No Time For Tired

Let the holiday season begin! Yes, we have entered the next 50+ days of the holiday season. Oh yes, it is here. The commercials, holiday radio stations, the department stores holiday commercials on repeat and social media are in the jingle all the way mood!

Enter what may become a stressful time of year. Enter the most non-stop time of the year. Road trips, parties, holiday plays and parades it is all here and ready for you to participate.  Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed in what can be demanding festivities. Do pace yourself, prioritize events and make the best decisions for you and your family.  Do not let January 2018 catch you tired because you decided to be the holiday all-in guru. Do enjoy good food, family, friends, and find time to relax. Enjoy your favorite holiday show or do nothing at all. Remember, it is okay to say “not this year” with some events.

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