If you are one of many siblings in the family that don’t have children, but carry the title of aunt or uncle and you come to the rescue of your nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews, then give yourself a well deserved toast. Yes, raise those glasses.  You have a title, which is less celebrated, but is important and critical in family roles and responsibilities. Unbeknownst to you, your value in your family increases with every nephew, niece, grand nephew, and grand niece that is born. You are a bright light in the family, especially in the lives of your nieces and nephews, which is more appreciated by them than anyone else.

Rejoice aunts and uncles, you prevent and eliminate bottlenecks…you buy the best Christmas gifts, back to school gear and supplies. You have more assist than a NBA player.  You create a sense of entitlement in them. You support and spoil them. It may not go over well with your sibling, but hey you love them too.


Blame Their Sense Of Entitlement Attitude On You

If you don’t have kids of your own, then you inherit the responsibility to ensure your nieces or nephews flourish. If you’ve accepted the challenge then remember to wear the title better than well.  Some of you may carry the title and choose the easy way out. You know when you’re doing those duties gracefully and properly, cause your precious nieces and / or nephews tend to go overboard with demands. Yes, they develop a direct line to you. Of course, you don’t mind at all.

Not only that, but they probably have developed a sense of knowing you will come through for them, when mom and dad says NO! Yes, they become entitled, and if you don’t have children, they are smart enough to know that it works to their advantage.

The support is a tremendous help to the sibling that is a single parent. If you know this and you swoop in and save the day, it’s a welcoming gesture. Beware, they are watching and know what they can ask of you. You love it, but be respectful to their parent(s), yes your sibling or in law. The entitlement you create in that niece or nephew, becomes that parent(s) and yours to monitoring and correct if necessary.

Your Nieces And / Or Nephew Is Your Welcoming Party

If you live away from your family or better yet, if you return home for the holidays and family events, you are probably greeted with a call that goes something like, “Auntie Tina or Uncle Mike, have you made home.”  “What time will you get here? And, can we go to the mall and out to eat?”  If they are not the first call, they will be the second or third. You probably receive the call or text the day before your arrival, ensuring you are still on track to come home or to the family event. That call maybe purely innocent with no strings attached or it could very well have some strings.

You Miss Your Nieces And Nephews More Than You Ever Imagine

If you have a good relationship with family, nieces/nephews, then you probably missing them more than you. It is the thing that makes it difficult to tell them no when the come asking for things. It is okay to miss them and that’s why the unexpected phone call, text or video chat makes you happy.

If you have the chance to have a great relationship with your niece and / or nephew make the most of it. They don’t stay children or teenagers for long. They grow up, graduate from high school and / or college, have kids and you become the grand or great aunt and / or uncle. It starts all back over again. And guess what, if you were a stand up aunt and uncle to their mom and dad, expect to have a role to play in the grand or great life. Family, is beautiful, fun, worrisome, disagreement, but above all it is unconditional love at its best.


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