You’re Simply One Hella Good Friend

You show up when they need you most—you check-in when friends don’t need you at all. Importantly, you are the first to notice when your friends or best friend is in distress. Often, you’re the first to know when things don’t seem right with your bloke. Also, you know exactly what to bring to cheer […]

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Unpacking the Pretentious Woman

The pretentious girl, in this social world, making demands with your opulent skills. If you are a pretentious lady, woman or girl know that some men and women will not understand you. Others will find you intimidating or formidable. Intimidating or difficult is not your end game or general purpose. It may not be your […]

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You Have No Real Influence Over Us

Don’t let anyone threaten your movement or passion. Don’t let them convince you, that they can solely impact the outcome of situations in your life. No one should have that much power and that kind of position in your life. You must protect you, from folk who believe themselves to be some type influencer in […]

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