Honestly, there are days when living is not easy. It is not even the temptations of life that I find difficult. The path to remedies reside in deciding the best course of actions for life events. Personally, I think choices are golden when enacted properly. Choices like decisions should be made from all the best available inputs and support you can obtain. When you find there is a gap or missing necessities in any of those, then a choice can feel like a never ending burden.

Challenges and successes are indicative of factors. Then, there are the activities where life just happens. The universe at work is what I like to call it. Helen Keller once wrote, ” “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

I am giving thanks to all the challenges and successes I experienced over the past decade. It should be noted that I am not bitter or ungrateful. In essence, I am preparing for great feats over the next 10 years. I am grateful because they did not break me. Truth be told, they educated me, open me to creativity, and ignited a drive.

The Promise I Am Making To Myself


I solemnly swear to be most uncommon, uncomfortable, and yet grateful person in years to come.

To The Challenges That Did Not Unravel Me

To health challenges that did not take me out, I am here and ready to correct the mistakes and bad choices I conjured. Indeed I will dedicate my time and interest to activities that promote my health. I feel and I am blessed to be here. Those blessings will continue because GOD is good. I give GOD my praises. For this reason, I will not take my blessings lightly. I will continue to behave in a faith plus works manner. My resolve is strong and fortified daily.

To the career challenges and successes in last 10 years, you mold a better business person. I believe my interest continue to grow in finding ways and means of being efficient. Notably, it is true that staying on the cutting edge of the latest skills is paramount. I am all for life hacks, but in their proper place. No need to sacrifice quality, because it is still the best thing around.

To the friends that I haven’t seen in two or three years thank you for understanding the challenges that ground me and keep me away. Rather family or friends say it or not, we are all doing battles with our demons. I am no exception. I fight mine often, with the hopes to eliminate them. It often is at the cost of staying isolated or being busy. Battle requires preparation and time and my friends and family are my support system. My family more than friends, but a couple of friends are steadfast in my life.

The Challenge Of Finding The Love I Deserve And That Deserves Me

Love – Photo by Idiosyncratic.I from Pexels

To the love I decided to forego, another day and another time. Right now I can only focus on me, but soon I will give you the attention you deserve. Love is beautiful, warm, and kind. It is also disagreements, sacrifices, discussions, and submissive conditions. Yet, it is not abusive or degrading. Life, despite challenges and even in the mist of what can be unbelievably demanding accomplishes, is worth living. Love is worthy of love.

I Decided Living, May Necessitate Leaving Some People Where I Found Them

To the folk that I moved on from or left behind, it was necessary, and you probably deserved it. I do not do many things without careful evaluation. Besides, my mental health will thank me later.


Roy T. Bennett once wrote, “Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others”.

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