I Refuse To Age Ungracefully, I’m Having Too Much Fun Serving As An Aging Lady

I’m all for aging gracefully, but lately I feel as if my body is calibrating and preparing for 50. I’m still three years away from the midpoint of 100. However, as I live in my late 40s, I can’t help but wonder if my body’s change something I can get use to. I’m not sure […]

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Unpacking the Pretentious Woman

The pretentious girl, in this social world, making demands with your opulent skills. If you are a pretentious lady, woman or girl know that some men and women will not understand you. Others will find you intimidating or formidable. Intimidating or difficult is not your end game or general purpose. It may not be your […]

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Self Edification Is Beautiful

I could discuss life all day with family, friends and strangers. All of the delicate and harsh experiences that happens. I’ve listen to some noteworthy experiences from people I know and people I meet in my travels. Nothing is more important than a mature conversation amongst family, friends and strangers. Sharing of ones lore can […]

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What Choices Will You Make?

Life is happening, how are you participating? Will you travel or complain as part of you participating in this life? Will you forgive and forget or anger and remind your brethren of their short coming and mistakes? Will you love and encourage or retreat and verbal butcher a persons character. Whatever you do, choose wisely. […]

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Let’s Rap About Hip Hop Music for a Minute

I would like to talk Hip Hop music for just a few minutes. I have to admit that the Breakfast Club is one of my guilty pleasures which,  I watch on Revolt television. I love the interviews with today artists and yesterday artist who paved the way. For me, it has taken the place of […]

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Care For What

Attitudes shift fast when our lives depend on us giving a care. Not the word I want to use but, you get the picture. In a time, where not caring is the hype, it is still advantageous to embrace attentiveness. It’s still a good practice to care about traditions, standards and people. Attentiveness has its […]

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