Now is the time to appreciate everything that is in your hand. Everything else is a possibility.

At best, a definite holds more value than unknowns. A near opportunity is nothing to sneeze at or forego. A not-so-close chance is a risk at the moment. The question is, what are you willing to give up to gain boundless possibilities and far fetch opportunities? Appreciating what you have coupled with the desire to be destined for more is an emotional tug of war that occupies your conscious.

You need to know if you do not reach for that opportunity, will you be ok. Moreover, you may become mentally bombarded with reckless thoughts. Uncertainty may creep in and attempt to occupy a space in your well-being if things feel out of reach. The lines between what you have and what you want may blur. This may create a sense of impatience and anxiety.

When Obsession Battles Gratitude

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Dealing with the battle between obsession and gratitude in your life may mean appreciation is on the verge of taking the proverbial setback. When you can stop thinking about the possibility of obtaining something of value or notoriety, your thinking goes beyond a normal mode. Your mood allows intrusive thoughts to overtake you. Those thoughts are more fierce and may be persistent than usual. You lose sight of what is in front of you. You may even begin to have a critical appreciation for the things around you. An obsession may be about physical, material, or position situations.

In some cases, you may feel like you fail. A call to action may be the thing that drives you to depths beyond your usual behavior. The descendent into an attitude spiral is almost inevitable. Do not lose sight of what is essential – do not forget to appreciate how you arrived at what you have already obtained.

The Chance To Have More

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You are not alone in wanting more than you already have in your life. The chance to have more is tempting. And, when you feel like you deserve it, there is only one thing to do – go for it! Having more is the epic desire common among young adults, adults, and those reinventing their lives.

Before you go for it, there is something to consider because risks are real! There is no perfect situation to obtain more and keep what you already have. Indeed you may end up having to give something up to gain something more. And you might say, “how is that having more if I must give something up. More means it is essential to a career, valuable to health, or key to a goal. More does not always mean quantitative it can also mean qualitative in terms of value. In the end, there is always a chance to have more and appreicate what you gain and may lose.

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