Let’s Talk About Proper Bathroom Cleaning In A Shared Household And How To Get It Right

First, if this is a topic that you’ve never had to engage in here’s probably why:

  1. You live alone, so your standards reign supreme and are not at odds with anyone else.
  2. There are multiple bathrooms and you don’t share with anyone.
  3. People in your household share the same cleanliness etiquette as you.

If any of those reasons are the case, then lucky you! Bathroom etiquette is essential when you share. I don’t just mean change the trash, locked the door, refill the toilet paper, or flush the toilet. There are many ways to improve on bathroom style. The basics are no longer enough, and etiquette require additions. We need to mix and match depending on the people in the household.

Indeed, this is not the topic you constantly nag the people around you with, but cleanliness necessitates that you do. There are shower curtains to clean, floors to sweep and mop, tubs to scrub, and fan filters to clean. A couple of these activities must occur at a max twice a week. If there are kids, then it may require that it occurs more.

There Are Levels To This, So Put People On The Same Level


Each adult has different levels of cleanliness or what they see as dirty. For example, what you see as need to clean now, maybe a “we can wait two more days” to someone else. How do you ensure that there is a scope on cleaning in a timely fashion? Create a calendar or task wheel. Set it to purpose and require that individuals follow it respectively. In particular, this sets a task on a schedule, but the key is too ensure the activity happens not to late and not too early.

Inventory when major areas of the bathroom seem to start showing grime and determine a reasonable level of grime. I know I know not everyone is going to agree, but you can agree that everyone must participate.

Create A Bathroom Chore Calendar or Wheel

If creating a chore calendar or wheel is in your wheelhouse, then this will be the easy part. Otherwise, you may want to start with some research before scheduling activity. The secret to a bathroom chore schedule is to ensure activities or task that are constantly under-performed not performed are on the wheel.

First, there are certain duties that everyone must perform individual. For example, flush the toilet, clean the sink after each use, refill toilet paper, and rise the tub after each use. However, cleaning the walls, tub, baseboards and floors, entire toilet needs to be on the calendar. This level of cleaning normally means pulling out cleaning supplies and brushes to remove grime, dirt, soap scum deposits, and water mole. In summary, these chores require some good ole elbow grease. In short, this is work, but it’s necessary!

The Bottom line, Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Or It Should Be


If you’ve never heard the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, then let me enlighten you. Cleanliness is indicative of goodness and spiritual purity. Indeed, tidiness is important, especially when someone in the household is sick or has surgery. It’s just easier to have a superb level of clean every day. It makes more sense to have cleaning on a cycle, rotating the responsibilities of the activities. In conclusion, strive for perfection, at least you will protect those in your home from bacteria and germs at a level you can control.


Sometimes I Talk To Myself About Random Stuff, Today I’m Talking To You

I’ll probably spend the rest of my life lifting quotes and fabulous lines from Game of Thrones. Just kidding! I must admit they have some interesting and thought provoking lines. Not every character, but a few individuals manage to have a writer that offered up clever words that entice. In essence or in the spirit of aging, if we live long enough we all will have experiences where we can quote clever lessons or information in a form that will make someone stop and take notice. I like to have conversations with people who can make their words dance. I’m saying they talk manipulation, but I know they have some experiences, adventures, and mistake made behind their words. Maybe a few to many shots of whiskey nights in their travels, nonetheless, I call them our own signature quotes.

I like stories and quotes born of endeavors, the kind that stretches life, and put a person on unfamiliar roads. Their words reflect valuable lessons , a vestige of triumph after the fall. The lessons we can truly appreciate. I’m not talking about the great authors whose book grace the big halls old library. I’m talking about the everyday wisdom of the aged and those who truly live. I include myself in those groups of folk.

Why is this important? Some of us travel and educate ourselves at a constant rhythm. We’ve had some monumental experiences where we can share lessons that may help others. This will not be for everyone, because sharing we you are is a risk. People don’t like feeling vulnerable. I’ll share, but it depends on the audience. Personal quotes are a way to teach small fruitful lessons. It’s a social tool to inspire or a gentle reminder to raise the spirit or beware. I love them. They are simple social verses, which can pack a punch. And, who doesn’t need circumstance punched, sometime.

The Things I Know Is Because I Truly Live My Life And Examine My Experiences

Photo – Pixabay

Last year, I posted a blog on my life changing event, where I went into cardiac arrest (dead) and brought back to life. I detail my thoughts and my surprise of awaking in the intensive care unit, after knowing I was dying and my brothers and doctor confirming that I had. It’s kind of what cardiac arrest means. This is an experience I think of often. I look at life and death differently.

It’s true when you hear people who experience what I experience say, “why me”? It is a nagging question. Then, when I saw the episode on Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow was brought back and what Ser Davos said to him, made sense to me. Jon said that he should not be here, well that was because of the violence of his death. But, that is not the words that guide me. It was when Jon said “what next”? And, Ser Davos said “You go on and try to make a difference”. I was like yes, my purpose is still alive and well. I have have to dip my big toe into the pool. In fact, I’ll deep an entire foot, this time.

Here is what I know, giving up is an option if you are so broken that you can’t do anything, and if you lose hope. I say it is an option, because giving up is what will happen if you don’t find hope, find a silver lining / lesson in your experience, and find a means to climb out that deep pit. It’s true that you cannot give up. It’s true that you must be dedicated to your mental health, well-being, self-climb, and outcome.

What should you do? Put effort into your life every single day, no matter how small the event, it adds value. Walk the path of your life, and don’t look back. You will be tired, feel sorry, and even have doubt…but you can’t let life fold you permanently.

I Pray For Wisdom And Believe That I Will Receive It

Photo – Pixabay: If wisdom was a photo, in my world, this is what it would look like.

I don’t get religious or spiritual on my post, but it does not mean that I’m not either of the two. I know how to echo the attributes of both in my blog, without falling into the “holy roller” stereotype. Surprise! I’m giggling as I write this because I can rock with you and still not give up where my loyalties rest. I like empathy. I like it because empathy refers to the “ability to understand and connect with others’ feelings. It does not mean sympathizing or adopting the same feelings, and it is not based on a memory of having experienced the same emotions”.

Pray for wisdom because it’s one of the greatest, rarely understood, over asked for, but rarely used gifts acquired, year after year. It’s necessary. I feel less stress as I pray for it. More importantly, when I feel myself gaining from experience after experience I learn the value of time and energy. Therefore, I make decisions more wisely by understanding the value of time and energy. I hope it’s wisdom that I’m gaining.

I’m Not Afraid To Quote Myself, You Shouldn’t Be Either

Photo – Pixabay

I’m not afraid to quote myself, Tyrion Lannister did it. In fact, we should be more confident in our knowledge. I like to feel confident in what I know. Not arrogant, but confident. Yes, we must build up our library of our own quotes. I can tell fake shit, cause I Google and research a lot of shit. So, if I see humans trying to pass off someone else’s clever words as theirs, I’ll make your days long. I’m done taking on everyone else’s style, I’m going to create my own.

What you should try? I would like to encourage or suggest that you should create something that’s echos your signature wisdom or style you’ve acquired through life experience. You might find that you have a lot to say and show.

My Top 10 HBO Series Ranked By My Viewing Favorites Compared To IMDb’s List By Rating

I love good writing and acting. I love the art and science behind motion pictures. I’m a fan of great directors, actors, and cinematographers that steal your breath and plant possibilities deep in your thoughts. I’m a sucker for intense betrayal and raging twist plunged in storytelling. My favors are not driven by the Nielsen ratings or IMDb, though some of my favorites are probably proportional in ranking to those listings. Great shows rank high for a reason, because viewers keep coming back season after season for the plot, story, and a infectious storytelling that’s relatable or believable.

Below Is My Top 10 HBO Series Of All Time. I Hope You Agree, These Are Some Of The Best Of HBO.

1. Game of Thrones


2. The Wire


3. The Sopranos


4. Sex And The City


5. True Blood


6. Entourage


7. Boardwalk Empire


8. Big Love


9. Girls


10. Oz


IMDb’s Best 10 HBO Series By Ratings

IMDb’s list is rank by ratings. In essence what I like, in some cases, are proportional to their list. You can’t deny that Game of Thrones is a ratings favorite and The Wire and The Sopranos and next in line. Good fantasy and crime drama are attention holders.

  1. Game of Thrones – 9.5
  2. The Wire – 9.3
  3. The Sopranos – 9.2
  4. True Detective – 9
  5. Rome – 8.8
  6. Deadwood – 8.7
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm – 8.7
  8. Six Feet Under – 8.7
  9. Oz – 8.7
  10. Boardwalk Empire – 8.6

How Does Your List Compare?

20 Simple Things To Take Advantage Of In Your 40s, That Will Continue To Add Value To Your Days

In your 40s, life is another world in comparison to your 30s. When you arrive to your fabulous 40s you will know it. No matter how much you’ve prepared, there is nothing like the awaking you will receive. Your sleep habits change, you eat differently, a late night is 9pm, and your taste in music changes, if it hadn’t already. To be generous and forth coming, there are 20 simple things you can do in your 40s that will add value to your days.

  • Review your investments on a quarterly basis to ensure you are continuously making the right decision to ready for retirement.
  • If you haven’t done a double check on number 1, you might want to get to it. If you are not sure that you’ve made the right investments, then consult a reputable financial adviser. Readying for retirement is not an easy experience and not everyone is a finance wiz.
  • The idea of preventive care is brilliant. By the time you get to your 40s, your health should be carried out on the offense and not the defense. Offense is ensuring you are properly managing you preventive care.
  • Take vacations and short trips as much as possible. Work is demanding in your 40s, unless you’ve retired. There is value in nice beach towns and mountain towns.
  • Enjoy date nights with a person of interest or friends. You will probably date less often, but don’t let it completely fade away. Food is still good and conversation is always interesting.
  • If you enjoy wine or fine liquor, keep some close. A night cap every now and them will help you sleep well and it taste good.
  • Music is a must. If you have not given any thought to a good playlist in a couple of years, you might want to reestablish it. Music on your drive into work, drive home, or getting dress in the mornings can add some pep in your step.
  • If you have nieces and/or nephews, build a relationship with them. Offer some meaningful advice, because they are listening even when you think they are not. Provide guidance and teach them when those moments arise. If those moments don’t arrive, purposely create them, by reaching out and checking in on them. Family is family, blood is blood, and we don’t get to choose our DNA.
  • Accept what’s true, embrace the hurt, learn to heal, recover with regret and get up…stand tall.
  • Read the reports on sugar and understand why you must minimize or reduce your sugar intake. There is so much written on the effects of sugar and none of the reports are good. Minimizing it in your diet can make a lot of difference in your well being. You are not getting any younger, but you can age gracefully.
  • Don’t let sex slip away from you. Still enjoy a healthy and safe sex life. You are alive, well, and wiser…so enjoy your sexual appetite.
  • Embrace the arts (e.g., writers, stage play performers, composers of tedious instrumental music). Familiarize yourself with good writers of old and even those that write for television or motion pictures. Reading and writing in more than 120 characters will continue to influence your vocabulary and stretch your mind.
  • Travel by train, because it is relaxing and one of the most under experienced acts.
  • Forgive and forget, but don’t revisit the same bullshit that caused you pain. Learn to bury dead relationships and styles that belong to those that are 20 something.
  • Talk about men to your adult nieces and men talk about women to your adult nephews. Offer dating advice.
  • Drink lots of water, that means 64 ounces or MORE! Go with more.
  • Buy underwear and socks often. In fact, buy them every quarter.
  • Remember to laugh, so you don’t grow into a grumpy and complaining old man or woman.
  • Add a daily salad to your diet. You waist will think you for it.
  • Buy a Fitbit to remind you to get up and get your steps in each hour. Walking to stay mobile is important as you age. Again, your body will thank you. Daily steps help to ensure you work on your resting heart rate, but it also reminds you to get a form of daily exercise.