HBO has been airing all the previous seasons of Game of Thrones over the past week. Season 7 Episode 7 will flow into the last hour before the start of S8 at 9pm. S8 is all about The Great War. The war between the living and the dead has arrive. The enemy in the south is still active as well, let’s not forget. In the meanwhile, let’s look back because GOT had some of the best power movements in S6 and S7. I’ve shared a few of my favorites.

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Powerful Moments From S6 And S7 Of Game Of Thrones

Arya Finally Bested And Killed The Waif

The Waif – GIPHY
Arya – GIPHY

Arya Kills Lord Walder Frey And His Male Heirs

Arya – GIPHY

Cersei Becomes Queen

Queen Cersei Lannister – GIPHY

Daenerys Targaryen Has Her Dragons And Her Armada Of Ships And She Showed Her Muscle In S6 And S7

Drogon – GIPHY
Drogon – GIPHY
Armada of Ships – GIPHY

Bran And Arya’s Return To Winterfell

Sansa, Bran, and Arya – GIPHY

Sansa, Bran, And Arya Stark Uniting To Carry Out The Quick Trial And Death Of Petyr Baelish

Petyr Baelish Quick Trail before Arya Cuts His Throat – GIPHY

Daenerys Targaryen Has To Go North North And Final Comes Face To Face With The Army Of The Dead

North of the Wall – GIPHY

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