If you are familiar with Game of Thrones you are probably aware of how appalling some family members are to others. Perhaps, it does not surprise you that some people you share blood with can be absolutely menacing, derange, shiftless, or self-centered. When the toxicity of these kind of people are obvious, you may do you best to avoid them.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

Nevertheless, you do not get to select your blood bond family. Let the connection you have with them and sharing the same space with spoil or mooching members do nothing, if not, make you better. Often this makes it difficult to completely turn your back on the most challenging members. Moreover, no matter how annoyed you get with them, you will continue to show up at events and tolerate them for the greater good. Of course the good may work in your favor.

Spend enough time in the company of cheeky or dismal personality, you learn to finetune your own.

Furthermore nothing is more aggravating than sharing the same space with a love one whose values and or habits are insufferable. Habits and attitudes will make it difficult to enjoy family holidays and events. In addition, if you find yourself in the company with challenging family, it can be a nightmare if you are not compatible. In a like manner, it will at least make time pass slowly as you spiral into a funk.

Some of the most toxic people are friends and family. Here are five types of family members that will make you a better person.

The Intrusive Or Rude One

This person has absolutely zero boundaries. Rude is their first, middle, and last name. You know exactly who this person is in the fam, as you read this. Honestly, you do your best to avoid them, but they manage to find a way to insert their opinion or body into your business. Keeping your composure is sometimes the most favorable measure, but it may not always work.

Peel back the psychology layers on this personality type and you may discover deep flaws in that person. They need to repair and heal, but that is not your immediate concern. How they treat you and you and how you recover from their treatment, is yours to handle.

The Insensitive One

You must wonder if this person has an emotional disconnect from their environment. A person with this behavior characteristics does not come with the proverbial filter in their mouth. Whatever they think, they say. If you need comforting do not count on them not to interject their own prejudices.

If you expect cordial responses or common courtesy, you may just walk away feeling dismal. Their opinions are gravely staunch and have excessively little of the human factor build in.

The Coddled One

Often, this position or behavior goes to the only child or the younger
members in the family. Though, it is not usual to see a sibling or cousin in
their mid-30s behaving excessively pampered. Honestly, they tend to be more carefree and outwardly cheerful. At some point in their life, you have probably participated in overdoing for them too.

You end up absorbing this individual’s key responsibilities. In some instances they manage to convince you that helping them is supremely important to their well-being. Occasionally, it looks like they suffer from failure to launch. Truth be told, it is a shrewd manipulation tactics

It is not by chance that this happens. Generally, it comes from having older siblings, cousins, or aunts and uncles that aim to protect them. You want to keep them from making the same mistakes you made, so they get all the remedies to your mistakes.

The Emotional One

“I cannot believe this is happening again. Oh wow, did you see what happened over there? Did you see my post on social media”? This is the person that is emotional about every little thing. It is like they have are one hundred percent invested on all things emotional. No one else gets the opportunity to be even a little emotional because they tend to take up all the emotional space. If you try to be passionate in their company, they somehow manage to disarm you and take up the arm themselves.

You spend so much time trying to talk this person down off the emotional
ladder, that you forget you are sometimes up the emotional ladder too.

The Pompous One

Do not be caught in public places to long with this one. Watch out, because their self-importance will outperform yours, 99% of the time. If you ever feel like you are a second-class person in the company of aunt, uncle, or cousin, then you are in the company of a pompous member of the family. They often carry the grand ideas about themselves. Importantly, they want the most elaborate family vacations and family reunions, with no regard for the size of anyone else’s purse or money bag.

In the end, these types of people may be family, friend, colleagues, or simply people you only will have contact with for a short period of time. Decide how much time you are willing to spend in their presences. Let their behaviors have an osmosis effect and create an improved person in you.

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