Let Us Talk About Talkers Who Rarely Listen To Others

Let us talk about talkers. Yes, those of you who drown out others with self-absorb ramblings.

Listening is essential. And, to talkers that never stop, you miss everything. Consequently, you make it difficult for people to trust that you will hear them out. Not only do friends, family, or colleagues need you to listen, but they need your understanding. You may offer good advice, but you never stop to check and see if it is need. Moreover, you end up draining the other person after the conversation is over.

You truly need to take a vow of silence in the midst of a discussion and just listen up. When you actively engage in listening, you can bring true solutions. Quite often, you do not share your random experiences as genuine viable solutions, but as a means of weaponizing them in order to dominate the conversation. It is rude and often the cause of why people will avoid you.

Let Us Talk About Your Desire To Constantly Be Heard


The same people who rarely listen, are often the ones who must be heard. Your life does not always deserve to be center stage. People in your life are potentially suffering and may need that friend to hear their pressing concerns out. But, if you do not recognize their problems, it is probably because you do not ask.

You do not take that respectful leap to stop and genuinely ask and care about them. You believe that you are the only star that shines in the sky. Maybe, you do not care or you think that you know more than those you surround yourself with. It could be a level of insecurity in yourself, or a simple disrespectful personality.

Why Others Need A Chance To Be Heard


Your desire to overly share or be self-absorb may be your thing. But it is impolite not to know when to power down your tongue and perk up your ears. Do not forget that you learn from others. When people talk their tales and experiences, it is a therapeutic release.

Allowing folk to unburden their woes and when you listens, really listen, it shows you care. Furthermore, people share in order to obtain feedback. Importantly, if you are able to offer a positive response, be honest with them. Even the most introvert person, likes to talk, but only to people they trust and connect with.

It is up to you to be aware when you are dominating a conversation for the sake of nothing more than admiring yourself over the next person.

Good Friday, Coupled With Easter Weekend, Is A Good Time To Absorb Travel, Culture, Or Other Fetes

Every “Good Friday”, millions of people celebrate this weekend by going on vacation and/or participating in Easter. It’s the weekend that says we’re into spring, it’s been a long school year and it’s almost over, and summer is on the horizon. It’s the weekend after Masters, congratulations Tiger Woods, the weekend before the NFL draft. How are you spending your Good Friday? It’s the last weekend of Coachella and this Friday, Good Friday, is the day before 4/20. Hats off to the Canniabas cities readying for a day of events this Saturday. If you do decide to do nothing at all, well, there’s that crowd too. It’s okay, because someone has to relax and take care of the dogs of those that decide to travel.

Here Are Some Of The Activities People Are Enjoying This Good Friday And Easter Weekend

Travelling Outside The Continental United States

Anytime is always a good time to travel. Many people use this weekend to kickoff of the warm weather travel. Locations are in full bloom, the water is blue, and the sun is not shy. Here are few travel areas people are taking visiting this weekend.



Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Travelling Inside The Continental United States

The U.S. has many locations to enjoy this weekend. Culture is the way to go and there are certain locations that offer an abundance of culture and cultural activities in the arts this weekend. Here are couple of locations that offer cultural arts and historical scenery to engage with this holiday.

New Orleans, LA


Charleston, SC


Planning And Participating In Easter Eggs Hunts And Cookouts

Enjoy Easter Egg hunts in the community and/or church family. This time of year, yards come to life with spring colors. There is no shortage of decor for Good Friday and Easter weekend.


It’s a great time for a cookout. Put something taste on the grill. Meat eaters and vegans can enjoy a good cookout.


I hope you decided to take this day off from work to kick start the weekend enjoy the fruitful and amusing affairs of Easter weekend. Remember do to what’s good for the soul and the soul of your relationships. Find laughter and refinement in a good hullabaloo!

Social Media Is Winning! Are You?

Social media is constantly evolving with the creation of new apps. Look at your App Store and see the number of Social Networking Apps available for participation or engagement. There are apps that allow you to pin, snap, insta, face, tweet, tumble and many other buzz words, which boost your networking ability. In my experience, you get more or additional connection with the same people you’ve previously connected with on other networks. So how do you authentically connect with a network of people whom you don’t know? How do you link to people that are not in your past or present social repertoire? There are ways and means, some you may pay for and others gravitate toward you depending on interest and celebrity status. Shame, because someone could be a diamond in the rough. Here is what you probably already know.

Courtesy of Pixabay

People are protective and selective when it comes to connecting with unfamiliar people on social media. You can’t blame either woman or man for being skeptical of the creepy crawly on two legs in a dress or pants. It’s a good thing block and delete selections exist when the weird, troll or stalker steps into character. But still, virtually connecting to new people is something that can be hard.

If you finally get them to accept your request then getting them to stay, well that’s another task. Social media should not be a job. It should be informative and interesting if you connect with people unlike yourself, from different surroundings to expand your culture and knowledge base from a virtual perspective.

How do you succeed with an organic network? It takes work and consistently connecting without being seemly annoying. But, that’s one possible solution. You have to find what works for your social media behavior based on what you want to gain. What’s your purpose for actively taking part in networking? And, are you active? How do you fit it into your life without it overtaking what’s priority? These are a few questions, you may want to ensure you can answer. When you find the answer, every so often you should reevaluate why are you engaging and ensure your network grows with you.