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The Gateway Month To Summer

I am Grateful for Wednesday, 16 May. I love this month because it’s the gateway month to the Summer. It’s the month that begins to warm up, what has been some of the coldest states in North American. We finally hit 90 degrees in the D.C. Metro area on yesterday. Life without gloves, hats and heavy jackets will be lovely over the next few months.

The anticipation of Memorial Day weekend is building and if you haven’t made plans for that, well there is still time. I’m awaiting my first cookout invite and ready to embrace a nice beach town. For now, enjoy this day and make the most of May. Go to your daily destiny.

Seriously, Choose You

Monday is the top of the week. It can be a continuation of the weeks before or a start over for those that need it. Use this day how it best suits your need. Be great, be discipline and be focus on you. Go to your daily destiny.

Life After A Brief Death

Is there still life after a brief death? The answer to that questions lies within the individual’s experience. It lies within the desire and choice to move forward. How does one move forward all while trying to understand why you received a second chance at life? I will let you know when I have the answers.

On January 13th, 2018 sometime between 3am and 5am in the morning, while in the emergency room of INOVA Hospital and suffering a Pulmonary Embolism I knew I was dying and I did. I went into cardiac arrest and have the medical records to prove it. I am grateful for GOD’s blessing and great nurses both working in my favor. I lived! I awoke in ICU 38 hours later and I was surprise. Surprised because what I was going through 38 hours earlier was pain, passing out and not being able to breathe. I was not sure I would survive. I talked to God and made peace with my impending death. I was ready to die.

After leaving the hospital five days after my incident and as the weeks pass, I was grateful to be alive. I had told my story to a few friends, especially experiencing the after affects of CPR. I mean how CPR is performed on drama shows  is nothing compared to what it takes to restart a heart. I had the bruised deep blue black chest to prove it. I will never again, under estimate, what it takes to pull someone out of cardiac arrest. Two of my brothers were there by side through everything. The rest of my family providing their support from miles away was great. I am grateful to a really good friend who let me express my experience the weeks following suffering my PE. My main conversation was and still is why was I given a second chance. What does this second chance mean. You see my journey now has more questions.

My path has been altered and  I need to make the most of this second chance. Not because I feel obligated but, there is so much good to be experienced. Good food, good reads, good people and good times.  I don’t want to hold on to certain meaninglessness any longer or stay in places to long. The old me would have tried to fix broken folk that’s not ready to be fixed or encouraged, but after my experience I do have some different views. I always want to maintain my gratefulness and patience but, I don’t want to stay in uncomfortable situations to long. I want to live and be okay with living my life and that means pushing through pain and disappointment. It means walking away from situations that I know are over and stop trying to give life to things that are done. This will allow me to focus on situations that I can save folk  and have a positive impact. A good life is all want.

The new me despise pain and will pray about it with a quickness.  I do not need to demonstrate that I can handle pain. I need to show that I am wise enough to go get it resolved.

One Holiday Celebration Down And One To Go

I came of out of Thanksgiving Day feeling really great about going home. I spent time with my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and grand-nephews. My folks home was full of loud voices, football and good food. Thanksgiving was the prelude to the next 27 days as of today.

Driving back home on Sunday, because I live 7.5 hours away from where I grew up, I noted that I was tired. The last week and the weekend was catching up to me. I knew what that meant. I need another day to recover from the four day celebration and the 7.5 hour drive in major traffic.

It is Monday morning and I require more sleep and I need two more bubble bath to take the previous week’s celebration down a notch. What I am learning this morning is I will be doing the minimum for the remainder of the holiday season.

I should have planned to take today off from work as well. I love traveling for the holidays or for fun but, I am still learning how to recover. With that being noted, let me have my Monday morning coffee and find some strength. No stress!

Supernatural Wonderlust

No vampires, werewolves or witches! Evening drama is about to hit a slump in my life. After eight years of fangs, wolf paws, blood spells and the other side what is next for the fan communities that relied on Vampire Diaries for their fix of the mysteries and supernatural events?

I mean we have the Originals and Supernatural. I personally require some mystery, drama and supernatural wrapped in a hit in your face show that makes me rush home from work, ready to tweet and be dramatized! I am talking writing, directing and acting so good, it makes you wonder why you chose B-School over Film School.

It’s the Fall of the year for heaven sakes. I require wounds that heal after a dagger attack,drama, family secrets coming to life, the occult family, the star crossed lovers and all town living. I want blood! Whatever the Fall line up brings, just tell the damn story better than well! Don’t screw it up! You can’t fool your viewers by dressing up a scene with pretty. The storyline has to be there or it won’t matter if you have vampires, werewolves, witches or whatever it is not going to work. Make it believable and relatable in its fictional state. Make the viewer want to be in the scene and that ladies and gentlemen is good television. I want some!

Sage Smudging Your Home

We all have our ways of relaxing and seeking clarity. We all have some means of ensuring protection over our home and properly cleansing it. For me, I believe in cleansing out negative energies or forces that seek to disturb my environment or living. Smudging is quite the common ritual or event that leans on ensuring negative energy is not ensued on my personnel dwellings or take up permanent residence.

Sage Smudging is a simply way to add another level of spiritual cleansing against unwelcome energies which may exist and to raise vibrations in your environment . I don’t pretend to be an expert in this area but, I spend time researching and consulting with those who are. Negative energies in the forms of ions do happen and will exist in the environment and smudging is a method of clearing out negative energy.

The act of Sage Smudging is simple. You light one end of the smudge stick such as letting it catch fire. As it begins to smoke? you work the smoke through the corners of your home. These areas are where negative energies tend to get stuck or reside and needs clearing. You then lay the smudge stick on a dish designed for this activity and let it smoke out. Meditation is good at this point to bring clarity into your presences. It’s a practice used by Shamans for centuries.

The activity can be practice anytime and as much as you need it. Enjoy!