Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone was shown some love today. If not, consider this short entry me showing each of you love.

If You Take Advice From People, Make Sure You Sort Through The Messy Bits

Taking advice from people can be tricky. Informal advice is subjective and should be listen to with a cautionary ear. If you are taking it from family or friends, here is some advice, consider their experience or areas of expertise.
Formal advice, well chance are you going to pay for it or it comes from a place to technical expertise or coaching. Whatever way it comes, you must consider where it comes from and the value it will add.

The truth is you may have one or two people that you go to for advice. It is because those individuals have a proven track record of offering quality and reliable advice. You may know it as “sound advice”. They filter out the messy content and offer you the down and dirty without over burdening a situation with meaningless feedback.

It’s Okay To Pass On Feedback That’s Not Relevant To You

More times than few, you will probably opt out of considering general advice or even specific advice. You may take your own advice, which is, take nobody’s advice. MKay!!!! Again, if it is formal advice, chances are they are a respected expert. Then again, you are the judge of what matters to you. Random advice can be messy and may be birth from a place of inexperience.

Trust Your Instinct, You’ll Thank Yourself Later

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If something sounds bogus then the information should be fact check. Here is what you should know, people love to talk behind other people. They carry that same information to you, and will do their best to sell it to you as credible data. Don’t believe the hype. There is so much informal information floating around and people talk about everything…they unknowingly and indirectly will try to pass bogus information to you. You are often left to clean up and out the info. It’s smart to trust your instinct.

If Take The Advice, What Do You Plan To Do With It?

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You’ve ask and received! The next step is deciding rather to take and use the person’s advice. If everything you received sounds reasonable, relevant, and you’ve check the information for accuracy, then you have to decide how you want to use it. You can decide to use a some of it and save put the unused tidings/words in your vault for later. You may even decide to share it, if it is worth sharing. If you apply it to make a decision, then remember to always give the person the credit they deserve if their advice works. If you decide to use it to make a career decision then remember that you maybe able to help someone later.

You may decide to modify the advice if you find that there is a better way to use it. If the situation is more informal, the suggestive advice may not be as big of a deal to retain. Finally, situations change, therefore the knowledge/information that work today may not apply in the future.

You’re Known By The Fruit You Produce, Not The Label You Try To Publicize

If You Have To Say You’re “A Thing”, Then You Maybe Birthing A Fruit That Doesn’t Line Up With What You’re Trying To Sell

I’m all for people having confidence and believing in self.  If you like labeling yourself, then go for it. You do it on your social media profiles unbeknownst to you. You are probably living a life of labels even if you try hard not to fall in the norm or popular label categories; you still label. Let’s be clear, no label is a label too. Labeling is somewhat of a sliding scale. You can be at the low end or high end of the labeling sliding scale. What does this mean? You may label yourself all day, do you live up to it? Are you just trying to influence people to look at you according to who you want to be?  If you find yourself having to say your something then socially your an unfamiliar or at the low new end of the fruit you are hoping that you bare. 

You Maybe Trying To Publicize A Lifestyle To Convince Others Of Who You Would Like “To Be”

There are people, in the age of social media, who work overtime at trying to convince the public that they are a public figure, socialite, artist, business mogul or public speaker, et cetera…but where is the evidence? Yes, you probably go out your way to visually demonstrate or sell, what you hope is a convincing reality. A few pictures or videos here or there might do the trick, you hope. Maybe it is about who you want to be…how is that working out for you? What does it mean to be a socialite or a public figure? How do you ensure that you are maximizing and living up to the figurehead you’ve label yourself? These are all questions you should examine, if your desire is to unpack a certain type of image.

Don’t Break The Bank Or Lose Your Sanity

Your sanity and finances are qualitative and quantitative assets. George Santayana once wrote “Sanity is a madness put to good uses.” and this is why the value of maintaining it is necessary and delicate. How many times do you watch people in videos and in person and their rampage madness overflows as they try to project an image of themselves that’s contrary to their natural self? You can see them struggling to force feed or publicize a socially uncomfortable version of who they are not. You maybe that person too. Breaking the bank and your sane mind to bear fake fruit all to mainstream yourself. Yes, it is great to have fun, but remember to produce the fruit you are aiming for, you have to put in authentic work.

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Don’t Damage Your Credibility By Not Living Up To The “You”, You Hyped Up

If you do anything for yourself, labor to produce fruits that honestly depict you to ensure that you always emerge credible. Credibility begets accountability and leads to trust. Protect it! Don’t be a fraudulent version of you. Work toward the fruit you want to bear. A farmer does not plant cabbage and hope it produces eggplants. Neither does that farmer produce the cabbage and try to persuade others that it is an eggplant. Where is the logic or sanity in that behavior? It’s lost or damaged.

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Unpacking the Pretentious Woman

The pretentious girl, in this social world, making demands with your opulent skills. If you are a pretentious lady, woman or girl know that some men and women will not understand you. Others will find you intimidating or formidable. Intimidating or difficult is not your end game or general purpose. It may not be your approach.  Because others may not or will not understand you, it doesn’t mean you’re “too much”. In perspective, women for the most part tend to reconcile with other women. If your not demanding, surely there is a part of you longing to be towering. There is nothing wrong with operating a pretentious posture through a well mannered approach.


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There Is Nothing Wrong With Making Demands

Ladies, being demanding is not the same as being fussy. Just don’t be fussy and think you are being demanding. It is okay to want respect and to remind the masses of your importance to a mission or situation.  It is even okay to express your stature. Nobody should be better at selling who you are than you.

Don’t Compromise Your Value

Pretentious lady, continue to value yourself and ensure other respect your value. If you believe the people you surround yourself with on daily bases will truly understand your posture of being demanding think again.  Every now and again you have to remind them who you are, so always know your value.

Your Pretentious Dopeness Will Catch Side Eyes

This dopeness is the urban dictionary meaning and not the Webster meaning. It is your outward display of qualities, self attributes and capacity that best describe you. You will have a class of women who think you are a little to brash. You know the saying ladies, you should be seen and not heard. There will be times when you need to be heard and your style and qualities won’t fit inside of traditional archetypes as a means of carrying out the message. Allow your skill, abilities and dopeness to lead the way. The side eyes will get over it.


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Be Pretentiously Gracious

In your pretentious posture avoid being grumpy or grouchy. Embrace a gracious stance. Avoid appearing disgruntled or being labeled as snippy or short-tempered. You know what word comes to mind if you are appear cranky.  Gracious and pretentious can exist in the same space ladies. It adds ease to the high and mighty attitude that maybe projected. The act of being cavalier as a woman is still unbelievable to some women, so operate in your graciousness.

It is important that attitude is not the message that is projected when a pretentious woman decides to speak or act. The message should be a reminder of who you are, your value, skill, standout abilities and requirements. Allow your hallmark self to flourish.

The Need to Write Haunts Me

There are days when I need to write about everything. Do a little a storytelling and character exaggeration. I’ve been doing some form of writing most of my life. I’ve been consciously writing in a journal or some type of online community about 20 years.  I started keeping a journal in my late 20s with the encouragement of my most loyal fan, my brother.  Some friends would read the prior sentence and say “which brother”, that would be my Irish Twin. Only nine months and three weeks in time separate us. For two month and four days out of the year, we are the same age. I am the oldest! I win! My brother would responded with some type of sass at this point. He is my biggest writing fan.

My need to write has grown over the course of my life. Anne Frank once wrote, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Writing frees my mind and brings to a place of excitement.  Writing provides me with the opportunity to convey a message without having to always open my mouth. I get to say things in one or two sentences, that I hope inspire, provoke thought or have someone to say “hey I experience that”.  There is always the opposition and that comes with existence.

Since I am pretty much settled seasoned in my career, sustain it and growing it is easy. I spend an enormous amount of time writing with my current consulting career. It’s from a business writing perspective. I am hoping to gain time in my favor in order to plunge deeper into my writing passion. But, I don’t want to just write, I want to understand the art and science behind it. Therefore, I’m contemplating a writing program.

I’ve looked into UCLA Extension, because I want to properly cultivate the craft without destroying my creativity. I have a blazing need or desire to write for me and my audience.  I do need to fully satisfy my baked in desire to write for this lady.  I’m hoping that I can build some time into my days to do what I love, write. Wish me luck or wish me better than well. I going to fall further into my destiny.


You Should Want To Be Just You

In a world where striving to find your own unique identify and going against the choices of the mainstream wave is often ridiculed, we must fight to find, refine and sustain our uniqueness. E.E Cummings once wrote “to be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.” The individual human being must value what makes him or her important and different, even in the midst of group pressure and mainstream hype. Being who you are, without being made over,  just to fit in with the norm requires full awareness.

Finding the courage and the audacity to be yourself, your own unique self will serve you best.  There is nothing selfish, about discovering your own distinct identity and searching for it in order to preserve and sustain it. Self care must be practice and in order to maximize the practice, you must be aware of what you need, to recognize yourself . If you feel like you cannot tell where you end and someone else begins, then your distinctness as an individual is being challenged or slowly drifting away.

You may still be discovering your idiosyncratic self style and thought.  There will be cultural and environmental influences which, may sub-consciously drive you. How do you bring those into your full conscious? You have to spend some time with yourself and take feedback from someone you trust who will be objective.  You have to want to find yourself and be okay avoiding most of the hype, exist today. It’s not impossible, but it takes work to discovery you and not feel awkward for feel in your skin. Most of the time that awkward feeling is perpetuated by what we think others my think of us. You are always worth any improvements or non-mainstream changes you want to make to yourself, especially of it means getting to you. Go to your daily destiny.