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Season 2 of Stranger Things officially started on 10/27 on Netflix. My friends and I had been counting down the days, hours and minutes to S2 . We took a true and familiar liking to Season 1 and naturally we were highly anticipating S2.  I will jump right in and say,  after spending this Friday night completing all eight episodes, S2 did not disappoint and the writers owe me nothing, but season 3.  The show delivered some new faces, one in particular, Dacre Montgomery who plays Billy.  Billy’s character is the protagonist, who has the look and style of most guys during my middle and high-school years.

I’ll  will not spare you some of the flashbacks and similarities that Stranger Things offered to me. Let me just say that anyone younger than 30 will not understand why this show is so wonderful for those who are 35-45. If you remove the monsters from the upside down, then this was my childhood. It was my brothers, cousins and friends childhood in the early 80s.  This is fitting because the shows S2 setting is Ocotber 31, 1984. This show is about more than friendship, it is about community,  arcade games, differences and a time when your bike and imagination was worth gold.

Stranger Things Had Me Longing For My Childhood

Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will take me back to my childhood living in a small town in the South.  A time when kids played util the sun went down. And, if you were lucky enough a couple of hours after sundown, if you were at a friends house down the street or around the corner. You see my friends and I range from the ages of 36-45 and we had an awesome childhood.

Like the kids on Stranger Things, we spent our tween and early teen years traveling around the neighborhood, the town in bike packs.

Photo Courtesy of Pinnable

A group of kids on bikes were hardly trouble in the early 80s.   It was the best time of our lives.  However, it is nothing like the tragic events, adventure and problem solving levels experienced in the episodes by the characters Will, Lucas, Dusty and Mike. The show keeps it real enough with the human pieces and that makes it relate-able and memorable. These kids are smart and intuitive and they know how to use every tool  available to them to fight back and this is what makes this show so great! Well the upside down is pretty alluring and demented as well, which makes you wonder what else is lurking inside this other dimensional space.

Anyhoo, if you are looking for something to binge watch this weekend or any other weekend, then I recommend Stranger Things.

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