We try and express love in different fashions and forms. We try to accept love with the many circumstances and situations it sometimes presents itself. We fall in love before the tears dry up from other love heartaches. We love, love despite the wild and crazy ride that comes with it. Love can be different things  to different folk but, when you find that easy lover all is right in the world

I Love The Way I Love You With No Pressure

I don’t need to be over coddled or stroked like a Yorkie 24/7. I like the way we have figured each other out. I adore that we don’t argue about extras in our lives, but respect the fact that our existence, of some type of love between is important. Long phone calls, text on top of text at the top of each hour… oh no we are more realistic than that. We have years, careers and understanding between us. We have quality touching, whispering, sensation, and communication that drives us. We have organized, chaotic and surprise love.

Unbeknownst To You, You Show Me How To Love Because You Were Taught Love


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I love when I’m giving lessons in love. My spirit is renewed with lessons in how to love and live. In my experience it doesn’t happen as often as it should, but when it does it’s usually from a man that is good at loving. He’s good at loving because he came from love and grew up in love. And because of who he is and where he came from, he makes me a better a woman to be loved. He shows me how love should go and not to accept less.

Your love experiences matter. They shape your perception of love and everything connected to the person you love. I’m grateful to have good love for and from someone who deserve it. No matter how many times love has sucked, good love from a great person always triumphs fake love.

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