It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Season 8 (S#) of Game of Throne. It’s been well over a year since Season 7, Episode 7 last aired on August 27, 2017. Me and most of my family and friends have re-watched every season at least twice. The madness is real! The anticipation and discussions on social media about plausible outcomes for S8 have been intense. Who will live and who will die, spearheads the discussions topics. Yes, there will be deaths and probably outcomes that will surprise the fans.

Game of Thrones has never disappointed with delivering shocking endings and I don’t expect to change with S8. I suspect that some fans will be mad and others will deem the outcome as reasonable. There has been so much material delivered in each of the previous seasons. I promise there are messages that were missed. It’s the reason people have watched season over and over again.

There Are Certain Deaths Or A Death That Must Happen In Season 8 To Appease The Fans

To the many watchers it’s probably obvious who must die. If it’s not, then allow me to tell you. Cersei has to go! If anyone has earned a cruel death it’s her. Cersei is the daugher of Tywin. She married King Robert Baratheon when she was a younger woman. She also maintains a constant sexual relationship with her twin brother, whom she her three children by. In other words none of her kids belong to King Robert.

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Jamie should probably follow since he always supported her madness. I would like to give him the benefit by saying he’s not as smart as her and was probably manipulated with talks of family and loyalty along the way. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is and I believe her father, Tywin, said this to her on a episode. Cersei has brought into this thought that everyone is her enemy. After everything that she’s done, it’s the proper assessment. The fact that she has sex with her brother and all of her children have been by her and not the King Robert who she married, makes her the lowest person amongst the high born.

Honestly, I will be satisfied if this is the only death that comes out of S8. In reality, I suspect that there will be more. I’m prepared…at least I hope I’m ready.

My Favorite Characters From Previous Seasons Who Are Not Main Characters And They Are Still Alive…YES!

Game of Thrones has provided us with a multitude of characters in previous episodes. They have not always been main characters or have large pivotal moments like Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Arya Stark. But, they play second and even sometimes third to the main characters. If third is a possible position to play in film. The are above extras, but not main. Nevertheless, they have been dynamic in their roles and memorable. That’s just what great actors do in any position. So here are a few of my favorite characters from previous episodes and episodes to come.

Lady Mormont – The Lady Of Bear Island

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You must be as fierce and courageous as Lady Mormont. The Lady of Bear Island refuses to sit on the sidelines and let anyone else do her fighting. What do we know about her? When she was first introduced in S5, via a Raven, she was only ten. The raven Stannis had received from the Lady of Bear Island read “We only know one King in the North, and his name is Stark“. In other words, Stannis was a Baratheon of House Baratheon. I say was because …spoiler, if you have never seen Game of Thrones, Stannis was killed in S5 by Brienne Tarth. The Lady of Bear Island, in her words “Commands a small house, but a proud house”. She serves for a Northern house whose loyalty belongs to the King in the North. This means her people swore fealty to the Great House in the North, House Stark.

Ser Davos

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No matter what king Ser Davos serves, he is guaranteed to make you chuckle. He doesn’t try to be funny, but he is. The jump from serving Stannis, who in my opinion was proper fool to Jon Snow hopefully means his making better decisions, faster for a far better king.

Lady Brienne of Tarth

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Lady Brienne prefers not to be called a lady, but she is one by nobility. Brienne, like Arya Stark, prefers swords to dress. She prefers to be fighting in a battle versus being shield, in a room full of ladies during the battle. She is darn good with her sword.

Samwell Tarly

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Samwell Tarly of House Tarly is not like his brother Dickon, who is a swordsman. He’s not the most courageous like his father, Randyll Tarly. Hell, he’s not as courageous and handy with a sword like Brienne and Arya. Sam is smart. He knows the value of information and he came from the southern portion of Westeros. This area is known as the Reach. He may seem fidgety around women, but he know pretty girls.

Sam’s father sent him to the Night’s Watch at Castle Black in S1. In the end, if Sam survives the The Great Battle in S8, House Tarly is his, though his father took all his inheritance away because Sam is not a Military Man, he is the apple of his mother’s eye. Sam is smart, and with all the information hidden in the Citadel in Oldtown, the show needs smart if they are going to defeat the White Walkers and The Army of the Dead.

Missandei Former Slave

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Missandei was a slave during her time in Astapor. She served as an interpreter for her masters. Once Daenerys freed the slaves, as a free woman she stayed with Daenerys Targaryen and now freely servers as her trusted adviser. Missandei is beautiful, fluent in different languages, and smart. This can be accredited to the time she spent in the company of her masters. Missandei was born in Naath, located in the Summer Sea or Summer Islands. She was taken from her home when she was young girl. Now, she stands by side Daenerys. She has also, probably found love for the first time her in life and it is with Grey Worm who serves in the Unsullied Army.

These are a few of my favorite characters over the course of S1 – S7 of Game of Thrones. Each and everyone have small pivotal roles that they play to the people they serve and to their friends they made over time. If you have never watched an episode of GOT, it is not disappointing in any form.

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