I am a firm believer in the soulmate phenomenon. Let us talk daily and take note that some connections are eminently rare, deep, and everlasting. Also, I believe the universe offers up more than one soulmate in our lifetime. Moreover, there are unique humanistic and soulful elements that attach you to specific people.

Alison G. Bailey once said “the soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. Sometimes in life, you meet people when you need them, and there is an immediate connection”.

Clearly, this is not your everyday mundane since the connection is uncommon. Surely, as you pass through pivotal points and phases in your life, the soul of the universe gifts you a unique person to connect with. They are a pulsing and undying  part of you, once the connection is set and accepted, it comes alive.

Let’s Talk Daily About Multiple Soulmates Across Life’s Stages


Let us talk daily about having multiple soulmates that can exist in pivotal phases or stages in life. As I stated earlier, I am a strong believer and advocate of multiple soulmates. It is unimaginable that we only get one. Honestly, if that is the case, and we miss our soulmate, then we miss out on our one only person who is the epitome of love and the embodiment of everything that makes sense and fits in our world, then we will never feel whole.

I reject the notion that I, or we have only one soulmate. As I politely discuss a highly interesting topic, to do it hurriedly would not be in anyone’s favor. Why? It is a topic that I never walk away from and feel like a consensus is gain on the subject. Hear me out, please. To show or illustrate my point of view, I am going to discuss stages of life to support the discussion of multiple soulmates.

Why Multiple Soulmates Are Possible

Look, to live a long life, means to go through multiple changes or stages. I am not the person I was 20 years ago, neither are you. And, if life is about stages and we do not connect with our soulmate at a certain stage of life, does that mean we have missed such a valuable connection. No way am I buying that. It is horrible just thinking about it. I believe, depending on how much we change, that there is a soulmate for us to connect with at different points in life. Surely, if you miss that person at a significant window in your life, then another is waiting at the next.

If you decide to take that soulmate up, then you get to enjoy your experience of connecting to an everlasting source of almost divine energy that is design for you.

Your Soulmate Is Not Always A Sexual Lover Or Better Half


First, many people believe that you marry your soulmate. I am not beholden to the belief that my soulmate will be the person I will share vows with. And, it is possible, but not truly accurate when you listen to others accounts on the subject. Soulmates are not always lovers and share a sexual relationship.

In other words, I believe the relationship is intimate, heartfelt, soulful, and absolute for the two people. If you have read any of the Mortal Instrument books by Cassandra Clare, she introduces the relationship of the Parabatai. I say, think of the soulmate connection, similar to that of a Parabatai.

If you find it, enjoy it and do not sever the connection.

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