For the love of potatoes! This is my quick down and dirty love over a food that never cease to amaze me. No, it’s not the Oreo cookie, though those are quite divine. I’m talking about the potato, especially potato chips. I’m a dedicated lover of the potato, but the chip, the potato chips is awesomely flavorful. This is the one food I refuse to give up. Whoever created the chip, knew what they were doing. Why am I talking chips? First, I love veggies. I am a salad person, but I love potatoes. Not potatoes cooked in any style dish, but mainly french fries (baked) and gluten free potatoes chips.

The choices in the potato chip industry or line have increased over the past 10 years of my life. The selection is endless. I know, I’ve looked at amazon and the brand pages. There are kettle chips, thin chips, baked chips and chips of all out flavor. There are plenty of brands that I have not tried yet, but I plan too. There are brands that I tried and they should stop selling them. I will not say the brands by name, but how does one destroy a chip?

The best chips, you probably already know, they are scrumptious. Plus I am a salt person. I mean, how could you not like the dill pickle flavor of chips. In the interest of sharing, I have gather a few welcoming brands of potato chips that offer great flavor without being too flavorful.

Here are a couple of my favorite brands!

UTZ Brand

UTZ potato chips offer great flavor. If you want to enjoy just the simple, plain flavor of a chip, I suggest UTZ Original Potato Chips. I buy the family size bag and like to add a little hot sauce. They are gluten, trans fat free, and Certified Kosher OU, which are three attributes of the item that are important to me.

If you want more spice, then UTZ makes a Red Hot, Barbeque, Salt & Vinegar, Carolina Barbeque, Ripple Fried Dill Pickle, and Sweet Heat Barbeque chip…amongst many more. UTZ make the Kettle Chip, a thicker cut, under the Zapps line. Those lines have just as much flavor and spice as the regular potato chip.

Kettle Brand

Kettle brand chips are ridiculously tasty. It’s a thicker cut chip that means more potato in your mouth. The only down fall is the serving size is small. What you get in a lesser serving, is made up for in a quality chip. It’s a fuller chip and I don’t have to be disappointed because my chips are all broken up in the bag. It’s call chips and not crumbs for a reason.

I like this brand because it’s clean eating. As clean as you can get for a chip brand. The chips come in an array of flavors. The options are sure to please anyone that is a chip fan. Options include Backyard Barbeque, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, and Jalapeno. I love the bold flavors. My favorite bold flavor is Himalayan Salt and Avocado Oil, Maple Bacon, and Sriracha, and Buffalo Bleu.

If you haven’t given them a try, I highly recommend a taste test. The reason I enjoy chips is because, I do like eating veggies and salads. I try to keep just enough calories left over, at the most, two days a week to enjoy a serving or two of potato chips. That means a small bag or two! Can you say yummy!!

My Favorite Brand Of Potato Chips In Motion

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