I Don’t Care What Anyone Tells You, Being In True Love Will Teach You How To Love

We’ve all been in love at some point in our lives. If we are lucky enough, we will be in love multiple times. Some of us need to experience being in love because it provides joy, excitement, and a connection different from all other types of love . There is nothing like the love of a mate, someone you’ve invested your time and energy.

When the love is right and with the right person, meaning you can compromise with the person, be friends, forgive without being made a fool, and share your world, then love is relaxing and a lot less stressful. You can enjoy the ride the relationship has to offer. You can focus on building your present and future with the person. You are able to find the fun and joy in being in love. The love will teach you how to be a better lover or loving person.

True Love Will Always Win, Even When There Is Loss

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In a time, where there’s an increasing amount of imitation or dupe relationships, feelings, affections and ties, the real or true maybe hard to spot. The signs are present for true too. It may not be easy to recognize, because we tend to focus on cheating signs. True love empowers. True love supports and creates a safe environment or space, so we may grow and communicate without the threat of feeling small. Love encourages and is a truth advocate. When everything else dies out or withers away, this type of love will win, in the end . True love will survive.

You Have To Advocate For The Love You Want And Need

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According to Merriam-Webster, Advocate means “one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group”. It also means “one who defends or maintains a cause or proposal”. You must radiate true love and depending on the type of relationship expect and give it. If the other person in the relationship cannot deliver it, chances are each one of you had a different expectation on love. Over time, real love is develops organically. How you love your friends may not be the same as how you love your mate. Whatever version, they both should be real and you must be an advocate for love.

A Good Love Will Assist In Balancing You

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It would interesting to know, if their is a person existing whose never experienced loving another person. In fact, it would be scary. Love has a way of balancing you out. It’s the give and take wheel that molds you, and the need to console and be consoled type behavior. You have to allow love to balance you, if you don’t, you will not union properly with the person you love. A good love, a true love, will balance you, if you let it! It will teach you and you can teach it.

10 Activities You Can Do, To Enjoy The Spring Time In The City Or Suburbs

Spring 2019 has sprung, and while some areas are still shaking off the frost and ice of winter, others are celebrating an increase in daily temperatures. The time change presents more daylight. You will begin to spend more time outside and start looking for functions or get-togethers with others, to release the cabin fever. Here are 10 activities to begin enjoying your spring.

  1. Fly a kite. Get together with friends or neighbors and find an open field with the big sky, pull out those kites, and get them up in the air.

    Photos courtesy of Pixabay

    Photos courtesy of Pixabay

  2. Find local Spring arts and craft shows in your town or city. Don’t be afraid to drive and hour to find festive events. Towns come alive this time of year. 
  3. Take in a wine festival and learn about newly release wines. Taste what spring has to offer in reds and whites. You palette will appreciate it.   

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  4. If you live in a city, such as Washington DC or a close surrounding area, take in the Cherry Blossoms on the National Mall. 
  5. In the south,  the March, April, and May welcomes the start of town and city historical festivals with carnivals for the kids. Check out what South Carolina has to offer –  https://www.sciway.net/calendar.html

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  6. If you like film festivals, then Florida and California are good trips in March and April to take in film festivals. https://www.floridafilmfestival.com/
  7. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”! Opening day of Major League Baseball is March 28.

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  8. April 2019 is clearly a year for motion pictures with another installment of Marvels Avengers – Endgame coming to theaters on April 26th. 
  9. Beach towns are a nice touch. If you are all skied out, then April through May will be a great time to kickoff beach season. There is nothing like sand and sun.

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  10. Music festivals are the best experience if you don’t mine the crowd and walking. Coachella kicks off in Indigo, CA April 12 -14 and April 19-21. 

20 Simple Things To Take Advantage Of In Your 40s, That Will Continue To Add Value To Your Days

In your 40s, life is another world in comparison to your 30s. When you arrive to your fabulous 40s you will know it. No matter how much you’ve prepared, there is nothing like the awaking you will receive. Your sleep habits change, you eat differently, a late night is 9pm, and your taste in music changes, if it hadn’t already. To be generous and forth coming, there are 20 simple things you can do in your 40s that will add value to your days.

  • Review your investments on a quarterly basis to ensure you are continuously making the right decision to ready for retirement.
  • If you haven’t done a double check on number 1, you might want to get to it. If you are not sure that you’ve made the right investments, then consult a reputable financial adviser. Readying for retirement is not an easy experience and not everyone is a finance wiz.
  • The idea of preventive care is brilliant. By the time you get to your 40s, your health should be carried out on the offense and not the defense. Offense is ensuring you are properly managing you preventive care.
  • Take vacations and short trips as much as possible. Work is demanding in your 40s, unless you’ve retired. There is value in nice beach towns and mountain towns.
  • Enjoy date nights with a person of interest or friends. You will probably date less often, but don’t let it completely fade away. Food is still good and conversation is always interesting.
  • If you enjoy wine or fine liquor, keep some close. A night cap every now and them will help you sleep well and it taste good.
  • Music is a must. If you have not given any thought to a good playlist in a couple of years, you might want to reestablish it. Music on your drive into work, drive home, or getting dress in the mornings can add some pep in your step.
  • If you have nieces and/or nephews, build a relationship with them. Offer some meaningful advice, because they are listening even when you think they are not. Provide guidance and teach them when those moments arise. If those moments don’t arrive, purposely create them, by reaching out and checking in on them. Family is family, blood is blood, and we don’t get to choose our DNA.
  • Accept what’s true, embrace the hurt, learn to heal, recover with regret and get up…stand tall.
  • Read the reports on sugar and understand why you must minimize or reduce your sugar intake. There is so much written on the effects of sugar and none of the reports are good. Minimizing it in your diet can make a lot of difference in your well being. You are not getting any younger, but you can age gracefully.
  • Don’t let sex slip away from you. Still enjoy a healthy and safe sex life. You are alive, well, and wiser…so enjoy your sexual appetite.
  • Embrace the arts (e.g., writers, stage play performers, composers of tedious instrumental music). Familiarize yourself with good writers of old and even those that write for television or motion pictures. Reading and writing in more than 120 characters will continue to influence your vocabulary and stretch your mind.
  • Travel by train, because it is relaxing and one of the most under experienced acts.
  • Forgive and forget, but don’t revisit the same bullshit that caused you pain. Learn to bury dead relationships and styles that belong to those that are 20 something.
  • Talk about men to your adult nieces and men talk about women to your adult nephews. Offer dating advice.
  • Drink lots of water, that means 64 ounces or MORE! Go with more.
  • Buy underwear and socks often. In fact, buy them every quarter.
  • Remember to laugh, so you don’t grow into a grumpy and complaining old man or woman.
  • Add a daily salad to your diet. You waist will think you for it.
  • Buy a Fitbit to remind you to get up and get your steps in each hour. Walking to stay mobile is important as you age. Again, your body will thank you. Daily steps help to ensure you work on your resting heart rate, but it also reminds you to get a form of daily exercise.

Happy International Women’s Day

Celebrating the women in our lives and around the world. She believe she could and she did. May we continue to support and empower each other, and may the men who love us do the same. Let’s continue to be driven by passion and humanity. We are vigilant, vibrate, and voguish. May we press on, asking and commanding for those that may not be as strong as others. May we serve well in our days on this earth, and if you get weary, remember you have sisters/women you can lean on.

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Who Do You Love

You have the right to experience love across cultures without the pejorative opinions of those who understand less. If you have ever watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, nothing is more sturdy and unwavering than Viktor’s belief about his species or kind. The idea of his daughter, Sonja being in love with the werewolf, Lucian, is not only repulsive to Viktor but, a disgrace to the bloodline in the most pejorative sense.

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And, if you were the type of vampire that Viktor and his clan is, you would probably feel the same as him. A creature that is eternal, demonically divine and mostly unstoppable. As a human, you have a heart and souls, which means you evolve differently and feel more deeply about love. You understand that love shows up and shows out in your life without fair warning. It comes from the most unlikely places from those you least expect. The evolution of love is important. Lao Tzu once wrote, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

A love that evolves naturally and is afforded the proper nourishment will flourish.  You have to show up in the love situation. In some culture loving outside of your class status and even your culture is unacceptable. You may or may not understand this, but you should at least respect it. You might try to love those that are good for you and right for you…this includes being compatible. Sometimes it sneaks in from places far removed from what you had planned. And, you decide to pursue because of the feeling in down deep in the pit of your stomach.


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It may not always please friends and family, but learning to experience love and going for everything you can get from it, is all human. If you may have experienced horrible love, you know the one sided love affair,  where you have deeply loved someone and you questioned if they love you back. The person didn’t offer up behavior over time that made you believe they loved you back. Loving the wrong person results in a lesson in love or making better choices on who to love or simply getting out there.

Some years back, Mary J Blige sung a song call Real Love. Where do you find this kind of love? There is not a complete and definitive answer to that question. Maybe all love is real love and some of it maybe a little misguide, premature and needs more time to bake.  Naw, some if it is infatuation…faux love.  When love is love, you will know and there will be no mistaken it. Hopefully, as you become wiser, the topic of love becomes more sensible.

Don’t let pressure and bad experiences with prior love, keep you from what is to come. Remember to love. If life teaches any lesson regarding love it is, you don’t know who we will end up loving outside of your normal unconditional love relationships or connections. If you must love, then love. It is unpredictable, sweet, painful, fun, adventurous, emotional, and above all love can be epic.

Love Quotes To Digest


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“I know for sure that loves saves me and that it is here to save us all.” by Maya Angelou

The most important thing in the world is family and love.” by  John Wooden

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” by Lao Tzu

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” by Dr. Seuss

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” by Edgar Allen Poe


Unpacking the Pretentious Woman

The pretentious girl, in this social world, making demands with your opulent skills. If you are a pretentious lady, woman or girl know that some men and women will not understand you. Others will find you intimidating or formidable. Intimidating or difficult is not your end game or general purpose. It may not be your approach.  Because others may not or will not understand you, it doesn’t mean you’re “too much”. In perspective, women for the most part tend to reconcile with other women. If your not demanding, surely there is a part of you longing to be towering. There is nothing wrong with operating a pretentious posture through a well mannered approach.


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There Is Nothing Wrong With Making Demands

Ladies, being demanding is not the same as being fussy. Just don’t be fussy and think you are being demanding. It is okay to want respect and to remind the masses of your importance to a mission or situation.  It is even okay to express your stature. Nobody should be better at selling who you are than you.

Don’t Compromise Your Value

Pretentious lady, continue to value yourself and ensure other respect your value. If you believe the people you surround yourself with on daily bases will truly understand your posture of being demanding think again.  Every now and again you have to remind them who you are, so always know your value.

Your Pretentious Dopeness Will Catch Side Eyes

This dopeness is the urban dictionary meaning and not the Webster meaning. It is your outward display of qualities, self attributes and capacity that best describe you. You will have a class of women who think you are a little to brash. You know the saying ladies, you should be seen and not heard. There will be times when you need to be heard and your style and qualities won’t fit inside of traditional archetypes as a means of carrying out the message. Allow your skill, abilities and dopeness to lead the way. The side eyes will get over it.


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Be Pretentiously Gracious

In your pretentious posture avoid being grumpy or grouchy. Embrace a gracious stance. Avoid appearing disgruntled or being labeled as snippy or short-tempered. You know what word comes to mind if you are appear cranky.  Gracious and pretentious can exist in the same space ladies. It adds ease to the high and mighty attitude that maybe projected. The act of being cavalier as a woman is still unbelievable to some women, so operate in your graciousness.

It is important that attitude is not the message that is projected when a pretentious woman decides to speak or act. The message should be a reminder of who you are, your value, skill, standout abilities and requirements. Allow your hallmark self to flourish.

You Have No Real Influence Over Us

Don’t let anyone threaten your movement or passion. Don’t let them convince you, that they can solely impact the outcome of situations in your life. No one should have that much power and that kind of position in your life. You must protect you, from folk who believe themselves to be some type influencer in your life, when you haven’t given them the position.

If you’re lucky not to have experienced this type of person, be warned, you will one day. The fake influencer is closer than you think. Normally, the term is reserve for a social media marketing strategy to obtain more following. But today, it is used to describe a type of person who believe or at least thinks what they say can influence an outcome in areas of your life.

This type of person sub-consciously believes they are an important person in some compartment in your life. Compartments or slices of your life such as a daily activity, career, personal life or general contact. It’s what they say or try to convince you and others of that makes them seem altogether annoying, to a person who knows  them-self or a person who knows the true inputs of their life.


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Surviving The Fake Influencer

Is there a secret to surviving the fake influencer? How do you maintain cool around such a person? Do you go on the attack and verbally crush said person when they show you who they are? These are questions ponder by those who have encountered or find themselves in the company of a certain “type cast”. The secret to surviving is to decide if you want to survive them. If you want to survive them, then accept no matter what you know or like about them, when the fake influencer starts to boast and brag about who he or she has some type of persuasive dominion over, be ready laugh. If you cannot laugh, you will get annoyed and you will need to find a fast exit out of the conversation. Sometimes these people can be friends, family or a respected colleague.  No matter what the relationship type, if you want to keep the peace then walk away. Or, say, “I’m not trying to hear, what you saying”.

If the individual is a coworker definitely do not entertain the conversation. Refrain from entertaining it especially if you are in the company of other colleagues. Some colleagues with upper positions think they have a wand to wave and can make magic happen. It’s no wand…just words. So when they start to boast on having an impact on someone’s promotion or movement in the company, walk-a-way.

Another approach, you could use if you are close to the person is to pull them to the side and bring their ugly posture to their attention. It’s a chance they don’t realize how obtuse they are behaving. A little mental shake via conversation might make them lose their mind and come to their senses.  Nobody gets a pass on being fake or fake and loud.


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Maintaining Your Cool

Maintaining your cool depends on how reactive or on defense you become. If keeping your composure is important, learn to laugh off comments meant to get a reaction. Don’t ruin your integrity by responding to someone’s group setting agenda. The moment will pass soon enough.  If that doesn’t work then take over the conversation by changing the narrative or topic…”so how about that game last night”.

Go Forth And Verbally Attack

If you are feeling yourself and you are up to the good ole challenge,  verbally snatch their psyche. It will cut through the cordial chase and probably shock the dickens out of the person. No need to try if you are not in the trying mood. As long as you can handle what’s next, then do you. Be forever crafty with your words. Make sure they will never try you again. Put fear in them…kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow.

Forget About It

You could let the entire person’s character (Fake Influencer)  roll completely off your back. If it is a family member or friend, simply ignore the person. Teach others how to ignore them during their moment of “delusions of grandeur”.  Trust and believe, they are NOT the final say on if you go to heaven or hell.  And, the coworker is NOT the final say on rather you get your dream project or raise.

You have to learn to influence the narrative about yourself, therefore take the power away from said person. People will watch how you react. Some will rally in your favor, for whatever response you choose.