with panic, did not make a good response.

Honestly, in my experience, there are some goods you should always have in abundance. It falls in the art of readiness. Let’s be clear, the antidote to minimize panic or fear is go with a plan.

A Plan Executed Is Readiness


I’m not saying be all dooms day. However, if you can afford it, you should have enough essential items to carry you out three weeks. I’m speaking in the normal course of living, when life is not Topsy-Turvy. Then, the surprise of a pandemic, from a household goods perspective will not make one panic. It allows you focus on what’s next. Bottom line, it’s all about planning.

In my opinion, even the smallest plan aide in emergency situations. Moreover, it provide elements of readiness. This is small scale readiness, not combat readiness which can make a true difference when you need it most. Readiness is a condition and there are multiply variations of it.

Significantly, a plan or agenda is the core ingredient in emergency situations and must be comprise of small activities.

Don’t Panic And Hoard Items Just Prepare


Panic is the death of quality decisions. Panic leads to making selfish decisions and often costly decisions. Nothing is more outrageous than buying up ridiculous amounts of foods and then hoarding the items. In any situation, you should be reasonable. The practice of it will support you and those around you. Allies are a necessity.

Truth be told, I’ll say about 70% of households are not ready for an emergency. That means you have no emergency preparedness plan in some basic form. The winners during this pandemic is the dooms day groups. Laugh if you like, but they are properly the only folk not scrambling for goods and wears.

You should at least have some repeat idea of the top three activities that are pertinent to your household in case of an anomaly event. Everyone should know their role and what they need to do withing 8-24 hours of said event.

The best grand statement I can offer on preparation is, it all falls back to readiness. It”s devising plan that contains smart activities that are arrange to create success. Keep surprise at a minimum.

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