The Need to Write Haunts Me

There are days when I need to write about everything. Do a little a storytelling and character exaggeration. I’ve been doing some form of writing most of my life. I’ve been consciously writing in a journal or some type of online community about 20 years.  I started keeping a journal in my late 20s with the encouragement of my most loyal fan, my brother.  Some friends would read the prior sentence and say “which brother”, that would be my Irish Twin. Only nine months and three weeks in time separate us. For two month and four days out of the year, we are the same age. I am the oldest! I win! My brother would responded with some type of sass at this point. He is my biggest writing fan.

My need to write has grown over the course of my life. Anne Frank once wrote, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Writing frees my mind and brings to a place of excitement.  Writing provides me with the opportunity to convey a message without having to always open my mouth. I get to say things in one or two sentences, that I hope inspire, provoke thought or have someone to say “hey I experience that”.  There is always the opposition and that comes with existence.

Since I am pretty much settled seasoned in my career, sustain it and growing it is easy. I spend an enormous amount of time writing with my current consulting career. It’s from a business writing perspective. I am hoping to gain time in my favor in order to plunge deeper into my writing passion. But, I don’t want to just write, I want to understand the art and science behind it. Therefore, I’m contemplating a writing program.

I’ve looked into UCLA Extension, because I want to properly cultivate the craft without destroying my creativity. I have a blazing need or desire to write for me and my audience.  I do need to fully satisfy my baked in desire to write for this lady.  I’m hoping that I can build some time into my days to do what I love, write. Wish me luck or wish me better than well. I going to fall further into my destiny.


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