Seven Items You Will Appreciate Having In Your Home

The new normal of living is teaching us how to reorganize our day to day living events. Indeed, we are all redefining home life, customary activities. Moreover, our sanctuaries are rapidly becoming gyms, schools, and day cares. Also, you may notice that your approach to daily living required other changes that genuinely challenge your home status quo.

Furthermore, your home conditions quickly spiral into piles of environmental stuff. We are all force to take inventory of home items and add to the ranks or eliminate items that bear zero fruit or assistance.

Below are seven items that you may appreciate as the new normal forms and fluctuates over the coming months. These goods range from homes with children and homes without.

  1. Laptop Trolley or small computer desk. This is basically a portable computer desk on wheels. It comes in different sizes. The small version is great from homes with less space and a perfect size for children with their own laptops.
  2. Air fryer. You, like all of us, are now eating every meal from home. Even as you get back to going out, you will probably eat out less often. Cooking for home is now the thing. Moreover, air frying is a healthy way to cook foods as an alternative to frying or using the oven.
  3. Cardio Machine. There is no going wrong with this investment. If you can carve out a piece of space, then a home elliptical, cycle, or treadmill is worth the purchase.
  4. Batteries. Buy batteries. The AAA battery seems to be the most underrated but most needed battery size in homes.
  5. Tool Kit. Truth be told, with everyone home 24/7, it puts more wear and tear on your surroundings. Things break and needs repairing, therefore a good tool kit will pay for itself.
  6. Storage Cubes or Bins. Rather you have kids or not, these nifty organizes allows you to have a place for things and things in their place.
  7. Activity Books. Summer camps may or may not happen, so what is the alternative? Activity books and lessons are great way to continue learning through the summer. Scholastic has great books. If you are wanting something more on line, then check out IXL.

Five Types Of Family Members That Will Teach You To Be A Better Person

If you are familiar with Game of Thrones you are probably aware of how appalling some family members are to others. Perhaps, it does not surprise you that some people you share blood with can be absolutely menacing, derange, shiftless, or self-centered. When the toxicity of these kind of people are obvious, you may do you best to avoid them.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

Nevertheless, you do not get to select your blood bond family. Let the connection you have with them and sharing the same space with spoil or mooching members do nothing, if not, make you better. Often this makes it difficult to completely turn your back on the most challenging members. Moreover, no matter how annoyed you get with them, you will continue to show up at events and tolerate them for the greater good. Of course the good may work in your favor.

Spend enough time in the company of cheeky or dismal personality, you learn to finetune your own.

Furthermore nothing is more aggravating than sharing the same space with a love one whose values and or habits are insufferable. Habits and attitudes will make it difficult to enjoy family holidays and events. In addition, if you find yourself in the company with challenging family, it can be a nightmare if you are not compatible. In a like manner, it will at least make time pass slowly as you spiral into a funk.

Some of the most toxic people are friends and family. Here are five types of family members that will make you a better person.

The Intrusive Or Rude One

This person has absolutely zero boundaries. Rude is their first, middle, and last name. You know exactly who this person is in the fam, as you read this. Honestly, you do your best to avoid them, but they manage to find a way to insert their opinion or body into your business. Keeping your composure is sometimes the most favorable measure, but it may not always work.

Peel back the psychology layers on this personality type and you may discover deep flaws in that person. They need to repair and heal, but that is not your immediate concern. How they treat you and you and how you recover from their treatment, is yours to handle.

The Insensitive One

You must wonder if this person has an emotional disconnect from their environment. A person with this behavior characteristics does not come with the proverbial filter in their mouth. Whatever they think, they say. If you need comforting do not count on them not to interject their own prejudices.

If you expect cordial responses or common courtesy, you may just walk away feeling dismal. Their opinions are gravely staunch and have excessively little of the human factor build in.

The Coddled One

Often, this position or behavior goes to the only child or the younger
members in the family. Though, it is not usual to see a sibling or cousin in
their mid-30s behaving excessively pampered. Honestly, they tend to be more carefree and outwardly cheerful. At some point in their life, you have probably participated in overdoing for them too.

You end up absorbing this individual’s key responsibilities. In some instances they manage to convince you that helping them is supremely important to their well-being. Occasionally, it looks like they suffer from failure to launch. Truth be told, it is a shrewd manipulation tactics

It is not by chance that this happens. Generally, it comes from having older siblings, cousins, or aunts and uncles that aim to protect them. You want to keep them from making the same mistakes you made, so they get all the remedies to your mistakes.

The Emotional One

“I cannot believe this is happening again. Oh wow, did you see what happened over there? Did you see my post on social media”? This is the person that is emotional about every little thing. It is like they have are one hundred percent invested on all things emotional. No one else gets the opportunity to be even a little emotional because they tend to take up all the emotional space. If you try to be passionate in their company, they somehow manage to disarm you and take up the arm themselves.

You spend so much time trying to talk this person down off the emotional
ladder, that you forget you are sometimes up the emotional ladder too.

The Pompous One

Do not be caught in public places to long with this one. Watch out, because their self-importance will outperform yours, 99% of the time. If you ever feel like you are a second-class person in the company of aunt, uncle, or cousin, then you are in the company of a pompous member of the family. They often carry the grand ideas about themselves. Importantly, they want the most elaborate family vacations and family reunions, with no regard for the size of anyone else’s purse or money bag.

In the end, these types of people may be family, friend, colleagues, or simply people you only will have contact with for a short period of time. Decide how much time you are willing to spend in their presences. Let their behaviors have an osmosis effect and create an improved person in you.

10 Reasons To Love And Embrace Your Dreadlocks And Tattoos

The process of obtaining dreadlocks and tattoos is no easy fete. Both are breathtaking, sexy, and beautiful in their finished form. They accent your features. In addition, for most people, they tend to carry a personal and sentimental connotation. Therefore, they offer a lasting reminder of a time, place, or space where something magnificent occurred or a tragedy unfolded.

It is a memory, a keepsake for the ages. Because of that, fearless is a good word use to describe those who take either road. Namely, gusty is the word for those who choose both. When you embark on the journey of either, you take off on a road that has been historically traveled by others. Neither are an unusual or infrequent experience in their essence. Novelty only exist in your first experience, from the perspective of locs and tattoos. There is nothing new under this sun, other than your first exposure.


Particularly, sitting through a tattoo session, especially for the first time, you realize pain is part of the process. If you did your research properly, you probably asked questions before the session and was quickly informed this is a byproduct of the act. However, that doesn’t matter to those of you who are committed to the process.

Notably, tattoos offer a means of telling your story of a personal event or keeping a memory alive.   It ‘s your way of sharing a message. One simply does not choose any tat. It’s a process and a mindset preparation that occurs. It’s the same with dreadlocks, for those that’s in it for the long haul.


Dreadlocks come with a rich history. As a result, you must be respect them. If you decide to get them because of the mainstream crazy over them, then you miss the beauty and respect of them. It should be authentic locs or nothing else. The journey to locs require patience and care. It speaks to a natural hair movement.

Truth be told, locs speak to and for the culture and if you decide to start them, you should know it’s no easy task. Notable, you will love them as they ripen. Furthermore, locs and tattoos are a try commitment and some given in before they even mature to tell your story.

Here are 10 reasons to love and embrace your tattoos and dreadlocks.

  1. Your locs and tattoos exist in a space and time when many are being ask to forego their cultural history and practices.
  2. Locs offer a cultural and / or religious connotation.
  3. Your tattoos, consciously thought out, puts in amongst a group of individuals who embraces endurance and story telling.
  4. Tattoos and locs together represents a beauty that improves over time with the proper care and maintenance.
  5. Your tattoos and locs are about self-care and constant dedication.
  6. Tattoos and locs often embellish and offers a uniqueness to your style and features.
  7. Flourish locs allows you to style them with hair jewelry and perform styles that can only accomplish with dreadlocks.
  8. You can enjoy knowing that locs present themselves differently for each person based on hair texture. There are no head of locs that are the same. You are unique in your locs.
  9. Both are simply sexy.
  10. You are a human work of art and aesthetics.

Some People Are Going To Walk Out Of Your life And You Cannot Fall Apart Every Time It Happens

Listen, some people are going to walk out your life or leave you. However, you cannot fall apart every time this happens. You cannot take it personally. First thing to remember is that being human is no easy task. Your existence is constantly being challenge. The fortitude of your mental stability maybe delicate.

When someone walks away, you’ll always question your role in the situation. If you’re aware of events and able to take responsibility of anything you did, then life will be fine. If you’re strong enough, you’ll even forgive yourself, and offer an apology. At the same time, if you take too much responsibility you’ll spend your time blaming yourself. When a person leaves, and it has nothing to do with your actions, you might not be as accepting of that as you think. Some people just leave because some things end.

Accept That Some People Just Leave And Some things Come To An End


Look, the universe operates, and life happens. You’ve probably heard the saying, “all things come to an end”. The truth is, some things just come to an end. The life cycle of relationships is not always long lasting. Friendships sometimes become a distance relationship. It feels like they have ended, but in the spirit of friends, we move forward.

Endings won’t always provide you with a good closure. They won’t be the smooth cognitive transition that we long for as humans. Not all endings will provide the physical transition. The “one last time” connection you desire, cancel it. In most cases, you will be left more confuse. In spite of the emotion and physical satisfaction you need, going with logic may be you best way.

You Should Maintain A Healthy Balance Between Head And Heart

Some men are good at interjecting logic or critical thinking in any type of relationship. Women tend to be more emotional and operate from the heart. It is in your best interest to have balance between your emotions and logic. Man or woman, balance between emotion and reason is important.

You must not sway too much in either direction. For example, if you project to much logic, you might not be in touch with your feel. Hence, you should have firm grasp on how you feel, when everything is all said and done. Likewise, too much emotion may cause you to not consider logical point. Points where when people leave, it’s totally independent of anything having to do with you.

This Goes For All Types Of Relationships


Look, friends as well as lovers may walkout. This not just about relationships where folk are into imitate love consummated with sex. This is about any type of relationship. People will come and go, and some will stay. Whatever the connection, it makes the time memorable. When you look back of the course of your life, you will realize you had different types of relationship. Learn to handle the exits with grace.

My Personal Goals Are At Odds With My Career Endeavors – Change Is Everything

One nation can’t have two queens, no more than a castle can have two kings. At this point, one must wave the white flag. My personal goals and dreams are at odds with my career. If you ask how can this be? Let me tell you it is possible. Unquestionable, I figured I had both structurally aligned. Turns out, I’m suffering from the fact they have competing interest or I have competing interest since I’m the vessel. I’ve spent so much time on my career attributes. My personal goals are now tapping me on the shoulder and to request attention.


Admittedly, I’m at a point in my adult life where my personal intentions are now conflicting with my with career endeavors, which offer a steady paycheck that pays the bills. I knew this day would come. The day of not feeding key areas of my life, and putting them on hold for career gains. I’m confident in career, employment is easy, and the day of being qualified has arrived. Conversely, this has provided me the opportunity to focus on some of my personal dreams that I had to put on hold.

The Promise I Made To Myself

In the days of old, of kings, queens, castles, houses, swords man, and great halls men put on shows to impress. They played their roles because that is what decorum required. Similarly, it’s not much different today except of castles and swords man. After years of setting up my career to impress and solidify my work ethic skill and reputation amongst the greats, I’m ready to focus on personal goals and ambitions. I’ve played my role and paid my dues.


Indeed, I made a promise to myself a long time ago not to pour all my energy into my career and not develop some of the more personal talents. My more personal talents, could have been my initial career. Nonetheless, I do what I must to put the show on in the great hall of my career. All the same, I’m refuse to neglect my tier 2 passions. Tier 2? Yes, may career is first and my personal passions are second. It’s time to cultivate the second.

My Spirit Requires More Than A 9 to 5 To Thrive

My 9 to 5 pays the bills and establishes a base. At the same time, my spirit needs more creativity. I need a more creative outlet. Yes, my blog does that, but so does travel and new food. Certainly, if I cold combine writing, travel, and food, I would have my spirit place.

The plan is to figure out how my personal and career obligations can coexist. The idea is ensure balance is present so my spirit can glow. The approach to not let my time for personal development and practices be at the mercy of my career. It means managing my time. In addition, reducing time spent in areas less rewarding.

Defining And Designing My Life In My Mid 40s

What’s a girl to do with dreams and plans. The only thing for me to do is see my goals, dreams, and plans through. I adjust them and make sure I have a realistic approach. Allow enough productive time for my personal goals. I leverage my career to assist the personal and my personal to assist the career. In summary, the real goal or gift to me would be to make my personal favors, my career. For now, I’ll settle with finding balance between the two.

There is glory in having a flexible career and learning how to secure the career money bag. Equally, there is more glory in cultivating your personal aspirations after 40. A word of advice, do it before 40 if you can.

You Won’t Regret Living In A High Rise With A Fetching Balcony View

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If you have an opportunity to live in a city or ocean side, in a high rise apartment or condo, you should do it! Do it now, it’s 2019! There is nothing like the experience and view that a properly chosen high rise building has to offer, with the best balcony or patio view. You don’t have to stay in it forever, but two or three years and you can check the experience off. The things you can do with a place with a view.

As the season change you’ll enjoy those simple pleasure that few others can relate. The proper patio or balcony can beget priceless memories and photographs, that only a few can be relate. Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing, once you get comfortable on the penthouse floor. Inner cities and Oceanside cities / towns such as Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Boston and a few more are not skinny on their skyline or ocean aesthetics . If you decide to live Euro, across the pond, then the ante on the view is upped that much more.

The appeal is refreshing and maybe a little nauseous for the first couple of months. You’ll soon get over it when you see the delight outweighs the temporary feeling of nervousness…if you suffer such a thing.

A Place With A View For Your Liking


This is about living and enjoying where you live. Making the most of where you live and rebelling in the scenery. High rise living is must be experienced. Attention must be paid and balcony parties must be thrown. It is all about the view. Spring, summer, fall or winter doesn’t matter. You can always find something to enjoy about a living in a building on the 14 or 15 floor with the best attraction. Looking into distance or people watching in the air is awesome. You can decorate for the season. Enjoy the air up there. Nothing is like looking out into the distance or watching the streets below. Seeing the snow falling from up top is stunning.

The Simple Pleasure Of Balcony Life In A High rise


You should know the holidays and summer are the best. There will be no regrets, but you must search for the right view. You will know when you see it. Imagine seeing balconies as far as your eyes can see decorated for the season. It’s simply beautiful and depending on the size you can keep the decor as minimal as a flower or two. You can go all out and get furniture if you plan to spend a significant amount of time relaxing. If you want to use the view to enjoy breakfast or watch firework shows, those are great options that have enjoyable results. You will not regret living in a high rise with a drop-dead view.

Your Journey Is Not Like Others And Their Journey Is Not Yours So Don’t Play Comparison Games


We have different journeys in life, which will carry us places we never imagine. In addition, you may put in endless effort or work to ensure that parts of your journey to obtain a specific or expect outcome. Your life adventures will unfounded naturally through the people you meet and you will end up being total surprise. Additionally, you will see others on their path, making their strides and wonder why your path looks difference or why you haven’t reach the pinnacles or rewards they have. Their strides may yield fruit differently from your, at a different pace, and time.

The journey is to be respected and nourished, not always forced. It will not be ignored and will not let you insert someone else’s path into your life without a fight. Disrespect it and will give you bearish or ugly results. Stare over or down at your friends path or a family members good fortune and try to re-tune your journey to mimic theirs and it just might back fire.

You Are Design To Be You And Be Inspired By People Around You, Not Take What Is Theirs And Desperately Make It Yours


If you don’t cheer for you and don’t like you, then you may need to do some soul searching or just searching. You’re designed to come into your own, be inspired by others around you, but find yourself. Discover the type of foods you like and style of cloths. Delight in searching for music that you like or even love.

Friends are there to help you find yourself and support you through the process. Also, they are there to encourage you to love yourself and ascertain what’s at the core of yourself being. Don’t look at their lives and try and fit what works for them and their unique styles into yours. Simply be encouraged. Avoid being bitter or jealous of their lives, and focus on you. Cultivate your life garden. You are extraordinaire, so search for it.

It’s Okay If It Takes Time To Learn Who You Are As You Move Through This Life


There is no pressure on you, to trek down your perfections or preferences in certain or given time. Although, time is of the essence, but no pressure. The more you rummage around the world and stretch the boundaries of yourself, like a flower, you will unfold to new attractions. Moreover, you will blossom and discover things unimaginable that may delight you. You get to cut your path and be spontaneous in at your own pace. Be curious and safe, but don’t be afraid and let fear keep you from properly moving through life. Question you ambitions and desires, but don’t just give up on them because you think you are too old, but be reasonable with yourself.

If You Find Yourself In State Of Jealousy Because You Are Not Where Your Friends Are In Life, Then Find A Reliable Mentor To Help Sort Through Your Emotions


Mentors are undervalued. If You Find Yourself In State Of Jealousy Because You Are Not Where Your Friends Are In Life, Then Find A Reliable Mentor To Help Sort Through Your Emotions. Many people think that mentors and life coaches are something you have at work or while in school. You can have a mentor at any point in your life. Professional mentors or a close friend that you trust can be a trusted mentor, who can help you with your discovery process. You’re never too professional, wealth, or old to have a mentor. The way social media is set up today, mentors are everywhere.

Last, find the right one for you that will help you sort through your path and set realistic life goals.

I Refuse To Age Ungracefully, I’m Having Too Much Fun Serving As An Aging Lady

I’m all for aging gracefully, but lately I feel as if my body is calibrating and preparing for 50. I’m still three years away from the midpoint of 100. However, as I live in my late 40s, I can’t help but wonder if my body’s change something I can get use to. I’m not sure if it’s accurate to say that a lot of women may not look forward to their late 40s and descending on toward 50, but I do. I don’t mind aging, I’m just trying to figure out how to deal and master the events that come with aging. Let’s just say, I intend to win or fight the good fight.

I’ve talk to the ladies in family, who have already conquered 40 and they make 50 simply marvelous. I’m learning a few important techniques to keep me striding along. I’ve had to detach from some old ways and rebel in the new.

Here is the current state of a lady in her 40s.

When I Say “I Don’t Care”, I Mean I’m In A Place Of Constant Meditation – Don’t Bother Me With The Insignificance Of Youthful Burdens


Aging allows me and you to release a lot of concerns about insignificant situations that seems trivial and monumental in our 30s. I care a lot less about opinions, events, and situations that truly have no immediate or more than a three year effect on me. I don’t care if a man doesn’t return my call or reach out to me , even after I’ve reached out to him first. If I “shoot my shot” with a man, and he’s not receptive, I move on and laugh. No regrets and no ill feelings shall follow me. I let relationships go without explanation or conversation, because I don’t care to explain. I proceed with the attitude of, “I did what I did” and ” I said what I said”. Normally, because the most basic explanation at my age is, “it no longer works for me or benefits me”. This response is usually unacceptable because folk like long winded words.

It becomes a task trying to convince people, who require detail. If I choose to be a vegan later in my life, I don’t have to explain that to anyone. If I want to switch back to meat after two years, I do it. It’s my aging adult prerogative. There are key people in my life, that sharing is reserved for at this point. My current attitude, won’t sit well with the people who once knew me as the adventurer of long explanation and using words to coax their feelings.

I Am Not The Person Most People Use To Know


When I was a child, it mattered to me what family thought. It mattered to me that I wasn’t the favored friend. As a teenager, I wanted to be the slender female, best friend, smartest, and most noticeable person around. I was reserve in expressing those wants, but I always worked toward achieving the necessary requirements to get me to those things. I’m light-skin and come from a family that has mixed roots. Mixed roots that are documented on the census. Folk always judge me by that light-skin and thought I was that uppity girl, but once that got to know me they realized I was cool. The truth is, I was concerned about how they saw me. I didn’t choose the color of my skin, but I choose my attitude, responses, and behavior, which are all used in making my character.

Now that I am older, after years of college educations, travel, meeting new people, more travel, driving my career…I’m not the same. I’m unrecognizable to most, they just to know it, cause the people of old, my earlier life, have not held a conversation with the 46 year old me. They see how I’ve grown and my difference by what they can gather from social media, but that’s nothing compared to sit down conversation with me.

I’ve Learned Not To Take Walking For Granted, It Makes All The Difference To Your Body


Aging with grace means finding exercise that gets the job done, without breaking your bones and twisting up your muscles. I have rediscovered my love for walking and counting steps. My best investment over the past year is my FitBit. It makes me consciously responsible and I am able to gauge some important wellness data with my FitBit. My brother gave it to me for my 2018 birthday. I love it! I keep it close. Probably more closely than I kept my mobile. Walking improves the resting heart rate and my arthritis, thanks me for the steps that I graciously count on a daily bases.

I never knew that I could be so excited about walking as form cardio and step counting. Low impact or walking is the safe cardio and fat burning method after at 40.

Splurge On The Best Moisturizers And I Cannot Stress Hydrating Enough


The one piece of my experience in my 40s that I find myself in a constant battle with is hydrating my skin, and finding a good moisture to sustain the hydration. I’ve always drink the proper intake of water. Maintaining beautiful skin is something that’s been at the top of my list way before now. Since enter my mid 40s, I’ve struggled with keeping my skin from dying out. I’ve increased my water intake, tried different skin moisture and hydration techniques. I’ve done research and had conversation with my primary care doctor. For a woman, skin hydration is a new battle in my mid 40s. It is also caused by the changes that’s going on in my body as I age and trek toward 50.

I don’t mind aging, but I refuse to struggle with aging. My investments in my wellness are important to me. I’ve talked mind, body, and soul on a few of my blog post. This is the critical trinity as you age. Learn what is available as you age and be ready, ladies, to invest in you. You will always be worth it.