Celebrating The End Of Summer – Summers Of Years Past

“When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and, like a dream, glides away.” – Sarah Helen Whitman

And just like that, summer is lifeless. Many years past I started keeping daily journals and travel journals. When my memory is no longer what it used to be, I can rely on my written words to soothe me and remind me of summers long ago.

I love reading, and naturally writing followed suit. Remembering my summer moments was not enough. Therefore, I wrote about bars, ethnic food, shopping, meeting locals, nightlife, and all the fascinating clandestine stuff of my summers.

Years Past: Minnetonka And The Twin Cities, The Summer of 2009

person standing at the edge of building at night
Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Minnetonka, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas are no slacker type landscapes. The expanse of the surrounding cities – the Twin Cities, and their cityscape are fetching.  On the ground, they offer great restaurant selections, a healthy culture of sports, and ethnic mundies of all sorts. Some of my best memories were during the summer of 2009 – not scandalous at all. I practically lived in Minnetonka during that summer. It was the best of times and it was the height of my career expansion. As far as I was concerned, I was on my way to be a frequent traveler.

I was an auditor for three years. And I love the time I spent traveling from city to city. And, I was fortunate to be able to have a career that I loved and dreamed of having. With that career came living out of hotels and it often felt like I spent more time in the sky than I did on the ground. Also, I worked with someone who became one of my greatest friends. Our adventures, when we had free time, would become the top talk of weeks that following our trips. Minnesota was the start of our friendship and we would spend at least two weeks over the next three summers in this city. I wanted to remember these times. Not just with pictures and memories, but with words of my journey on written page. Therefore, it only made sense to journal.

The majority of my travel time in Minnetonka made for fascinating tête-à-têtes and stories, which I chronicled. The Ethiopian culture is alive and well in Minnetonka and the surrounding Twin Cities. After work, we would find a local mom and pop restaurant and savored the foods. An evening our weekend out would not be complete with sampling the local beer on tap. The best part about this summer is I relive the detail events when I revisit my journals. Importantly, a summer in Minnetonka and the Twin Cities is not complete without taking in a baseball game. This was the first summer in years that I spent in many cities. But Minnesota was home for a short period of time.

Years Past: San Francisco, The Summer Of 2011

architecture bay beautiful buildings
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“San Francisco has only one drawback: ’tis hard to leave.” -Rudyard Kipling

In years past, I spent time in San Francisco. Particularly during summer months. Honestly, this city has the coldest summers, but that did not bother me at all. Undoubtedly, San Francisco is my weakness – the entire West Coast. And, when the chance arrives to travel to the City by the Bay, I am ready. I think of myself as a campaigner of why one should always travel to Frisco. For this reason, I typically pull out my 2011 list of all things magnificent about Frisco. My first time in the City by the Bay was the Summer of 2011. I flew in late in the evening, at the rise of twilight. I remembered how the city shimmered and sparkled. My eyes, mesmerized by the expanse of such a lovely place, stopped functioning. I had never seen a more ethereal city.

My best friend could see the childlike joy in my face. She knew once I placed my feet on the ground, getting me back on a flight out five days later would prove to be a challenge. Once I was out-and-about in Frisco, I took a deep breath and digested the air and allowed it to fill up my lungs and arteries and committed it to memory. It traveled through my body and I knew this trip would be gratifying.

Here is what you should know, one cannot go to Frisco and not find something that makes you not want to leave. I discovered long ago that food, art, and local culture is the reason to return to West Coast cities. San Francisco’s social life, street designs, and redwood forest offers so many reasons to stay. In the end, why leave, because of the pleasure one receives of come back after days past.

Years Past: Los Angeles, The Summer Of 2013

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Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels.com

“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home.” -Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After

My years past experiences in Los Angeles are pure love. I love cities, and this city did me proud. My summers are always about cities, celebrations, or summer events. The greatest city in the west is Los Angeles or LA. LA is known by a few famous names such as City of Angeles, La-La Land, Shaky Town, the Angels, or Southland.  And, whatever nickname you call it is entertaining and sensational. LA’s mountains and the seas are picturesque. Moreover, the skyline from anywhere within LA County is the backdrop on a sky canvas. My second trip to LA occurred during the Summer of 2013. In this place, outside of business, you can be whoever you want. If you want.

My partner in crime was a colleague who loves the city as much as I do – or more. If my previous post was not clear, let me restate, food is the spice of West coast life. Trips to the West Coast are often about play and some work. However, I believe I relax a little more in California than I do in any other state. Los Angeles is land and culture. I am all for taste. Moreover, it is a place where you can discover that you have multiple sides to yourself. I discovered that I like the bright lights and parties. More importantly, I like meeting new people who has something different to offer. And, Southland did that for me.

I believe that there is something new for each person that visits LA. It is for me, each time I visit I come back anew. My 2013 summer trip to the City of Angels taught me something about myself. No matter how much I love the East Coast, California alone has the same equal pull on my spirit.

Travel Is A Necessary Spice Of Life That You Should Stockpile

Travel is the spice of life. Indeed, there are other things or activities that maybe as well. However, nothing is sweeter that the prospect of travel when you cannot figure out what you are missing in life or what is missing from your life. Travel awakens the mind and entices the soul.

Mark Twain once wrote, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Travel is the spice of life; therefore, you should stretch the boundaries of your physical boarders.

Once you get a taste of it, early if possible, but better late than never, nothing is more pleasurable. Nothing is more seductive than activities which requires, plane, train, or automobile. The glory of travel is that it only ties you down to travel. Truth be told, the divine offering of travel is the power you feel and love you acquire for things you never knew could bring you such.

Wanderlust Taste and Looks Like Everything You’ll Ever Need And Want

Eventually, you should if you already have not, foster or cultivate your travel energy and desire. How do you proceed with such activities? Easy, inspire your desire but you must first be in touch with what you like. For example, if you eat pizza, then imagine what pizza from Rome or Florence Italy would taste like. Likewise, a meat plate full of Italian meats with red wine and the best cheeses is a marvelous dance with your pallet.

If you are a visual person and you like snow, imagine being on the Swiss apps where snow falls as far as eyes can see. Mountain tops that are ridiculously high, so high that they blend perfectly with the sky. A walk through the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel will stay in your memories and fortify your desire for more travel. Experience the delights and culture of Rome during Palm Sunday and the way Romans celebrate this holiday.

Even though there are other spices to life, the reward of travel is one that consumes you, in a good way, forever and ever. If you have friends that travel and you think they overstate the experience, then you are incorrect. The experience is like non other. If you worry about traveling international, then do domestic until you are comfortable. There is so much to see in your own country.

The journey of travel begins with research, buying books, and reading reviews on places you want your journey to take you. Proceed with an open mind. In the end you’ll inspire those around you and be able to influence them. More importantly, you can ease their minds about the mysteries of wanderlust.

Travel Looks Something Like This

Courtesy of Instagram
Courtesy of Instagram

On the whole, travel should leave you speechless, in a good way. It is good for the heart and soul. Travel has the ability to repair your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Courtesy of Instagram
Courtesy of Instagram

Finally, you travel to learn all the whilst you learn to travel.

Good Friday, Coupled With Easter Weekend, Is A Good Time To Absorb Travel, Culture, Or Other Fetes

Every “Good Friday”, millions of people celebrate this weekend by going on vacation and/or participating in Easter. It’s the weekend that says we’re into spring, it’s been a long school year and it’s almost over, and summer is on the horizon. It’s the weekend after Masters, congratulations Tiger Woods, the weekend before the NFL draft. How are you spending your Good Friday? It’s the last weekend of Coachella and this Friday, Good Friday, is the day before 4/20. Hats off to the Canniabas cities readying for a day of events this Saturday. If you do decide to do nothing at all, well, there’s that crowd too. It’s okay, because someone has to relax and take care of the dogs of those that decide to travel.

Here Are Some Of The Activities People Are Enjoying This Good Friday And Easter Weekend

Travelling Outside The Continental United States

Anytime is always a good time to travel. Many people use this weekend to kickoff of the warm weather travel. Locations are in full bloom, the water is blue, and the sun is not shy. Here are few travel areas people are taking visiting this weekend.



Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Travelling Inside The Continental United States

The U.S. has many locations to enjoy this weekend. Culture is the way to go and there are certain locations that offer an abundance of culture and cultural activities in the arts this weekend. Here are couple of locations that offer cultural arts and historical scenery to engage with this holiday.

New Orleans, LA


Charleston, SC


Planning And Participating In Easter Eggs Hunts And Cookouts

Enjoy Easter Egg hunts in the community and/or church family. This time of year, yards come to life with spring colors. There is no shortage of decor for Good Friday and Easter weekend.


It’s a great time for a cookout. Put something taste on the grill. Meat eaters and vegans can enjoy a good cookout.


I hope you decided to take this day off from work to kick start the weekend enjoy the fruitful and amusing affairs of Easter weekend. Remember do to what’s good for the soul and the soul of your relationships. Find laughter and refinement in a good hullabaloo!

You Should Indulge In The Pleasure Of New Experiences

You Have The Right To New Experiences At Any Adult Age, Judgement Free

It is easy to get caught up in repetitive habits that creep in and roll over into a new year. You have probably read the formula for how many days it takes to start a new habit and to break an old one. Did you ever wonder if there is a formula for having a new experience? It is not a formula, but there are steps to ensure you do some planning, and the critical piece is the follow through. Right now you should accept the fact that you deserve to have a new experience or two. Shake up the routine. Invoke rarity and variety into you life.

You might say that you have a family and it is impossible to change up routines. New experiences do not have to big and bold…just new. They can include your children and spouse. It may not be the same as a single person’s experience but the idea is to enrich your normal routine and invoke some bliss.

You can still Carpe-diem. You can try a new food, travel to a new location or take that art class. Take the family vacation cross country to the Grand Canyon, climb that mountain or go on that over due Ski trip you’ve been wanting forever, but too afraid cause hey, you live in a routine. You have permission to break the normal without destroying it.

Photo by Pixabay

The Purpose Of Life Is To Experience It, And Savor The Experience

Stop talking yourself out of the activities you want to do. The class you want to take. The trip to Europe or Asia you meant to have taken by now. You have the right to search for your life’s purpose and experiencing life is a part of that purpose. You don’t have to be a personage to enjoy a trip to Paris…everyday people live their best lives. Do not sell yourself short. Start small, plan and execute on the conscious events you want for you or your family. It’s life, swallow it and don’t let it swallow you.

People Will Question Your New Found Attitude

Anytime you decide to do something beneficial or different people will question your motivate. People will question your standards, state of mind, finances and any other area of your life. You are probably familiar with the reason why they do it…to measure who they are against you, to sabotage your endeavors, or even to offer some friendly advice. Do not entertain the naysayers.

You Are Ready, Willing, And Able – Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of This

You are in the land of the living and amongst the living, so go forth and enjoy life. You are ready for the experience so accept the opportunity and find comfort in your planning. Don’t second guess or your decision, chances are you have thought this through many of times and probably set aside what you need to start. Failure is the spice that gives achievement and success their flavor.

Go to your destiny by way of your new experience. Live your best and most adventurous life, judgement free.

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Happy Three Kings Day

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Translated, “Let The Good Times Roll”. It Is Countdown to Mardi Gras!! It Is The Celebration Of Three Kings Day!

In 2019, You Should Give Domestic Travel A Try, American

You Call Yourself American, But Have You Seen America

If you are an American and have not seen the sites that America has to offer, then your place in the republic requires strengthening through domestic travel. You owe it to the the republic to know all the different sites that makes this country beautiful. The brown of the deserts and canyons. The monuments erected in gratitude, patriotism and service. The food establishments and parade outfits which echo freedom and culture requires you to experience them.

Discover The South- Atlantic And Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic is home to the states which lie between New York and South Carolina. In case you require a detail listing, a trip to those states means visiting the following:

  1. Parts of New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Delaware
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Maryland
  6. Washington DC
  7. Virginia
  8. West Virginia
  9. North Carolina
  10. South Carolina
  11. Georgia
  12. Florida

There is endless amounts of history between the eights states and the District of Columbia. If done properly by car or by air plane you can make multiply state trips and see the sites. Take four days and enjoy New York, New York coupled with Jersey City. Take four days and visit Pennsylvania and Delaware. Take one week and go walk and metro around Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia,which are homes to monuments, the spy museum, Pentagon, Smithsonian museums and the Potomac river. If you prefer something a little more mountain terrain, then enjoy West Virginia and upstate North Carolina. Head west on I-40 and enjoy Asheville, NC and take in the Biltmore Estate.

Photo courtesy of Image app

Discover The Mid-West And South-West

The Mid-West and sometimes the South-West are referred to as the Frontier. If you are a fan of the westerns, then this is for you and the family. The South-West and Mid-West offers an acquired taste viewing. It is beautiful nonetheless. See states such as:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Illinois
  3. Kansas
  4. Ohio
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Texas
  7. Arkansas
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Iowa
  10. Minnesota

These are only some of the South-West and Mid-West states to consider on your tour of the republic. Grab yourself or family some Kansas City barbecue, see oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma…enjoy the vibe of a mid-west city. Take in the “land of a thousand” lakes in Minnesota. Cycle by the different lakeshores of Michigan. Get caught up in the cashing wave caves of the lakeshores in Wisconsin. Head to Chicago and marvel over the skyline of the “windy city”. There is much to appreciate and adore in the mid-west

Discover The West And Pacific West

If you’ve always wondered what the hustle and bustle and fun is about in the west or more pacific states then plan your travel for Colorado, Utah or New Mexico. Oh you must visit that lovely state of California. There is so much to savor in Cali. Go skiing, take in the night life and casinos of Las Vegas. Enjoy the breweries and forest of Oregon. Have your breath taken away at Glacier National Park in Montana. Look up at Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Be the explorer you have always wanted to be in the republic.

Return home from your adventure satiated from a new experience in food, lakes, amusements, canyons, mountains and culture. Most importantly with a new found understanding of the beauty of America and the glory of travel.

It’s My Home And I’m Giving You An Invite

Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia are known as the DMV. It is the place where I live, work, and play for almost a decade. The Mid-Atlantic, preferably the DMV is a excellent fall getaway. It is the time of year, when the majority of summer tourist have given way to the fall stragglers. You can still enjoy museums, the waterfront and open top bus tours through the city this time of year.


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Forget about waiting in long lines and enjoy the easy of sightseeing. Fall is the time to visit the DMV. You’ll be forced to share your visit with everyday movers and shakers in the area.  But, we are not going anywhere so just come and fit right in. If you visit, then Independence Ave SW is where you want to start or end. It is my favorite route and I take it four days a week. What experience can you expect on Independence Ave, let’s say Smithsonian (i.e. Air and Space). Below is a list of some of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC:

  1. American Art Museum
  2. American Art Museum – Renwick Gallery
  3. Anacostia Community Museum
  4. Arts and Industries Building
  5. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
  6. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
  7. National Museum of African American History & Culture
  8. National Museum of Natural History
  9. National Air and Space Museum
  10. National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center


My favorite is the National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of African American History & Culture.  My advice is to come for the history lesson, fall weather and to see how the this city is out and about.

Don’t be deterred if you have never experience a metro ride. Take it from a lady from small town South Carolina, it is easy to learn.  The amount of traffic and people using public transportation and out in the city is an attestation to the DMV’s thriving economy. It is an attestation to area the employs an educated workforce, dedicated Washingtonians and have some of the best universities and colleges. It represents, a high tourist rate and a curiosity of our Nations Capital Region.

The museums are not all you should experience. The food is great, the night life is warm and inviting, it’s a place for family, new couples and single folk. There is a little something for everyone. Let’s not forget, to take a tour of the Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, National Harbor and Arlington Cemetery.  If you come in December,  enjoy the National Christmas Tree along with each state Christmas Tree. No matter your political views, the DMV must be experienced.


The Capital Wheel at National Harbor


National Christmas Tree during 2012

You Are The Learner Who Should Embrace The Value And Fun Of Reinventing Yourself

You can benefit from improving on your skills, task and everyday events.  You are a student of the world and/or a dedicated academic who is consistently reinventing or revitalizing your most precious resources.  Albert Einstein once wrote, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand”. You can learn in different environment such as the classroom, travel and social conversation settings. The one cautionary tale to learning in multiple environments is, you have to challenge information that seems far fetch. Require proof and verify that the information it is creditable, reliable, relevant and accurate. The more you learn to trust the source the less you will need to verify. Remember don’t give trust away, even with information sources, they have to prove they are trustworthy.


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Travel, family, diverse friends and co-workers are means of improving on who you are. It behooves you to maintain a healthy social environment. Find those individuals who are authentic teachers and instructors. The ones that invest in being smart. Smart does not mean that they will always have a degree, but may mean their higher learning is upheld by their experience to engage in situations, which increase their knowledge base. You can be studious out in the World. The addition of a degree allows theory to prevail and learning is robust when the degree is coupled with life experience.

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Embrace a little history of the significant subject  and understand the current happenings. The history is important because all cultures, destinations and disciplines had a starting point. Let’s make this clearer. Everything has a starting point and to know the history is advantageous. Examining the history or of information, experiences, or cultures is respectful. What something is and where it came from is essential.

Dear learner of multiple or single disciplines,

You should proceed with passion as you cultivate your  life. No matter how challenging or complicated, the learner succeeds because benefit of information or experience obtained, out weights the qualitative or quantitative cost. The best advice is to enjoy the increase in knowledge and be giving by sharing your wealth of knowledge with those ready to accept it. 

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” .