Social media is constantly evolving with the creation of new apps. Look at your App Store and see the number of Social Networking Apps available for participation or engagement. There are apps that allow you to pin, snap, insta, face, tweet, tumble and many other buzz words, which boost your networking ability. In my experience, you get more or additional connection with the same people you’ve previously connected with on other networks. So how do you authentically connect with a network of people whom you don’t know? How do you link to people that are not in your past or present social repertoire? There are ways and means, some you may pay for and others gravitate toward you depending on interest and celebrity status. Shame, because someone could be a diamond in the rough. Here is what you probably already know.

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People are protective and selective when it comes to connecting with unfamiliar people on social media. You can’t blame either woman or man for being skeptical of the creepy crawly on two legs in a dress or pants. It’s a good thing block and delete selections exist when the weird, troll or stalker steps into character. But still, virtually connecting to new people is something that can be hard.

If you finally get them to accept your request then getting them to stay, well that’s another task. Social media should not be a job. It should be informative and interesting if you connect with people unlike yourself, from different surroundings to expand your culture and knowledge base from a virtual perspective.

How do you succeed with an organic network? It takes work and consistently connecting without being seemly annoying. But, that’s one possible solution. You have to find what works for your social media behavior based on what you want to gain. What’s your purpose for actively taking part in networking? And, are you active? How do you fit it into your life without it overtaking what’s priority? These are a few questions, you may want to ensure you can answer. When you find the answer, every so often you should reevaluate why are you engaging and ensure your network grows with you.

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