I could discuss life all day with family, friends and strangers. All of the delicate and harsh experiences that happens. I’ve listen to some noteworthy experiences from people I know and people I meet in my travels. Nothing is more important than a mature conversation amongst family, friends and strangers. Sharing of ones lore can be meaningful and build new bridges between people where none existed.

The window to the world, consist of experiencing views or listening to others sharing traditions of culture, travel, food and family beliefs. It is how we identify our likeness and expand and build on our base and edify more than just your mind. The proper contact will edify the common base in life, the things you are accustom to in life.  What you eat and drink and what you do before you go to bed at night will evolve.  The experience is worth it, through the proper approach. The bottom line is to edify your life to grow ones self, now go to your daily destiny. 

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