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Remember Who You Are In This World

         Remember who you are because the power to create and destroy pieces of yourself strengthens when you gain or lose sight of yourself. Notably, the world and its constant demands and requests can strip you of your true self. Likewise, remembering who you are is merely embracing who you are. This may be tricky because you are evolving with every experience, every win, and every failure.

         Surely you have heard someone say, “there’s just something about you,” which is the unique feature that makes you, you. Besides, the real magic is never forgetting your value and significance. Moreover, as you grow, your character’s foundation or footing should be unchanging, uncompromising, and unwavering- it’s your more real self.  Also, it’s those treasure trues that you can retreat to when you need the reminder of who you are. Even as you continue to build on that foundation, give yourself permission to be fine with who you are.

You fortify your character and personality’s foundation where it may be weak. What you learn and experience assist with sealing your foundational cracks and splits – therefore, the personal self you create and cultivate ought to fit your life.

What Makes You Different Makes You Who You Are

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         Remember who you are; therefore, don’t let criticism and chaos divert you and confuse your character base. You belong to yourself; you are the highest creature on the food chain and the most valuable creature in your life. Therefore, humble yourself and don’t let anxiety control your decisions or moves. Don’t be easily convinced that you should be the raging stereotypes forced on you through the litany of ads, public service announcements, and videos. Besides, ‘whose you are’ means protecting your core and innermost self from that of the adversary, nemesis, or foe.

You May Have To Fight To Preserve Hallmarks Of Yourself

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         This world’s denizens will try to convince you that absolute change is required to survive. Alan Cohen once wrote, “Every choice before you represent the universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you want.” In 2020 and beyond, it’ll be an no easy task reminding yourself that improvement and growth don’t mean forgetting who you are.

         Unquestionable, some moments invite you to question if this is you and indeed the person you want to become. Some pressures are designed to suit mass appeal prototypes and therefore are indirectly forced. These periods of your life may precede eventful situations and life decisions intended to turn the course of your life. Afterward, how you navigate these currents of life has everything to do with how you managed the choices that set you afloat.

Remember To Crave Your Own Path More Than You Crave Others

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         Caught up as you may be, still not as caught up as you could be. Your path is the path that must matter most if you are to be useful to those who will rely on you. Sara Teasdale once wrote, “You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.”

         You can’t be in service to anything or anyone until you construct the layout of your life. It must be durable enough to withstand you sharing yourself, though you may not have fully mastered yourself. Keeping in mind who you are doesn’t mean that you don’t care about others. It means not relinquishing your character and demeanor’s valuable traits – for something superficial and fleeting that makes you detest yourself. Last, the world is many things and interjects more on you than you realize, at the least know yourself.

“The world is very lovely, and it’s very horrible–and it doesn’t care about your life or mine or anything else.” ― Rudyard Kipling, The Light That Failed

Your Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes May Surprise You

Have you ever wondered what your life looks like through someone else’s eyes? Honestly, it is probably something you never think on. But if you do think on it and play the scenario over and over in your head, it is interesting. Your idea of how they see you either underscores your life or drastically over evaluates its.

Friends or associates who know you and your family often give subtle hints on how they view you. You must listen closely; in some fashion they probably have some farfetched idea about pieces of your life. Here is the thing, you have probably done it too. This conversation is not to point fingers. However the mere curiosity of how your life appears to an outsider might be interesting. You may find their notions or ideas about you laughable, inflated, or on point.

Importantly, even your best friends may misjudge your lifestyle. At some you may get and opportunity to approach that point that unreal perception and that will be your time to launch you.

 Here is a look at three areas of your life that friends or colleagues may have preconceive notions.

You Walk Around Like You’re Better Than Others


This can be an all-time favorite. It so absurd because the judgement is mostly driven by lack of real knowledge or relationship with the person.  If someone looks at you in this fashion, it probably out of jealousy or bad information. There could be other reasons, so do not be surprise. People tend to invent their own realty. People who are not friends or acquaintances certainly will mistake who you are. When it is time to apologize, if the person is real, you will hear, we miss read you. We thought that you thought that you were better than other people. This is because people do not take the time to know you. The real you!

Truth be told, people will look at you and they will draw this conclusion. Notably, it may be based on how you look, how you act, or your family ties in the community. Normally, there is just a simple misrepresentation of what folk hear in passing, and no genuinely getting to know you, yet.

Importantly, they will latch on to their belief about you until it’ s corrected in direct communication manner or them getting to personally know you. Do not be shocked to find out that this is how some may have viewed you, yes you that is reading this blog. Actually, the view of you before coming in and sitting down in your world, and having a personalized conversation with you or hanging out with you.

You Work Too Much For Someone Without Major Responsibilities


Honestly, if you get the chance to really ream out folk about this pre-judgy assumption, you chew them out good. Make sure there posture spiral to a downward slump to the ground. Follow-up with a witty version of yourself. This maybe the most inapt notion about a person who does not have kids or not married. Folk with this notion about someone is often measuring your responsibilities to theirs. There is always a portion of a persons life you cannot see. Give a person no quarter on this one. You deserve to verbally harness the power of the wind, and throw at them.

You’re The Product Of A Posh Family


Rather you are or you are not this notion, like the others, leads to not giving a person a fair shot at individualism. This may not be the case at all. You may simply be the product of a great family with modest means.

In the end, you are more than what someone thinks about you. Truth be told, you may be nothing like what folk think. If people have interest in you and are curious they will get to know you. On the whole, you will either prove them right, wrong, or almost close.