Happy Juneteenth – What Is Juneteenth

On June 19, 1865, enslaved African Americans were informed of their freedom by Union troops in Galveston, Texas. Juneteenth is set aside to celebrate the end of slavery or to be more exact, chattel slavery.

Juneteenth is about sharing in traditions that are often disregarded. The African American community celebrates this event and has been for some time, however it is largely unknown to the public.

This year people are sharing in the legacy of Juneteenth. This is happening because of those who understand the importance of removing marginalized history over the event and promote the spirit and legacy of Juneteenth.

We are here to celebrate a country’s story. Notably, we are here to promote a narrative about a people’s voyage to freedom and independence. It is the legacy of faith and unifying in a period of undefined times.  

I am happy to be able to celebrate another Juneteenth with my family.

10 Activities You Can Do, To Enjoy The Spring Time In The City Or Suburbs

Spring 2019 has sprung, and while some areas are still shaking off the frost and ice of winter, others are celebrating an increase in daily temperatures. The time change presents more daylight. You will begin to spend more time outside and start looking for functions or get-togethers with others, to release the cabin fever. Here are 10 activities to begin enjoying your spring.

  1. Fly a kite. Get together with friends or neighbors and find an open field with the big sky, pull out those kites, and get them up in the air.

    Photos courtesy of Pixabay

    Photos courtesy of Pixabay

  2. Find local Spring arts and craft shows in your town or city. Don’t be afraid to drive and hour to find festive events. Towns come alive this time of year. 
  3. Take in a wine festival and learn about newly release wines. Taste what spring has to offer in reds and whites. You palette will appreciate it.   

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay

  4. If you live in a city, such as Washington DC or a close surrounding area, take in the Cherry Blossoms on the National Mall. 
  5. In the south,  the March, April, and May welcomes the start of town and city historical festivals with carnivals for the kids. Check out what South Carolina has to offer –  https://www.sciway.net/calendar.html

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay

  6. If you like film festivals, then Florida and California are good trips in March and April to take in film festivals. https://www.floridafilmfestival.com/
  7. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”! Opening day of Major League Baseball is March 28.

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay

  8. April 2019 is clearly a year for motion pictures with another installment of Marvels Avengers – Endgame coming to theaters on April 26th. 
  9. Beach towns are a nice touch. If you are all skied out, then April through May will be a great time to kickoff beach season. There is nothing like sand and sun.

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay

  10. Music festivals are the best experience if you don’t mine the crowd and walking. Coachella kicks off in Indigo, CA April 12 -14 and April 19-21. 

Happy Three Kings Day

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Translated, “Let The Good Times Roll”. It Is Countdown to Mardi Gras!! It Is The Celebration Of Three Kings Day!