This personal saying of mine is about focusing on you before burnout happens and not worrying about things outside your control. It suggests that by working on yourself and prioritizing yourself, the other items in your life will naturally fall into place. It is about letting go of the things you cannot change and focusing on what you can do and your immediate needs. By doing this, you can live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

It is true. The passing of time affects us all differently. Some of us feel more pressure to accomplish our goals before time runs out, while others may feel a sense of relief as they move on from difficult experiences. When I read this information, I hear that everyone experiences time differently and needs a little spare time for themselves. Some people may feel pressured to finish things before time runs out, while others might feel relieved when a challenging experience ends. It is important to remember that everyone has unique experiences with time. And disconnecting for a weekend or eight hours may help you deal with looming situations that take energy out of you without replacing it.

We all have our relationship with time. For some, it may feel like a race against the clock, while others may find solace over time. It is crucial to acknowledge and respect the individual experiences and perceptions each of us has with time. Regardless of how time affects us individually, we can all agree that it is a powerful force that profoundly shapes our lives.

Here are a Few Inexpensive Ways to Do You

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You can find an indoor or outdoor space to seclude yourself and read or listen to good music. Drive to your favorite town or small city, spend the weekend or week, and enjoy local attractions and good food.

Go to that one park with a close friend, offering relaxing scenery and trails, or enjoy a picnic.

Consider an inexpensive but fulfilling hobby to have that special thing you can indulge in when you need to disconnect or feel a sense of personal accomplishment that is not attached to a career.

Spend a weekend at your favorite hotel or bed & breakfast with a pool and fun recreation, relax, and unwind.

Go to a farmers’ market, enjoy the fresh fruit, and buy from small local businesses selling locally curated honey or locally cooked desserts and crafted artworks.

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