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A Daily Quote For Women When Time Is Not Enough

“Be a woman of confidence, not cockiness.
Know your boundaries, set no limits.
Speak your kindness and turn your back to conformed groups.
The only way to be a woman of change in this world, is to walk what you talk and set your own soul free first.”

Nikki Rowe

Change Is Not By Accident – You Make It Happen

Change is not by accident and you’re the most essential piece. James Baldwin once said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Honestly, this quote is flexible across multiple life events, life activities, and life episodes. Think about what you’re going to face down over the next six months, year, or two. You’ve faced down what, in your past? Additionally, it is inevitable, but you will meet with those things that require your full presence.

Consequently, facing the opposition or even a great love promotes some valuable outcome. Change is always good when some type of residual qualitative or quantitative is the result. Moreover, if you alter a relationship for the better, by facing off with a person, then that is the real gift.

Not everything we face, we fear. Importantly, we often face those things we are passionate about and immovable about.

The Spark Of Change – We’re All Unshakable And Passionate About Something

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”. We’re all unshakable and passionate about something. To those that have an unwavering stance against activities that seek to destroy humanity, you will always fight the greatest battle. You’ll always face-off with greater demons who hate change. Also, you’ll fight against sub-groups that believe that they’re more absolute than others.

There is nothing more important than positive passion. Moreover, this passion when gracious in action, makes meaningful tides of change. Also, passion is significant with inducing personal movement, political movement, or group movement. This passion sparks the change or introduces the beginning. Importantly, healthy passion is contagious and necessary.

Don’t Fear The Fire That Burns Inside You

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The fire that burns inside you, is the thing that passion is made of. Do not fear it. It’s also the same ingredient that it takes to decide to make changes in life, to your life, or this world. Positive guided fire, heavenly guided fire, and humanity guided fire looks good on you.

Without change, passion, and fire nothing worthwhile will get accomplished. You need it and often and those with lesser fire and passion, need it too.

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Let’s Talk Daily About Our Soulmate Or Soulmates

I am a firm believer in the soulmate phenomenon. Let us talk daily and take note that some connections are eminently rare, deep, and everlasting. Also, I believe the universe offers up more than one soulmate in our lifetime. Moreover, there are unique humanistic and soulful elements that attach you to specific people.

Alison G. Bailey once said “the soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. Sometimes in life, you meet people when you need them, and there is an immediate connection”.

Clearly, this is not your everyday mundane since the connection is uncommon. Surely, as you pass through pivotal points and phases in your life, the soul of the universe gifts you a unique person to connect with. They are a pulsing and undying  part of you, once the connection is set and accepted, it comes alive.

Let’s Talk Daily About Multiple Soulmates Across Life’s Stages


Let us talk daily about having multiple soulmates that can exist in pivotal phases or stages in life. As I stated earlier, I am a strong believer and advocate of multiple soulmates. It is unimaginable that we only get one. Honestly, if that is the case, and we miss our soulmate, then we miss out on our one only person who is the epitome of love and the embodiment of everything that makes sense and fits in our world, then we will never feel whole.

I reject the notion that I, or we have only one soulmate. As I politely discuss a highly interesting topic, to do it hurriedly would not be in anyone’s favor. Why? It is a topic that I never walk away from and feel like a consensus is gain on the subject. Hear me out, please. To show or illustrate my point of view, I am going to discuss stages of life to support the discussion of multiple soulmates.

Why Multiple Soulmates Are Possible

Look, to live a long life, means to go through multiple changes or stages. I am not the person I was 20 years ago, neither are you. And, if life is about stages and we do not connect with our soulmate at a certain stage of life, does that mean we have missed such a valuable connection. No way am I buying that. It is horrible just thinking about it. I believe, depending on how much we change, that there is a soulmate for us to connect with at different points in life. Surely, if you miss that person at a significant window in your life, then another is waiting at the next.

If you decide to take that soulmate up, then you get to enjoy your experience of connecting to an everlasting source of almost divine energy that is design for you.

Your Soulmate Is Not Always A Sexual Lover Or Better Half


First, many people believe that you marry your soulmate. I am not beholden to the belief that my soulmate will be the person I will share vows with. And, it is possible, but not truly accurate when you listen to others accounts on the subject. Soulmates are not always lovers and share a sexual relationship.

In other words, I believe the relationship is intimate, heartfelt, soulful, and absolute for the two people. If you have read any of the Mortal Instrument books by Cassandra Clare, she introduces the relationship of the Parabatai. I say, think of the soulmate connection, similar to that of a Parabatai.

If you find it, enjoy it and do not sever the connection.

Let Us Talk About Talkers Who Rarely Listen To Others

Let us talk about talkers. Yes, those of you who drown out others with self-absorb ramblings.

Listening is essential. And, to talkers that never stop, you miss everything. Consequently, you make it difficult for people to trust that you will hear them out. Not only do friends, family, or colleagues need you to listen, but they need your understanding. You may offer good advice, but you never stop to check and see if it is need. Moreover, you end up draining the other person after the conversation is over.

You truly need to take a vow of silence in the midst of a discussion and just listen up. When you actively engage in listening, you can bring true solutions. Quite often, you do not share your random experiences as genuine viable solutions, but as a means of weaponizing them in order to dominate the conversation. It is rude and often the cause of why people will avoid you.

Let Us Talk About Your Desire To Constantly Be Heard


The same people who rarely listen, are often the ones who must be heard. Your life does not always deserve to be center stage. People in your life are potentially suffering and may need that friend to hear their pressing concerns out. But, if you do not recognize their problems, it is probably because you do not ask.

You do not take that respectful leap to stop and genuinely ask and care about them. You believe that you are the only star that shines in the sky. Maybe, you do not care or you think that you know more than those you surround yourself with. It could be a level of insecurity in yourself, or a simple disrespectful personality.

Why Others Need A Chance To Be Heard


Your desire to overly share or be self-absorb may be your thing. But it is impolite not to know when to power down your tongue and perk up your ears. Do not forget that you learn from others. When people talk their tales and experiences, it is a therapeutic release.

Allowing folk to unburden their woes and when you listens, really listen, it shows you care. Furthermore, people share in order to obtain feedback. Importantly, if you are able to offer a positive response, be honest with them. Even the most introvert person, likes to talk, but only to people they trust and connect with.

It is up to you to be aware when you are dominating a conversation for the sake of nothing more than admiring yourself over the next person.

Seven Items You Will Appreciate Having In Your Home

The new normal of living is teaching us how to reorganize our day to day living events. Indeed, we are all redefining home life, customary activities. Moreover, our sanctuaries are rapidly becoming gyms, schools, and day cares. Also, you may notice that your approach to daily living required other changes that genuinely challenge your home status quo.

Furthermore, your home conditions quickly spiral into piles of environmental stuff. We are all force to take inventory of home items and add to the ranks or eliminate items that bear zero fruit or assistance.

Below are seven items that you may appreciate as the new normal forms and fluctuates over the coming months. These goods range from homes with children and homes without.

  1. Laptop Trolley or small computer desk. This is basically a portable computer desk on wheels. It comes in different sizes. The small version is great from homes with less space and a perfect size for children with their own laptops.
  2. Air fryer. You, like all of us, are now eating every meal from home. Even as you get back to going out, you will probably eat out less often. Cooking for home is now the thing. Moreover, air frying is a healthy way to cook foods as an alternative to frying or using the oven.
  3. Cardio Machine. There is no going wrong with this investment. If you can carve out a piece of space, then a home elliptical, cycle, or treadmill is worth the purchase.
  4. Batteries. Buy batteries. The AAA battery seems to be the most underrated but most needed battery size in homes.
  5. Tool Kit. Truth be told, with everyone home 24/7, it puts more wear and tear on your surroundings. Things break and needs repairing, therefore a good tool kit will pay for itself.
  6. Storage Cubes or Bins. Rather you have kids or not, these nifty organizes allows you to have a place for things and things in their place.
  7. Activity Books. Summer camps may or may not happen, so what is the alternative? Activity books and lessons are great way to continue learning through the summer. Scholastic has great books. If you are wanting something more on line, then check out IXL.

Some People Are Going To Walk Out Of Your life And You Cannot Fall Apart Every Time It Happens

Listen, some people are going to walk out your life or leave you. However, you cannot fall apart every time this happens. You cannot take it personally. First thing to remember is that being human is no easy task. Your existence is constantly being challenge. The fortitude of your mental stability maybe delicate.

When someone walks away, you’ll always question your role in the situation. If you’re aware of events and able to take responsibility of anything you did, then life will be fine. If you’re strong enough, you’ll even forgive yourself, and offer an apology. At the same time, if you take too much responsibility you’ll spend your time blaming yourself. When a person leaves, and it has nothing to do with your actions, you might not be as accepting of that as you think. Some people just leave because some things end.

Accept That Some People Just Leave And Some things Come To An End


Look, the universe operates, and life happens. You’ve probably heard the saying, “all things come to an end”. The truth is, some things just come to an end. The life cycle of relationships is not always long lasting. Friendships sometimes become a distance relationship. It feels like they have ended, but in the spirit of friends, we move forward.

Endings won’t always provide you with a good closure. They won’t be the smooth cognitive transition that we long for as humans. Not all endings will provide the physical transition. The “one last time” connection you desire, cancel it. In most cases, you will be left more confuse. In spite of the emotion and physical satisfaction you need, going with logic may be you best way.

You Should Maintain A Healthy Balance Between Head And Heart

Some men are good at interjecting logic or critical thinking in any type of relationship. Women tend to be more emotional and operate from the heart. It is in your best interest to have balance between your emotions and logic. Man or woman, balance between emotion and reason is important.

You must not sway too much in either direction. For example, if you project to much logic, you might not be in touch with your feel. Hence, you should have firm grasp on how you feel, when everything is all said and done. Likewise, too much emotion may cause you to not consider logical point. Points where when people leave, it’s totally independent of anything having to do with you.

This Goes For All Types Of Relationships


Look, friends as well as lovers may walkout. This not just about relationships where folk are into imitate love consummated with sex. This is about any type of relationship. People will come and go, and some will stay. Whatever the connection, it makes the time memorable. When you look back of the course of your life, you will realize you had different types of relationship. Learn to handle the exits with grace.

Endurance Is Created During Your Times Of Struggle And Need

Inspiration For August 7, 2019

Endurance is created during you times of struggle and need. You must fight to avoid the fall and even if you fall you must get up, try again, and keep going until you stick the landing. Victory is the result of falls and struggles that have been mastered. It is the results of lessons learned and improvements made. These are just some of the activities for those on the road to being legends. Now, go to your destiny.

Don’t Let Anyone Make You Feel Guilty For Loving And Eating Potato Chips

For the love of potatoes! This is my quick down and dirty love over a food that never cease to amaze me. No, it’s not the Oreo cookie, though those are quite divine. I’m talking about the potato, especially potato chips. I’m a dedicated lover of the potato, but the chip, the potato chips is awesomely flavorful. This is the one food I refuse to give up. Whoever created the chip, knew what they were doing. Why am I talking chips? First, I love veggies. I am a salad person, but I love potatoes. Not potatoes cooked in any style dish, but mainly french fries (baked) and gluten free potatoes chips.

The choices in the potato chip industry or line have increased over the past 10 years of my life. The selection is endless. I know, I’ve looked at amazon and the brand pages. There are kettle chips, thin chips, baked chips and chips of all out flavor. There are plenty of brands that I have not tried yet, but I plan too. There are brands that I tried and they should stop selling them. I will not say the brands by name, but how does one destroy a chip?

The best chips, you probably already know, they are scrumptious. Plus I am a salt person. I mean, how could you not like the dill pickle flavor of chips. In the interest of sharing, I have gather a few welcoming brands of potato chips that offer great flavor without being too flavorful.

Here are a couple of my favorite brands!

UTZ Brand

UTZ potato chips offer great flavor. If you want to enjoy just the simple, plain flavor of a chip, I suggest UTZ Original Potato Chips. I buy the family size bag and like to add a little hot sauce. They are gluten, trans fat free, and Certified Kosher OU, which are three attributes of the item that are important to me.

If you want more spice, then UTZ makes a Red Hot, Barbeque, Salt & Vinegar, Carolina Barbeque, Ripple Fried Dill Pickle, and Sweet Heat Barbeque chip…amongst many more. UTZ make the Kettle Chip, a thicker cut, under the Zapps line. Those lines have just as much flavor and spice as the regular potato chip.

Kettle Brand

Kettle brand chips are ridiculously tasty. It’s a thicker cut chip that means more potato in your mouth. The only down fall is the serving size is small. What you get in a lesser serving, is made up for in a quality chip. It’s a fuller chip and I don’t have to be disappointed because my chips are all broken up in the bag. It’s call chips and not crumbs for a reason.

I like this brand because it’s clean eating. As clean as you can get for a chip brand. The chips come in an array of flavors. The options are sure to please anyone that is a chip fan. Options include Backyard Barbeque, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, and Jalapeno. I love the bold flavors. My favorite bold flavor is Himalayan Salt and Avocado Oil, Maple Bacon, and Sriracha, and Buffalo Bleu.

If you haven’t given them a try, I highly recommend a taste test. The reason I enjoy chips is because, I do like eating veggies and salads. I try to keep just enough calories left over, at the most, two days a week to enjoy a serving or two of potato chips. That means a small bag or two! Can you say yummy!!

My Favorite Brand Of Potato Chips In Motion