Where are all the prime time junkies out in the land of the living? The more urban word is telephile. Those that who have passionate interest in television. Yes, you do exist. I have proof across the different social media pages. I’ll proclaim that no one enjoys a better television show or prime time franchise more than me. Well, except for a couple of my friends. I love an alluring story line that is fiercely written and directed.  The kind that sucks you in and swallow you whole…and I like it! While some fans are charmed by actors, other fans take interest in the writers and directors of this body of work.  Telephile know who’s responsible for a masterpiece. Writers and directors are the core ingredient baked into a good script. Writers create the keys to the city and offer them over to the actors.

It’s Not Just about the Actors 

From the days of the first Law and Order, The O.C., One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars and Lincoln Heights I was hooked on drama.  I find delectable viewing pleasure in well written and directed shows.  Ever so often a show comes along that’s worth turning the ringer off on the phone and inviting over friends, who share your same commitment to good television.  Hollywood has no shortage of writers, but a story lines coupled with robust storytelling is necessary.  Do you ever wonder what lurks in a writer’s head to be able to push out episodes after episodes of content that keeps us locked week after week. I do, and so do other fans of shows. There is proof on social media when a show is cancelled or seasons are cut short. You do not want to be the writer or director when rumors start emerging and fans latch to the rumors.

Fans Take their Shows with an Earnest Intent

I was debating rather to write this or wait until after final episode of The Originals will air August 1st.  I want to find the proper moment to write and express my thanks to the CW for the past nine years of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals franchise. While some in the fan base is not happy to see The Originals end but accept it, others tends to blame the writers, producers and directors. In the case of the The Originals, It’s been interesting reading comments on Facebook and Twitter. Many seem to believe that the writer and producer got bored with the show and decided to end it. I still believe ratings  drive the decision to cancel a show, but I’m still learning the industry.

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What can I say about the TVD and The Originals franchise? Over the past nine years, I grew dedicated to the CW’s franchise and spin-offs of TVD and The Originals. I embedded these shows in to my daily lives. Prior to the move to Friday nights TVD was the filler in my Thursday nights.  To think that my favorite show(s) ended because the writer/producer got bored would be unforgivable. Poppycock, I don’t want to believe that it would be possible to rip something away from loyal fans.

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A gaggle of fans believe this to be the case and they are behaving brutal on social media with comments expressing concern. Fans and are entitled to their opinions and this my friends, is an example of them holding writers and directors accountable. If there is more story to be told, then let another enthusiastic writer tell it. If it is truly about the good ole ratings, then let it to be known. My opinion is, if interest is lost don’t abruptly throw the show away, but ensure it is well crafted and planned ending. When the show fades to black or white, life goes on and a telephile or fan will always land on another show.



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