Sunday, March 31, 2019, the community of Crenshaw and the African American Culture took an important loss. We need people like Nipsey in the community. We don’t get them that often, so how could he we lose him at such a crucial time? Who was so out of touch and disjointed to the community’s need to think their issue trumped Nipsey’s community progress. The inspiration that he was spreading and the knowledge he was sharing, who was selfless and profound. Self-made!

Neighborhood Transformation Was Something Nipsey Was In The Process Of Mastering

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Urban transformation by one of our own, is always more important than the gentrification by outside real estate businesses. While the Department of City Planning is largely responsible for “gentrification”, passed off was “Urban Transformation”, when those who grow up in their community engage in community transformation, it is better received. The reason being is because the purpose is not push anyone out, but to invoke and inspire a mindset that says, take care of where you live. Grow and progress your block. Beautify and make safe your block. Invest in where you came from, because nobody understands it better than you!

What Can We Learn From Nipsey Hussle’s Strategic Means And Ways? And, How Do We Continue To Apply His Legacy?

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We can learn to search for opportunities to give back in the community. So many times we move far from where we grew up and that is fine. There is still opportunity to invest those areas. Buy your community and improve it for the generations to come. Buy it a little corner at a time. Reinvest in programs. Meet with community leaders and council. Come with a credible plan and ask, how can I help?

The “give back” term used for community involvement, is often a loaded or broad phrase. Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with turkey and ham giveaways at Thanksgiving in the community. It’s always the normal go to activity by those who have “made it”. We have to take a moment and think about long-term impacts that will insert a community shift to a prosperous, safe, and secure function. It can be done, it must be done. Locals should always be provided with the opportunity to buyback the community. Even if you have to mix it up with other outside financing. They should always be afford with the chance to get a piece of the block.

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