To the woman with a reliable and trustworthy male friend, please do not him for granted. He knows you better than most, and surprisingly to an outsider, what they cannot see is, he offers sound advice. There is no secret expectation that causes you trouble or worry. He admires you just as you are. Moreover, you count on him for honest conversation, and he provides genuine comfort. He is your proverbial shoulder to cry on despite what others may think. You are a lucky duck to hold topics of discussion where he brings a proper male perspective. There is no way to say that a male bestie is just as valuable is a female bestie – so you show it by having his back too.

You Are Grateful For The Shared And Liked Pastimes

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It is all about the connection to that male friend. He knows the gossip, the tea, and the dirty. Sometimes you need that male point of view-raw, and uncut is what you will get. You are in for some of the funniest and sentimental moments. If you a female who likes sport and likes the same jokes, it is a relationship for the ages. You read the same genre of books, but you are not twins. You respect each other’s differences in taste. The theme park, check Thai food, match, vacation at the beach, hell no – you prefer the wine country.

He will celebrate with you and nicely scold you at the same time. You had better make sure you are a great friend back. Protect him at all costs because others are watching and can’t figure out the authentic connections.

There Is No Better Connection Than Your Male Friend

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Do not let anyone question your connection to him. Importantly, he is your male friend for reasons unbeknownst to strangers. Looking from the outside into your friendship will puzzle some people. People may never understand how you can share your joys, failures, relationship pangs, and successes with him.

Moreover, it will be a puzzle to others how he can share his thoughts, worries, wins, and losses with you – and walk away with good advice. But it is the connection you have nurtured and grown with each other through time that counts. That is your friendship win. The level of trust you each share is because of the bond where you put in the work. That feeling of enchantment and magic is due to the soulful kinship infinite flow from each other.

It Is Not About Romance Though It Feels Romantic

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It is an adventure that is a common language to have him as your number uno counterpart. And, if adventure is a form of romance, then you embody it. It is the symbol on your back and the same symbol on his chest. It is a wholesome friendship. Importantly, it is not one that you just give away or takeaway because you disagree. It’s more gives than take and more listen than talk. And, at times, it’s not about saying anything.

It is ice cream when you have a sweet tooth and a phone call when you need a voice more than you need the words. Understanding keeps the bond solid, and forgiveness keeps it lasting through the years. You constantly say to yourself, “I cannot think of a life without him.” But if it ever happens, it will be a slow recovery with tears and a lot of junk food.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ― Aristotle

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