The process of obtaining dreadlocks and tattoos is no easy fete. Both are breathtaking, sexy, and beautiful in their finished form. They accent your features. In addition, for most people, they tend to carry a personal and sentimental connotation. Therefore, they offer a lasting reminder of a time, place, or space where something magnificent occurred or a tragedy unfolded.

It is a memory, a keepsake for the ages. Because of that, fearless is a good word use to describe those who take either road. Namely, gusty is the word for those who choose both. When you embark on the journey of either, you take off on a road that has been historically traveled by others. Neither are an unusual or infrequent experience in their essence. Novelty only exist in your first experience, from the perspective of locs and tattoos. There is nothing new under this sun, other than your first exposure.


Particularly, sitting through a tattoo session, especially for the first time, you realize pain is part of the process. If you did your research properly, you probably asked questions before the session and was quickly informed this is a byproduct of the act. However, that doesn’t matter to those of you who are committed to the process.

Notably, tattoos offer a means of telling your story of a personal event or keeping a memory alive.   It ‘s your way of sharing a message. One simply does not choose any tat. It’s a process and a mindset preparation that occurs. It’s the same with dreadlocks, for those that’s in it for the long haul.


Dreadlocks come with a rich history. As a result, you must be respect them. If you decide to get them because of the mainstream crazy over them, then you miss the beauty and respect of them. It should be authentic locs or nothing else. The journey to locs require patience and care. It speaks to a natural hair movement.

Truth be told, locs speak to and for the culture and if you decide to start them, you should know it’s no easy task. Notable, you will love them as they ripen. Furthermore, locs and tattoos are a try commitment and some given in before they even mature to tell your story.

Here are 10 reasons to love and embrace your tattoos and dreadlocks.

  1. Your locs and tattoos exist in a space and time when many are being ask to forego their cultural history and practices.
  2. Locs offer a cultural and / or religious connotation.
  3. Your tattoos, consciously thought out, puts in amongst a group of individuals who embraces endurance and story telling.
  4. Tattoos and locs together represents a beauty that improves over time with the proper care and maintenance.
  5. Your tattoos and locs are about self-care and constant dedication.
  6. Tattoos and locs often embellish and offers a uniqueness to your style and features.
  7. Flourish locs allows you to style them with hair jewelry and perform styles that can only accomplish with dreadlocks.
  8. You can enjoy knowing that locs present themselves differently for each person based on hair texture. There are no head of locs that are the same. You are unique in your locs.
  9. Both are simply sexy.
  10. You are a human work of art and aesthetics.

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