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If you have an opportunity to live in a city or ocean side, in a high rise apartment or condo, you should do it! Do it now, it’s 2019! There is nothing like the experience and view that a properly chosen high rise building has to offer, with the best balcony or patio view. You don’t have to stay in it forever, but two or three years and you can check the experience off. The things you can do with a place with a view.

As the season change you’ll enjoy those simple pleasure that few others can relate. The proper patio or balcony can beget priceless memories and photographs, that only a few can be relate. Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing, once you get comfortable on the penthouse floor. Inner cities and Oceanside cities / towns such as Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Boston and a few more are not skinny on their skyline or ocean aesthetics . If you decide to live Euro, across the pond, then the ante on the view is upped that much more.

The appeal is refreshing and maybe a little nauseous for the first couple of months. You’ll soon get over it when you see the delight outweighs the temporary feeling of nervousness…if you suffer such a thing.

A Place With A View For Your Liking


This is about living and enjoying where you live. Making the most of where you live and rebelling in the scenery. High rise living is must be experienced. Attention must be paid and balcony parties must be thrown. It is all about the view. Spring, summer, fall or winter doesn’t matter. You can always find something to enjoy about a living in a building on the 14 or 15 floor with the best attraction. Looking into distance or people watching in the air is awesome. You can decorate for the season. Enjoy the air up there. Nothing is like looking out into the distance or watching the streets below. Seeing the snow falling from up top is stunning.

The Simple Pleasure Of Balcony Life In A High rise


You should know the holidays and summer are the best. There will be no regrets, but you must search for the right view. You will know when you see it. Imagine seeing balconies as far as your eyes can see decorated for the season. It’s simply beautiful and depending on the size you can keep the decor as minimal as a flower or two. You can go all out and get furniture if you plan to spend a significant amount of time relaxing. If you want to use the view to enjoy breakfast or watch firework shows, those are great options that have enjoyable results. You will not regret living in a high rise with a drop-dead view.

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