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My Top 10 HBO Series Ranked By My Viewing Favorites Compared To IMDb’s List By Rating

I love good writing and acting. I love the art and science behind motion pictures. I’m a fan of great directors, actors, and cinematographers that steal your breath and plant possibilities deep in your thoughts. I’m a sucker for intense betrayal and raging twist plunged in storytelling. My favors are not driven by the Nielsen ratings or IMDb, though some of my favorites are probably proportional in ranking to those listings. Great shows rank high for a reason, because viewers keep coming back season after season for the plot, story, and a infectious storytelling that’s relatable or believable.

Below Is My Top 10 HBO Series Of All Time. I Hope You Agree, These Are Some Of The Best Of HBO.

1. Game of Thrones


2. The Wire


3. The Sopranos


4. Sex And The City


5. True Blood


6. Entourage


7. Boardwalk Empire


8. Big Love


9. Girls


10. Oz


IMDb’s Best 10 HBO Series By Ratings

IMDb’s list is rank by ratings. In essence what I like, in some cases, are proportional to their list. You can’t deny that Game of Thrones is a ratings favorite and The Wire and The Sopranos and next in line. Good fantasy and crime drama are attention holders.

  1. Game of Thrones – 9.5
  2. The Wire – 9.3
  3. The Sopranos – 9.2
  4. True Detective – 9
  5. Rome – 8.8
  6. Deadwood – 8.7
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm – 8.7
  8. Six Feet Under – 8.7
  9. Oz – 8.7
  10. Boardwalk Empire – 8.6

How Does Your List Compare?

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