Fans are still coping with the ending of the The Originals, 24 hours after the final episode aired on August 1. The finale left me with mixed emotions. I watched it again this morning-before work. I required assurance that I understood and could embrace the outcome…Spoiler: Elijah and Klaus both dying, was not what I expected.

Elijah, Hayley, Marcel, Klaus and Rebekah


Season 5 was not what many fans expected, but it was a good season nonetheless. I was more shocked by Hayley’s death than I was about Klaus’ death. I was more sad about Josh and Elijah’s death than any other death through the entire life cycle of the The Originals.  I love the bond between Elijah and Klaus. It was more than Always and Forever.  They had an understanding…a, I am my brothers keeper until the end and beyond relationship. Imagine being so close to someone you love, that you tie your existence to theirs. My friends, that is Klaus and Elijah.

Elijah revealed to Klaus, that Klaus’ redemption was the center of what he has live for over the past thousand years.  And, now that has redeemed himself, it would be an honor to be by his side as bothers in the afterlife. Wherever the afterlife takes them….peace or darkness, they will go as they have always…together.

The Hope of the Family

Hope, the daughter of Hayley, a werewolf and Klaus, the hybrid. Hope’s existence is a fictional miracle in terms of the show. She was the reason for Klaus redemption. Hope is the daughter Klaus loves unconditionally, something the family though would never be possible. Hope is heir…his legacy.

The Siblings that Made it to the End

Rebekah, the younger sister of Klaus was always supportive and rebellious of her bother. In the end, they embraced in an enveloping hug.  Klaus let her know when she was ready, there was a cure in Mystic Falls for her, which Caroline procured. A cure that would give her back, what she had been robbed of…her human life.  Klaus’ apologized to his sister for standing in her way through the course of their vampire life, when all she wanted was a human life and to love…have her own family.  He gave her, his blessings and with that they embraced both knowing they would hopeful see each other in another life time.

Kol is the brother that Klaus would dagger a lot less than Finn, but more than Elijah and Rebekah. Kol resisted for a couple of scenes during episode 13 last evening. When it counted, when the family…the siblings came together he fashionable showed up with booze and his choices words. Bonded by blood and despite murderous sibling rivalry through out their thousand years, these siblings loved each other and swore a vow of Always and Forever.

Freya is the older sister that died…but, she did not. Esther, the mother told Mikael, the father that Freya had died by the plague when he went off hunting.  In truth, Freya was offered up the Esther’s sister Dahlia as payment for casting a dark spell, which allowed Ester to have children.  See Season 2 of The Originals for Freya’s story. Fast-forward to S5 and she is family.  Freya fought and won the hearts of siblings. Niklaus took more convincing because of his paranoia. Freya over the course of the show found love with Keelin and they married in S5 EP11. She has the shortest time with Elijah and Klaus…the total siblings. She fought tirelessly to solve any supernatural issue that occurred. Her happiness with Keelin, with words from Elijah and Rebekah encouraging her to embark on happiness was something she finally embraced.

The Others

Who are the others…well it is Marcel who Klaus collected when he was a young boy and raised him as his son. Marcel the love of Rebekah’s life and she the love of his life. Marcel is family, and Klaus is his sire and father.  Marcel, respects Klaus and Elijah’s decision to end their lives. Klaus, to save his daughter Hope, who Marcel considers his sister.

Then, there is Caroline. Caroline and Klaus’ path crossed during The Vampire Diaries. Let’s just say, Caroline is the love that fans was hoping Klaus would live and build a life with in Mystic Falls.

Fade to Tears

In the end, Klaus made the ultimate sacrifice to save his daughter, but he had to end his life, so the dark magic would not consume him. Klaus’ death was acceptable. We understood that he did what we hope all fathers would do, if the circumstances presents itself and that is die for their child and save the lives of their siblings to protect them from the dark magic that would drive a supernatural creature insane.

Elijah’s death has taken more time to accept because at the inception echoed vampire suicide.  Is that such a thing, if he was already dead?  Well, that is what I asked myself. After, watching the finale again and again…listening ever so carefully at Elijah’s reason for deciding to die by this brothers side…I get it. He’s purpose was accomplished and he too would move on into the next life.  Elijah called it, “redefining Always and Forever“.

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