My words are driven by my experience, travel and friends with their impeccable lives. My family, my siblings and my friends talk and discuss the latest current events. We travel together and sometimes even spend holidays cooking and enjoying the comfort of each other. We show up in each others lives for no reason sometimes or for reasons. We get sick, give birth, give give gifts or just listen to each others venting over our bad relationship selection. For me, trekking through this life means I write and share lessons and opinions all because I can.

I Have Something To Say or Share, Therefore I Write

Why am I sharing some of these tidbits, well I’ve been researching and brushing up on the best voice to write in…you know first, second or third person. What I found out is, it depends on who you are communicating your writing. It also depends on what you are communicating. Here are some quick examples

  • If your blog is personal and about your life experiences, expertise, travels or adventures it should be in first person. First person uses more I and me. It is your views.
  • If the blog is instructional it should be in second person. Second person is where you are sharing information with readers and the approach is that they walk away with value added information. Sometimes the information you share may not be from your direct experience. This styles uses you when writing
  • Third person is more for fictional writing scenarios, storytelling or research writing.  Third person approach relies on the usage of he and she.

I’m going to say it again, I’m a learner. I’m always trying to get better. Therefore,it has been my experience that writers are normally readers themselves. For me this is true. In addition to being a dedicated reader, I’m adamant about improving my writing skills. What this means is I will start taking creative writing classes at some point over the next six months. It is important to me because I would like to improve on my current state and elevate my approach. It’s important to because, I don’t like screwing things up…not even my blog. I’m a realist and because of that, I know mistakes and screw ups happen. My message is don’t beat yourself up, just learn at a consistently and diligent pace.

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