You can benefit from improving on your skills, task and everyday events.  You are a student of the world and/or a dedicated academic who is consistently reinventing or revitalizing your most precious resources.  Albert Einstein once wrote, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand”. You can learn in different environment such as the classroom, travel and social conversation settings. The one cautionary tale to learning in multiple environments is, you have to challenge information that seems far fetch. Require proof and verify that the information it is creditable, reliable, relevant and accurate. The more you learn to trust the source the less you will need to verify. Remember don’t give trust away, even with information sources, they have to prove they are trustworthy.

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Travel, family, diverse friends and co-workers are means of improving on who you are. It behooves you to maintain a healthy social environment. Find those individuals who are authentic teachers and instructors. The ones that invest in being smart. Smart does not mean that they will always have a degree, but may mean their higher learning is upheld by their experience to engage in situations, which increase their knowledge base. You can be studious out in the World. The addition of a degree allows theory to prevail and learning is robust when the degree is coupled with life experience.

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Embrace a little history of the significant subject  and understand the current happenings. The history is important because all cultures, destinations and disciplines had a starting point. Let’s make this clearer. Everything has a starting point and to know the history is advantageous. Examining the history or of information, experiences, or cultures is respectful. What something is and where it came from is essential.

Dear learner of multiple or single disciplines,

You should proceed with passion as you cultivate your  life. No matter how challenging or complicated, the learner succeeds because benefit of information or experience obtained, out weights the qualitative or quantitative cost. The best advice is to enjoy the increase in knowledge and be giving by sharing your wealth of knowledge with those ready to accept it. 

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” .

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