October, November and December are excellent months for travel and I have the travel bug. The timing could not be better if you have the funds and time. Travel is not expensive as you think or as some of my friends think. Good deals can always be found, if you search. Travel in during the Fall and Winter months allows you to partake in customary events of different towns and cities.

Hollywood Sign – Photo Courtesy of Pinnable

If have ever wanted to visit California then you should know there is nothing like Los Angeles in the Fall.  You can enjoy some of the same sites in the Fall as you would during the Spring or Summer Months. Enjoy the Hollywood Sign and eat some of the best road size tacos around. LA invented Taco Tuesday and takes it to a whole different level. If you decide to come into the city during the last couple of days in October, then you should take in Halloween in Downtown LA. Participate with the locals and dress up trekking down Hollywood Boulevard during Halloween night. You will not regret the experience.

Golden Gate Bridge – Photo Courtesy of Pinnable

If LA is a little too much for you, then you will surely enjoy the Bay Area during the Fall. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is the West Coast, a jacket and sweater cap is required  in San Francisco. My favorite place no matter what time of the year is the Wharf. No to mention, but I will,  buying as much Ghirardelli as your backpack can hold. Enjoy good food and venture out and try the local cuisine. A trip to The Bay is not complete until you have experienced the Red Woods and Golden Gate Bridge.  For me, travel is at it best when reality surpasses what you see in the books and pictures.

Bend Oregon – Photo Courtesy of Pinnable
Portland Oregon – Photo Courtesy of Pinnable

If you would like to give Winter Travel a go then Bend, Oregon by way of Portland, Oregon was a Trip I enjoyed during my auditing years. The snow in Bend is beautiful and beer is great. Bend is what I consider small town, but the sites are beautiful during the Winter. If Bend is too small for you then stay a while Portland but, be ready for a potential snow storm. Oregon does not disappoint on huge amounts of snowfall.

Radio City Music Hall – Photo Courtesy of Pinnable

Last, there is no place like New York City during Christmas Time! December in NYC is majestic and breath-taking to the tourist. Take in one of the best shows at Radio City Music Hall, The Rockettes with the Christmas Spectacular. You will leave this show with it owning you nothing, because the experience is unforgettable. The streets are light and lights shine just a little more brighter in NYC during December. Before you leave make sure you enjoy some roasted chestnuts from a street vendor and have some Juniors Cheesecake. NYC is money well spent and travel memories that will stay with you forever.

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