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Six Things For You To Remember This Holiday Season

2020 is a challenging year, and this holiday season may be different from prior years. However, there is no need to sacrifice the holiday spirit and enjoyment because you may not be traveling or amongst an assortment of family and friends. You’ve made it through what will go down in history as the year of transformation, disturbance, and revelation. You’re good at a celebration, and there should not be a lessening of mirth because you are limited to location and in alliances. Merriment is a must, and here are six things for you to remember this holiday season.

When you are at full strength, you are in balance with who you are in the pitch black of midnight and who you are in the light of noonday. 

  1. You’ve made it to December, and that is reason enough for celebration. Don’t lose sight of the value of joy and how to apply it.
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2. Holiday movies or Christmas movies you can’t get any other time of the year are available.

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3. Some of you will have a white Christmas – a holiday card Christmas.

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4. You get to enjoy descendants of holiday treats and fancy foods that are only available during this time of the year.  

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5. The new year is almost here, and no matter what the new year brings, you are stronger than you know cause you made it through 2020.

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6. You’re honestly not alone in your current holiday season situation. This year required that you move around solely in your current inhabitance. You’ve probably learned more about yourself and your household than ever before. Celebrate what you’ve discovered.

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Travel Is A Necessary Spice Of Life That You Should Stockpile

Travel is the spice of life. Indeed, there are other things or activities that maybe as well. However, nothing is sweeter that the prospect of travel when you cannot figure out what you are missing in life or what is missing from your life. Travel awakens the mind and entices the soul.

Mark Twain once wrote, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Travel is the spice of life; therefore, you should stretch the boundaries of your physical boarders.

Once you get a taste of it, early if possible, but better late than never, nothing is more pleasurable. Nothing is more seductive than activities which requires, plane, train, or automobile. The glory of travel is that it only ties you down to travel. Truth be told, the divine offering of travel is the power you feel and love you acquire for things you never knew could bring you such.

Wanderlust Taste and Looks Like Everything You’ll Ever Need And Want

Eventually, you should if you already have not, foster or cultivate your travel energy and desire. How do you proceed with such activities? Easy, inspire your desire but you must first be in touch with what you like. For example, if you eat pizza, then imagine what pizza from Rome or Florence Italy would taste like. Likewise, a meat plate full of Italian meats with red wine and the best cheeses is a marvelous dance with your pallet.

If you are a visual person and you like snow, imagine being on the Swiss apps where snow falls as far as eyes can see. Mountain tops that are ridiculously high, so high that they blend perfectly with the sky. A walk through the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel will stay in your memories and fortify your desire for more travel. Experience the delights and culture of Rome during Palm Sunday and the way Romans celebrate this holiday.

Even though there are other spices to life, the reward of travel is one that consumes you, in a good way, forever and ever. If you have friends that travel and you think they overstate the experience, then you are incorrect. The experience is like non other. If you worry about traveling international, then do domestic until you are comfortable. There is so much to see in your own country.

The journey of travel begins with research, buying books, and reading reviews on places you want your journey to take you. Proceed with an open mind. In the end you’ll inspire those around you and be able to influence them. More importantly, you can ease their minds about the mysteries of wanderlust.

Travel Looks Something Like This

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On the whole, travel should leave you speechless, in a good way. It is good for the heart and soul. Travel has the ability to repair your heart, mind, body, and soul.

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Finally, you travel to learn all the whilst you learn to travel.

You’re In The Great Holiday Season Now

Listen, the hardcore phase of the holiday season is here. To clarify, Thanksgiving is a wrap! Obviously, if you celebrated, you just participated in the last Thanksgiving of this decade. You made it through! Be grateful. It’s another Black Friday. Love it or hate it, if you managed your money right throughout the year, today can be rewarding. It must be said, there is so much more goods and services on sale than televisions.

Real quick, the holidays are sentimental, exciting, joyous, or depressing depending on the person or family member. There are events that only occur this time of the year that you can’t get any other time. The arts never disappoint and will regale you with plays that are only available, you guess it, now! You should appreciate a community theater or ballet that works diligently to pull off the Nutcracker, Grinch, or A Christmas Carol. These are the classics and they are in season.

Demystifying The Holiday Season


Truth be told, the title of this section is pushing sarcasm. Unquestionably, a lot folk use this time of the year to relax. Indeed, if you are one of those people, then enjoy the fireside, quiet, and your favorite beverage. Clearly, it’s been a long year. Additionally, the new year is on the way. Don’t let the morose mood sneak up on you and swallow you whole, especially if you spend this time of year alone.

You have to do things on purpose this time of year to repel the sullen and gloomy disposition. Food pantries and kitchen welcome volunteer services. Buy toys and give them out at a children’s hospital in your area. Do your research. No excuses. You, a good friend or family member are responsible to pull yourself out of your funky disposition.

It should be noted, this is a visual, audible, and olfactory time of the year. What this means is Christmas time is in your face and ears. You can smell Christmas in the air and taste it in your mouth on your tongue. Attitude is everything and it can drive you where you want to go and don’t. Moreover, you want to stay clear of being deemed the proverbial Grinch.

In short, you have to find balance during this season. Don’t let it consume you and deplete any of your joy.

Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas

The End Of Summer Means The Beginning Of Adventurous Fall Activities

We Are Wrapping Up Summer, This Means Fall Is Only Three Weeks Out

We have officially wrapped up what is know as the dog days of summer. The dog days of summer are the hottest days of the summer season. The most unbearable days following what is known as helical rising of the system Sirius according to Greek and Roman astrology. Generally, it’s synonymous with heat, drought, and storms.

We’ve happily arrive at September. We are heading into our last beach days. School is back in session on all levels. The opening day of college football is well, open. Also, Major League Baseball is more than half way over. Similarly, professional football is one week away from its start.


In fact, city people who have spent their summer at their beach houses have arrived back to the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Summer break is over for teachers. The Federal Government is about to conclude its Fiscal Year 2019. Clearly, most backyard barbecues will give way to tailgating.

Fall Is On The Horizon And There Is Much To Look Forward To

Let’s talk fall activities. Undoubtedly, fall is a busy time of year. First, we need to calibrate into fall mode. Summer brings different events, responsibilities, and activities. For this reason, shifting in to a fall state of mind is necessary to plan and prepare for what’s to come.

Honestly, I’m ready for pumpkin spice, fall festivals and carnivals, and boots. Brown and orange leaves, are a hallmark of fall. It’s the time of year when weekends in the city belong to the locals. Furthermore, it’s a great time for fall travel. Smaller lines at museums means less wait times. In my opinion, it is the perfect time of year!

There Is A Uniqueness That Comes With Fall, Like Any Other Season And I’m Smitten

I want to unpack what fall means to me. Clearly, some of it is outlined above. Fall means a dip in temperature. It means every month, for the next four months, there is at least one holiday. As it happens, my favorite holidays are on the horizon.


Fall is a good time of year to get some charity work in, if you missed the opportunity during the spring and summer. It’s great time for traditional shows that put you into the fall feeling, like Harry Potter. My Harry Potter collection becomes the movies of choice during the autumn months. The days are cooling down and the nights are even cooler. My attire starts to change such that I move from flats to boots and cotton skirts to wool.


September and October is my time to take inventory of items in cupboard. For example, I make sure I have the proper hot teas and hot chocolate. Also, I order by dry goods for soups and chili. Truly, there is joy in reevaluating my food stock for fall and winter. I ensure proper transition to fall and winter goods and putting away summer linens and bring out the quilts.

Welcome to fall eve!

Happy Easter Sunday

I hope that everyone celebrating today, enjoy their fete. Enjoy the time with family, friends, or a simple quiet day. The holiday experience is different for everyone, but find some peace and warmth in these special moments, these times. I’m always grateful to be in the company of my family during this time and others. Find some grace and thankfulness in yet another occasion to eat, talk, or listen. Yes, I’m foremost on family. I hope you find your base today and enjoy.

Good Friday, Coupled With Easter Weekend, Is A Good Time To Absorb Travel, Culture, Or Other Fetes

Every “Good Friday”, millions of people celebrate this weekend by going on vacation and/or participating in Easter. It’s the weekend that says we’re into spring, it’s been a long school year and it’s almost over, and summer is on the horizon. It’s the weekend after Masters, congratulations Tiger Woods, the weekend before the NFL draft. How are you spending your Good Friday? It’s the last weekend of Coachella and this Friday, Good Friday, is the day before 4/20. Hats off to the Canniabas cities readying for a day of events this Saturday. If you do decide to do nothing at all, well, there’s that crowd too. It’s okay, because someone has to relax and take care of the dogs of those that decide to travel.

Here Are Some Of The Activities People Are Enjoying This Good Friday And Easter Weekend

Travelling Outside The Continental United States

Anytime is always a good time to travel. Many people use this weekend to kickoff of the warm weather travel. Locations are in full bloom, the water is blue, and the sun is not shy. Here are few travel areas people are taking visiting this weekend.



Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Travelling Inside The Continental United States

The U.S. has many locations to enjoy this weekend. Culture is the way to go and there are certain locations that offer an abundance of culture and cultural activities in the arts this weekend. Here are couple of locations that offer cultural arts and historical scenery to engage with this holiday.

New Orleans, LA


Charleston, SC


Planning And Participating In Easter Eggs Hunts And Cookouts

Enjoy Easter Egg hunts in the community and/or church family. This time of year, yards come to life with spring colors. There is no shortage of decor for Good Friday and Easter weekend.


It’s a great time for a cookout. Put something taste on the grill. Meat eaters and vegans can enjoy a good cookout.


I hope you decided to take this day off from work to kick start the weekend enjoy the fruitful and amusing affairs of Easter weekend. Remember do to what’s good for the soul and the soul of your relationships. Find laughter and refinement in a good hullabaloo!

A Delightful Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone that’s celebrating today. My hope is that we can be more understanding of each other in the New Year. Let’s be clear that understanding doesn’t mean we won’t disagree but we see the attributes in each other’s life position. May goodwill guide each of you in the New Year.

Yes, December Is A Busy Month Too

Any Given Day In December

If you are like most people, then you probably spend the month of December in what you swear is “the free space” month. Free to enjoy desserts you can only get this time of year. Free to enjoy those friends that live so far away, you only get to see them once year, and that once of year is December. Free to make choices you can’t make any other time of the year because you are just too busy being consumed with work, promotion, professional classes, events, and other stuff. You total ignore the fact that December is probably your most busy month. Once you see green, red, silver and gold… its on! What’s on? A non-stop month of endless activities, sugary treats, trips to the mall, parties on top of parties in your personal and professional life. Deep breaths are now required.

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The Infamous Holiday Parties

And just like that, holiday parties are coming at you like January maintenance fees and taxes. If you feel like you’ve attended more holiday parties than you planned by the time you’ve reached the mid-winter solstice in December, then chances are you have. Nope, it is not a dream. Depending on where you work, holiday parties maybe broken down into departments. If you have kids and friends, then the parties don’t stop with the office. Yes, they spill over into the after work after party time slots…but only in December!

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The Decorations

If the holiday parties don’t consume you, then planning for the right decor will surely require your time, attention, and eye for styling things up or down. The holidays have three types of people, those who over decorate, under decorate or don’t decorate at all. First timers, you are sure to be in the over decorate category. You’re excited to show off your new place and your ability to mix and match the best set of Christmas tree to wreath to candle holders. If you have been decorating for 10 years, then you have learned to balance how much setup, because taking down is tedious and boring. You’re probably worn out from all the festivities and new years not mention January is closer than you can imagine. If you are a parent with adult children, but with grand kids, you will probably decorate just enough or under decorate to ensure the take down process goes with easy.

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Time With Friends

For some of you, the December holiday is the only time is about seeing old friends. You and your friends have busy lives and this time is important and mentally and emotionally necessary. It can be some of the most sentimental time shared. If you have long time friends that live on opposite coast, the anticipation builds through out the year, holding itself for moments spent together in December.

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How you decide to carry out this month is up to you. Do it with moderation and respect. For heaven’s sake, you don’t won’t to spend the month of January beating yourself up for out of control behavior…or maybe you do (sigh with a devious smile). Enjoy the last month of the year. This is often the only time of the year that some use to unwind, vacation, see family and friends, have a drink, or attend a special event. Enjoy…happy Holidays and get ready to have a yourself a glorious new year.