Your purpose is making its appearance in small continuous forms right at this moment and in moments to come.

Japanese Poet, Mitsuo Aida, has a saying, “Jinsei ni oite mottomo taisetsu na toki sore wa itsu demo ima desu” this means the most crucial time in life is always the present. Focusing on your present life shapes your future. In short, the current moments are where your purpose is evolving, happening, and taking shape. These very moments are the best time to fortify outcomes to pave the path to your future. You will have the most impact on your future today.

The Known and Undiscovered Parts Of Your Purpose

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Your purpose is not something that springs itself on you at an unexpected time.

Every encounter you have with a person or participation in activities leads you toward your future state or self. Your purpose is alive and well, and it is unraveling at this moment with every decision you make. Jokes, actions, introductions, lunches, dinners, friendships, travels, and encounters shape and feed your purpose. Moreover, you hone and sharpen your intentions through rejections you invoke through actions and words you conjure out of speaking.

James Baldwin once said, “People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.” Don’t forget to be deliberate with your actions and pristine with your choices. Make your movements count because unknown tides will rear up in your life that you will not be able to manipulate and influence. Those will an impact on your future’s path too.

The Future You Want

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Mother Theresa once said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

The future you want may be harder to obtain than you know, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try what’s necessary today to receive it. Here is the thing, today’s inputs are a vital part of your life because they influence outputs that structure tomorrow. Unexpected forces will challenge your purpose and may cause delays in your life’s objectives, and even temporarily knock you off your path. There are life occurrences that happen in changes and transformations, and these fall into two categories, predictable and unforeseeable.

Give it your all in the present, don’t be anxious, and hopefully, you’ll fall somewhere toward the future you want. There is no substitute for putting in the work today to experience some of the pieces of the future you dream of.

Deepak Chopra once said, “When you make a choice, you change the future.” Last, learn from past mistakes and move onward and create.

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