No vampires, werewolves or witches! Evening drama is about to hit a slump in my life. After eight years of fangs, wolf paws, blood spells and the other side what is next for the fan communities that relied on Vampire Diaries for their fix of the mysteries and supernatural events?

I mean we have the Originals and Supernatural. I personally require some mystery, drama and supernatural wrapped in a hit in your face show that makes me rush home from work, ready to tweet and be dramatized! I am talking writing, directing and acting so good, it makes you wonder why you chose B-School over Film School.

It’s the Fall of the year for heaven sakes. I require wounds that heal after a dagger attack,drama, family secrets coming to life, the occult family, the star crossed lovers and all town living. I want blood! Whatever the Fall line up brings, just tell the damn story better than well! Don’t screw it up! You can’t fool your viewers by dressing up a scene with pretty. The storyline has to be there or it won’t matter if you have vampires, werewolves, witches or whatever it is not going to work. Make it believable and relatable in its fictional state. Make the viewer want to be in the scene and that ladies and gentlemen is good television. I want some!

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