The Gateway Month To Summer

I am Grateful for Wednesday, 16 May. I love this month because it’s the gateway month to the Summer. It’s the month that begins to warm up, what has been some of the coldest states in North American. We finally hit 90 degrees in the D.C. Metro area on yesterday. Life without gloves, hats and […]

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Seriously, Choose You

Monday is the top of the week. It can be a continuation of the weeks before or a start over for those that need it. Use this day how it best suits your need. Be great, be discipline and be focus on you. Go to your daily destiny.

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Life After A Brief Death

Is there still life after a brief death? The answer to that questions lies within the individual’s experience. It lies within the desire and choice to move forward. How does one move forward all while trying to understand why you received a second chance at life? I will let you know when I have the […]

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One Holiday Celebration Down And One To Go

I came of out of Thanksgiving Day feeling really great about going home. I spent time with my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and grand-nephews. My folks home was full of loud voices, football and good food. Thanksgiving was the prelude to the next 27 days as of today. Driving back home on Sunday, because I […]

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Supernatural Wonderlust

No vampires, werewolves or witches! Evening drama is about to hit a slump in my life. After eight years of fangs, wolf paws, blood spells and the other side what is next for the fan communities that relied on Vampire Diaries for their fix of the mysteries and supernatural events? I mean we have the […]

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Sage Smudging Your Home

We all have our ways of relaxing and seeking clarity. We all have some means of ensuring protection over our home and properly cleansing it. For me, I believe in cleansing out negative energies or forces that seek to disturb my environment or living. Smudging is quite the common ritual or event that leans on […]

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