Don’t let anyone threaten your movement or passion. Don’t let them convince you, that they can solely impact the outcome of situations in your life. No one should have that much power and that kind of position in your life. You must protect you, from folk who believe themselves to be some type influencer in your life, when you haven’t given them the position.

If you’re lucky not to have experienced this type of person, be warned, you will one day. The fake influencer is closer than you think. Normally, the term is reserve for a social media marketing strategy to obtain more following. But today, it is used to describe a type of person who believe or at least thinks what they say can influence an outcome in areas of your life.

This type of person sub-consciously believes they are an important person in some compartment in your life. Compartments or slices of your life such as a daily activity, career, personal life or general contact. It’s what they say or try to convince you and others of that makes them seem altogether annoying, to a person who knows  them-self or a person who knows the true inputs of their life.

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Surviving The Fake Influencer

Is there a secret to surviving the fake influencer? How do you maintain cool around such a person? Do you go on the attack and verbally crush said person when they show you who they are? These are questions ponder by those who have encountered or find themselves in the company of a certain “type cast”. The secret to surviving is to decide if you want to survive them. If you want to survive them, then accept no matter what you know or like about them, when the fake influencer starts to boast and brag about who he or she has some type of persuasive dominion over, be ready laugh. If you cannot laugh, you will get annoyed and you will need to find a fast exit out of the conversation. Sometimes these people can be friends, family or a respected colleague.  No matter what the relationship type, if you want to keep the peace then walk away. Or, say, “I’m not trying to hear, what you saying”.

If the individual is a coworker definitely do not entertain the conversation. Refrain from entertaining it especially if you are in the company of other colleagues. Some colleagues with upper positions think they have a wand to wave and can make magic happen. It’s no wand…just words. So when they start to boast on having an impact on someone’s promotion or movement in the company, walk-a-way.

Another approach, you could use if you are close to the person is to pull them to the side and bring their ugly posture to their attention. It’s a chance they don’t realize how obtuse they are behaving. A little mental shake via conversation might make them lose their mind and come to their senses.  Nobody gets a pass on being fake or fake and loud.

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Maintaining Your Cool

Maintaining your cool depends on how reactive or on defense you become. If keeping your composure is important, learn to laugh off comments meant to get a reaction. Don’t ruin your integrity by responding to someone’s group setting agenda. The moment will pass soon enough.  If that doesn’t work then take over the conversation by changing the narrative or topic…”so how about that game last night”.

Go Forth And Verbally Attack

If you are feeling yourself and you are up to the good ole challenge,  verbally snatch their psyche. It will cut through the cordial chase and probably shock the dickens out of the person. No need to try if you are not in the trying mood. As long as you can handle what’s next, then do you. Be forever crafty with your words. Make sure they will never try you again. Put fear in them…kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow.

Forget About It

You could let the entire person’s character (Fake Influencer)  roll completely off your back. If it is a family member or friend, simply ignore the person. Teach others how to ignore them during their moment of “delusions of grandeur”.  Trust and believe, they are NOT the final say on if you go to heaven or hell.  And, the coworker is NOT the final say on rather you get your dream project or raise.

You have to learn to influence the narrative about yourself, therefore take the power away from said person. People will watch how you react. Some will rally in your favor, for whatever response you choose.

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