Let me tell you a story. A story about, the delights of moderate drinking ripped completely away from a young lady. Let me tell you about the year, thus far without wine.  I have not had a drink since Christmas or December 2017. Not one single drink of my favorite red wine.

I was a moderate drinker, meaning I would drank two to three glasses of red wine a week.  Though a small amount, those glasses were great with dinner or afterwards. Was it difficult to give up? No, because it was such a small amount. Do I need drink sometime? Yes I do! After the four month mark, my small craving subsided. Will I enjoy a nice glass of red again? I sure hope so. What brought this on is the pulmonary embolism I suffered in January, which put me on blood thinners for six months. I’m excited because my six months are up this month. I will be looking forward to the end of July, so that I can have my choice to have a drink restored.

One question that some of my friends had is, how did I deal with the cravings? I must say that was a great question because I tried a couple sublimation techniques. First, I tried sparkling cider. It was tasty, but I thought if I could sublimate the cravings and cut sugar that would be great. After a few different tries I settled with flavored sparkling water. I was completely satisfied by month five. If my six months were a year without red, I would have it figured out which, was most of the battle for me. It worked for me because it is short team. Don’t over think the process, but do search for realistic and healthy alternative solutions to get through a sublimation process. Go to your destiny.

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