Stress is unacceptable. I will never accept stress, even if it’s happening to me. Stress is not healthy or fun. It will sneak on you and dismember your well-being and smother the most organized parts of your physical and emotional state. Stress will leave you with a false sense of, all is right with you, meanwhile it lurks and works its magical destruction. Beating and damaging the best parts of you is the mission. Don’t be defeated and don’t give in or up.

Education and knowledge are the keys to combating stress. What does that mean? It means accessing the triggers of stress and eliminating them. If you can’t eliminate the triggers then manage them. It includes managing yourself from an honest perspective.  Keep a stress journal to have documented evidence to review and track what’s causing stress. Find a professional to help with eliminating or coping with your stress. There are times when stress is about the choices we make. If it is, then choose differently and work toward being able to have multiple choices.  Live your life, improve your life and manage your life. Always look forward to getting on the other side of unfavorable health and emotional situations which, are favorable or optimal situations with issues resolve and risk managed. Go to your daily destiny!

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