You Call Yourself American, But Have You Seen America

If you are an American and have not seen the sites that America has to offer, then your place in the republic requires strengthening through domestic travel. You owe it to the the republic to know all the different sites that makes this country beautiful. The brown of the deserts and canyons. The monuments erected in gratitude, patriotism and service. The food establishments and parade outfits which echo freedom and culture requires you to experience them.

Discover The South- Atlantic And Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic is home to the states which lie between New York and South Carolina. In case you require a detail listing, a trip to those states means visiting the following:

  1. Parts of New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Delaware
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Maryland
  6. Washington DC
  7. Virginia
  8. West Virginia
  9. North Carolina
  10. South Carolina
  11. Georgia
  12. Florida

There is endless amounts of history between the eights states and the District of Columbia. If done properly by car or by air plane you can make multiply state trips and see the sites. Take four days and enjoy New York, New York coupled with Jersey City. Take four days and visit Pennsylvania and Delaware. Take one week and go walk and metro around Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia,which are homes to monuments, the spy museum, Pentagon, Smithsonian museums and the Potomac river. If you prefer something a little more mountain terrain, then enjoy West Virginia and upstate North Carolina. Head west on I-40 and enjoy Asheville, NC and take in the Biltmore Estate.

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Discover The Mid-West And South-West

The Mid-West and sometimes the South-West are referred to as the Frontier. If you are a fan of the westerns, then this is for you and the family. The South-West and Mid-West offers an acquired taste viewing. It is beautiful nonetheless. See states such as:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Illinois
  3. Kansas
  4. Ohio
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Texas
  7. Arkansas
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Iowa
  10. Minnesota

These are only some of the South-West and Mid-West states to consider on your tour of the republic. Grab yourself or family some Kansas City barbecue, see oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma…enjoy the vibe of a mid-west city. Take in the “land of a thousand” lakes in Minnesota. Cycle by the different lakeshores of Michigan. Get caught up in the cashing wave caves of the lakeshores in Wisconsin. Head to Chicago and marvel over the skyline of the “windy city”. There is much to appreciate and adore in the mid-west

Discover The West And Pacific West

If you’ve always wondered what the hustle and bustle and fun is about in the west or more pacific states then plan your travel for Colorado, Utah or New Mexico. Oh you must visit that lovely state of California. There is so much to savor in Cali. Go skiing, take in the night life and casinos of Las Vegas. Enjoy the breweries and forest of Oregon. Have your breath taken away at Glacier National Park in Montana. Look up at Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Be the explorer you have always wanted to be in the republic.

Return home from your adventure satiated from a new experience in food, lakes, amusements, canyons, mountains and culture. Most importantly with a new found understanding of the beauty of America and the glory of travel.

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